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Rule 5 pick Alfredo Silverio has 2nd Tommy John operation

      Outfielder Alfredo Silverio, the Marlins' top Rule 5 draft pick in December, on Wednesday underwent Tommy John surgery on his right elbow for the second time in 14 months, according to Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest.

       The latest setback for Silverio places his future with the Marlins in doubt. It's possible the Marlins will return Silverio to the Dodgers.

       "I don't know what we're going to do," Beinfest said.

        SilverioSilverio, 26, was one of the top prospects in the Dodgers farm system before he suffered multiple injuries in a car accident that caused him to miss the entire 2012 season. But the Marlins gambled, taking him in the Rule 5 draft in hopes he could repeat his 2011 season when he hit .306 with 16 home runs and 85 RBI at Double A.

       Silverio, a native of the Dominican Republic, was considered a five-tool player. But, among multiple injuries stemming from the car accident, he suffered concussion syndromes and rquired Tommy John surgery on his throwing arm.

        Silverio has spent the entire season for the Marlins on the 60-day disabled list.


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Stan M

Everyone and his uncle were on here with very little positive to say which was understandable. But where are you now? Some nice things are happening.
From the minor leagues there is this. Brent Keys is going crazy. Hitting about .435 over his last ten games. Why he hasn't been moved up to AA is beyond me. Also, our RH hitting catcher, Realmuto, had been terrible until recently. His bat had really perked up lately. Nicolino DeSciafani, and Headley have all pitched very well. And two other kids to watch are a RH pitcher named Urena and an OF named Solórzano. Conley, our LH starter in AA ball has also been generally good, but sometimes spotty.
Should the team keep Nolasco for another start? He's next to worthless right now. Henderson Alverez had two great rehab starts and is ready to take his place.

Camera Mike

Stan, some nice things have been happening all June now. I don't get to follow our farm system too much but the young guys on the Marlins have been playing dramatically better compared to April and May. As much as I like to be optimistic (I know I have posted a lot of negative comments on here, but most of the time I am just venting) I don't expect this above .500 ball to continue the rest of the season. They are still a young team and will hit another slump, but I'm going to enjoy this run as long as it lasts. Also Mathis did make me look stupid today when I announced to my wife "here comes a guaranteed out" when he stepped into the box in the ninth.

As for Nolasco I'm not ready to say definitely trade or don't trade him just quite yet. He has been our worst starter recently but there is still a little while to go until the deadline and I wouldn't rush into a deal now just to get it done. If no good deal presents itself I would pitch him against Atlanta and slide Alvarez into Koehler's spot and move Koehler back into the pen. However if he has another bad start I would start to look at lesser trades as he will probably only be hurting his trade value until the deadline.

fish still stink

Nice things happening..they havent sucked as much as usual


Stan, Ricky is NOT next to worthless.We just must hope our "hopeless" baseball men don't settle for worthless in return.


stan this was the team that could of won 70 games to bad injuries deraild the first part of the season but things are bright realmuto is more of a defensive guy. solorzano I have met personaly and can flat out run fr his size. the problem s there is no room for any more outfielders until September unless they trade pierre or ruggiano along with nolasco to get a better prospect in return. I hope they don't get rushed to sit on a bench instead o letting thm get more at batsunder their belts

Stan M

I had some time on my hands so I checked out other farm systems for players that we might get in a Stanton trade. Our system is rated the 5th best by Baseball America and I have trouble finding prospects that are so much better than ours that we should move Stanton. Texas was thought to be the best fit, but after Profar, there isn't much to help us. And is Profar so much better than Dietrich that he's worth trading Stanton? And we don't want or need Olt now that we'll soon have Moran. The only team that I saw as a good fit was Pittsburgh. They have a top drawer pitcher in Taillon who would be a definite plus. They also have a SS named Hanson who is young and has shown excellent power. Next is a fine OFer named Polanco who seems to have great potential. And last is a very young kid named Hermeda who could be the best of them all. or a complete blow out. I'd trade Stanton for all of them, even throw in a Webb if need be. It could put the Pirates over the top so they might be interested. But those I mentioned above are Pittsburgh's 2 through 5 top prospects. otherwise, I'd say keep him at least through next year. Team will have saved his arbitration induced salary by letting Nolasco move on. I know most of you will doubt me, but I really think that this team can now play 500 ball for the rest of the year. Incidentally, the Yankees need RH bats in OF and 3B. I'd give them Polanco and Ruggiano if I could get that catcher from their minor league system. If one thinks ahead to what we will field next year, we really don't have too many holes to fill where there are better players and/or prospects than what we now have. I think a RH hitting catcher is our biggest need, but Mathis has shown his worth in handling our young pitchers. Remember how Buck was supposed to do that. Ha. I'd love to hear other opinions.


stan m the only team that woud make sense for a trade would be the twins for Miguel sano,and a few other prospects sano. amazing defense at third great speed arm and power the twins would problably not trade him but as for the pirates tailon,polanco,hanson, and Heredia or Herrera would be great package. as of texas only if they would include joey gallo and some of their low a prospects would it make any sense.

