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Giancarlo Stanton is back, Casey Kotchman to DL

       As expected, the Marlins activated Giancarlo Stanton from the disabled list today and placed Casey Kotchman on the 15-day DL with an oblique strain. Stanton has been out since April 29 when he suffered a hamstring injury.

       Those weren't the only moves. The Marlins also activated infielder Donovan Solano and first baseman Joe Mahoney from the DL and optioned both to Triple A New Orleans. No big surprise with Mahoney, given the return of Logan Morrison. But Solano's absence clearly cost him his job, as Derek Dietrich has filled in capably at second and the Marlins appear satisfied with Ed Lucas as an extra infielder.

       By the way, the last time Stanton and Morrison appeared together in the starting lineup was July 7 of last year.

       With Stanton back in right, Marcell Ozuna moves to center. Both Ozuna and Juan Pierre were receiving early work in CF, with Andre Dawson providing advice to the rookie.

       Marlins: 1. Juan Pierre, lf; 2. Placido Polanco, 3b; 3. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 4. Marcell Ozuna, cf; 5. Logan Morrison, 1b; 6. Derek Dietrich, 2b; 7. Adeiny Hechavarria, ss; 8. Rob Brantly, c; 9. Ricky Nolasco, p.


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Heck, if I had to choose two of either Dietrich, Lucas, and Solano, it would be an easy choice for me too.


So with poor Cog's injury we must continue to view the diminished ability of Rag Arm in the outfield. As I've said before, I don't care if he shows up 4 hours early to work on his game---he has no game. Hell, he isn't even a reliable bunter anymore. Hopefully Coghlan(at 3B) returns soon, they slide Yelich into the outfield and we go from there. Kotchman and Mathis---This is a great country!!!

Stan M

It is my fervent hope that the team either finds a trading partner for Polanco or simply releases him once Valiaka returns from the DL. Both he and Lucas play hard and have been around long enough to know which way up is. Both should be our extra infielders in my opinion. I wonder why it was done and whose idea it was to drop Green and bring up Lucas. It seems to have been a good one. Wonder why Eovaldi didn't start Sunday as was planned.
Yes Lou, Pierre has faded badly. Kind of reminds me of Willie May in his last year as a Met. Fear thee not, however. Brent Keys is a Pierre clone in all but his speed. Not that he's slow by any means. It's just that few run like Pierre used to. Watch this kid. He's a hitting machine and pay particular attention to how often he walks and how seldom he strikes out. Unfortunately, like Pierre, he has no power at all but can go get 'em in the OF.


IMO...Polanco should be put on waivers...I doubt he has any trade value....& he probably would clear waivers. I doubt there is any team that wants him. As for JP....he's got a bobble head day coming up. What would they do with all those bobbleheads if they released him??? The Marlins can use him on the bench...a pinch runner in late innings would be an option.


Stan, does Keys know how to take a walk? That's the one area besides arm strength that Pierre never excelled at.


I'd like to see a Sept. with Moran at 3B. Coghlan is in trouble going forward if Yelich emerges and Stanton is retained. Of course that's assuming Morrison re-establishes his career at 1B as well.


Coghlan has looked great and he shouldn't be in trouble at all unless he totally falls apart after returning from the DL. Ruggiano, Pierre, Kearns and yes Polanco are all in trouble before Coghlan because Coghlan can potentially play so many places the others can't. Just my opinion.

Stan M

rbleich, yes he does walk. He was out with injury early this year. In 135 ABs, he has walked 17 times and only stuck out 7 or 8. His BA is hovering around .350+ but his OBP is .404. He is currently 22 YO. Flags saw him in person and wrote here that he was impressed.

Marlin Fan

Get rid of Kotchman and Polanco . Bring up Mahonary and Solano , both younger with better upside .


I can't believe they optioned Solano to 3A!!!!!!!! i don't know what the infatuation with Polanco is!!!!!!!!!! A 227 hitter with an OPS of 542 who is always injured!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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