Flav C.


With all due respect, I still don't understand your obsession with trading Stanton. Before, it was for Profar, Olt and change. I had told you it would be a big bust and Olt has proved to be a bust so far. The Rangers can't wait to get rid of him. And now, you want to trade Stanton for a bunch of kids that you've never heard until today, while you had some time in your hands. I apologize for saying this, but this doesn't make any sense. There are no prospects that could fill the void we have in 3B right now. As far as SS, give some time to Hech to work on his batting. He already showed that he is second to none defensively. Pretty soon he'll have competition on Anthony Gomez, very good shortstop playing in Greensboro.

If this team can be built around a star like Stanton, it would be completely stupid to trade him for even more prospects.

Stan M

Flav, I really don't want to trade him either. The problem isn't what you or I want, but what our esteemed owner will do. And if he insists on moving Stanton, my point is that Pittsburgh is, in my opinion, the only team that has the prospects that make sense. If you look at my piece above I said, "...I have trouble finding prospects that are so much better than ours that we should move Stanton." And please remember that prospects also serve as pawns for other trades. I too love Hech's defense and even think he has a serviceable swing. His problem is pitch selection and that can be an acquired skill. A team can win with him at SS even if he hits in the lower .200s. Toward the end of the piece I further said, ...we really don't have too many holes to fill where there are better players and/or prospects than what we have now.". Regarding trades, I would like to move any pieces that are not in the team's future plans. And if Loria feels that Stanton isn't in the teams future plans, then they better look to Pittsburgh. One thing that must be considered...the guy to date has been brittle and for his time in the major leagues, his pitch selection stinks. Should we trade him...no. But will they trade him...that is the question and that is what I tried to address.


Stan and Flav, i was not being facetious about the Tigers' interest in Stanton. Now they realize more than ever that Hunter is going to lose it quickly and that Dirks is a journeyman at best and Garcia and Castellanos are not ready. The owner is 83-84 and he wants to complete his bucket list with a World Series Championship. They are really underperforming after most thought everything was in place. cabrera, Fielder and Stanton would look pretty good but what do we(Yes, I'm back on board) NEED back to make it work. We can't capitulate in dealing Stanton. I would want Castellano,Garcia Smyly, Rondon and a VERYYYYYYYYYYY good young prospect. If they don't want to do it, tell them to keep platooning in left and batting a washedup Victor Martinez in the 5th spot. We are talking Mike Stanton here!!!

Stan M

Lou, did you consider involving a third club? Those players you mention don't blend well with the Marlin's needs. And frankly, the Marlins don't need much. We have a fantastic stockpile of pitchers one and two years away. And at the ML level our worst pitcher is the 25 YO going tonight (assuming Henderson Alverez is now ready as our #4). First base is fine with LoMo or Yelich if he breaks down. Dietrich looks like a Chase Utley clone with another year under his belt. Hech is a marvel at SS, and Moran is a better prospect than anyone out there except Profar. An outfield of Ozuna in RF, Keys in CF, and Yelich or Marisnick in LF is just fine if Stanton is moved. Catching is the one area where improvement is needed. Brantley makes me wonder why they got rid of Baker; they are that similar. Mathis has a well earned reputation for pitchers doing better when he catches them and it goes beyond this year. But the guy can't hit a lick. We need either a top notch full time catcher or a RH platoon with Brantley. Lastly, our bullpen could be better in the middle, especially from the left side. Without a single trade this team should finish ahead of the Mets and Phillies next year and after that, the sky is the limit. However, I did avoid mentioning the team's one major weakness. He's a fat little cherub with a bad hair piece and a huge ego.


a fat little cherub with a bad hairpiece...hum??????????????? does he come with a skinny little half wit??


He's sometimes seen with a strutting little peacock. Can't really say who he comes with.

juan v

flav c Anthony gomez can't play the defense hecheverria can play yet alone. he's a great guy great hitter but range wise he's better at second third base. with romero,moran,and Cabrera coming up. the only sure fire third baseman would be Miguel sano or the red sox almanzar that would be a great trading partner bogarts,cecchini Marrero, barnes and almanzar or Middlebrooks would be a great haul flav c it is not that anybody wants Stanton to go but even with a long term deal the fo will cash in on him for sure


All this trade Stanton talk is ridiculous. Mike Lowell said it best, how much younger can this team get?!!! He's twenty-effing-three years old for crying out loud. While I do feel he needs to be more Miguel Cabrera (high average+monster power) than Adam Dunn (low average+monster power) my patience is no where near running out like it did with Hanley.

Let things play out for another year of two. After all remember that we didn't pawn off Miggy until after his 1st arb year when he made $7.5 mil and we got a heap of prospects in return. Sure, none of them panned out but thats a reflection of poor scouting by the Marlins not Miggys's value.


Glags, welcome back.

Stan, while I love your optimism you are heaping a lot of praise on a bunch of guys who've accomplished nothing at the big league level and are struggling to hit the Mendoza Line (Hech and Det). For the most part this is Turner's 1st go round with the league, lets see how the 2nd half of the season goes.

Are the FO and Scouting Dept. as high up on Keys as you are?

Positive comment: Fernandez is a stud, please stay healthy.

I constantly begged that the FO take the best College Position player available and thankfully they did. The organization hit on CJ and Kotsay amazingly is still on a MLB roster. And as I'm sure you all know the only high school kids they hit on in the 1st round were Beckett and Gonzalez. In 03 how many of ya would have made that trade for Urbina?


And of course Hanley is playing like a world beater again, go figure.


Thanks RB. I was never gone I just read all the views and opinions for sheer entertainment. Never had anything original to add. Hope everyone is doing well.

Marlin Fan

Why is the obsession with getting younger and younger ??? There's a 15 yr old somewhere we should sign . Let's enjoy the team we have NOW . the outfield is set with Stanton, Ozuna , and Ruggiano . Throw in Pierre and Coughlin ( more likely ) as a fourth OF and they're fine . The oldest being Ruggiano at only 31 . Set at second with Dietrich ( and I hope and believe he'll be back up again) Solano , possibly as a utility IF . third keep Lucas . Hechavarria at SS , and Morrison at 1st . Dobbs as a pinch hitter , and Platoon Brantly and Mathis . A solid starting 3 with Fernandez , Turner , and Eovaldi . Chisek as a closer , Dunn as a set up .

Camera Mike

Just read Alvarez is scheduled to start on Thursday at Atlanta

Flav C.


I'm not sure about the FO and the scout department, but I've seen Keys playing 8 games already, along with some starts by Nicolino, Heaney, and DiSclafani.

Keys is the perfect leadoff guy. He ha great command of the strike zone, good speed at the bases, strikes-out very little and will get a very good share of BBs. He hits in the gaps, not a infield-single type of hitter. But what is overlooked is his speed and arm in the outfield. He can throw guys at home or 2nd, 3rd base very easily. As I mentioned before, he is a better outfielder than Yelich. Doesn't have the power though. By far, him and Galloway are the best prospects in that lineup in Jupiter, along with a barrage of good pitchers. Along with the starters I mentioned above, the guy who really stands out is reliever Nick Wittgren. Highly likely he'll join DiSclafani in JAX very soon.


Flav, Isn't Galloway too old to still be deemed a prospect? I'm thinking of driving to Atlanta for the Braves' series. I'm shocked--and pleased that I was so wrong about the makeup of this team. Would love to take 2 of 3 from the Bravos. Will be blacked out of the Marlins' feed and will need to watch little Skipper do the play by play for 3 games. I will not turn the sound on the TV unless the Marlins are drubbing them. Worst case of nepotism in sports history is Skip Caray having a job as an announcer.

Stan M

It's great to see so many back and commenting.
rbleigh, yes I've seen comments about Keys other than Flav's excellent first hand observations. What I always consider when seeing how close a kid is to the ML level and also how good a prospect is his K/walk ratio. On a little over 200 at bats, Keys has only struck out 11 times and walked 21. Another good judgment tool is the OBP and Key's is currently .402. His only drawback right now is that he doesn't steal as many bases as his speed would suggest, and he is caught too often. I dream of him leading off and Moran hitting second in front of (hopefully) Stanton. One problem that I see in the future is that so many of our players will be LH hitters. LOMO, Coghlan, Keys, Moran, Yelich, Dietrich, Brantly; that's an awful lot. Marisnick hits from the right side.


In the bottom of the sixth the Braves sent 9 men to the plate. There were 2 bases loaded strikeouts, a misjudged fly ball by our left fielder with the huge head and limp arm and 5 seeing eye singles on the ground and a ground out to the pitcher. One of the most bizarre half innings I have ever seen. Wonder if the Braves dynamic duo in the booth had the credibility to describe it the way it was. I'm back to really caring, I can tell because they are now capable of aggravating me again.

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