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Adeiny Hechavarria moves to leadoff spot

   MILWAUKEE -- With Justin Ruggiano mired in an 0 for 20 slump, manager Mike Redmond has decided to stick his hottest bat -- Adeiny Hechavarria -- at the top of the lineup. It's no surprise given the fact Hech is hitting .444 this month while Ruggiano has failed to produce in the one hole.

   Hechavarria had three singles -- half of the Marlins' total output of six hits -- in Friday's 2-0 loss to the Brewers, and now boasts a slightly higher batting average (.248) than Giancarlo Stanton (.245).

   The leadoff spot has been a problem area all season for the Marlins, who rank 29th of 30 major league teams in batting average and on-base percentage from the top spot in the lineup. Hechavarria batted leadoff in six games in May, hitting .227 (5 for 22) with a .320 OBP. On the season, Ruggiano is hitting .169 in the one hole while Juan Pierre has a .232 average in that position.

   Christian Yelich has been used in the leadoff spot for Double A Jacksonville and could transfer to that position in the Marlins' lineup after he's promoted, which may not be long in coming. Yelich and Jake Marisnick hit back-to-back homers Friday to start the game for Jacksonville.

   Today's lineup: 1. Hechavarria, ss; 2. Lucas, 3b; 3. Stanton rf, 4. Morrison 1b, 5. Ozuna cf; 6. Dietrich 4; Ruggiano 7; Mathis 2; Eovaldi p.


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any lineup sucks

richard lee deanno

Stan, I enjoyed reading your analysis of Marlins prospects on previous chain. You have done your homework. I think I will print it out and check this time next year to see how you have done.

Camera Mike

Well Marlins fans by my count that is now 24 innings without a run. I know I predicted the fish would have a slump before the end of the season, but I didn't see it coming this quickly. Hopefully they can score tomorrow.

Marlin Fan

Back to no hitting with RISP .good to see Hechavarria hitting . Turner wasn't sharp but should have gotten a win . Eovaldi no. Let's hope the slump doesn't prolong like earlier in the year

Marlin Fan

What has been the lowest number of RBI's for a player to lead a team ? Unless someone goes crazy , I can't see more than 65 or 70 tops .

Marlin Fan

Did some research , 2007 Royals Emil Brown with 62 I think . Preston Wilson with the marlins in 1999 with 71 .


stan you missed caminero very live fastball could get a good look in sept. and fermin,and manzueta could also be good relevers.

Stan M

Juan, I was hoping it would pic some interest and controversy. I dropped Cox, Brice, James, Copeland, and Perio.

Are you still around? I hope you are OK. Just finished a book by Roger Kahn that was about the three NY teams in the 50s. It made me take another look at Larry McPhail and his influence on not only the Dodgers, but the Yankees as well. Never remembered that he went on toward the end to manage Bowie race track and immediately thought of you. Any experience with him? There is a man who should have a biography written about his incredibly diverse and interesting life. Introduced night baseball, pioneered radio baseball broadcasts in NYC. From GM in Cinn to the OSS (in WW11) to GM of Dodgers to part owner of Yankees to racetrack mgr. and sober only about half the time.


Brewers will not start their regular 3-4-5 hitters against the Marlins today to give them a chance to avoid the embarassment of a sweep. Braun,Lucroy and Gomez given day off against the sorryass Marlins.Talk about helping the handicapped.

Stan M

We started the post ASG with a positive feeling. This is being tarnished if not destroyed. They simply must bring up Marisnick and/or Yelich is for no other reason than to distract attention from these two hitless loses. If not and we lose a couple more in a row, it's May all over again and casual fan interest will have no possibility of developing.


Bringing up a bunch of players from the farm IMO isn't going to make much of a difference. With so many mental mistakes going on...getting picked off base, base running mistakes, throwing errors...etc ...the coaching staff must do a better job with these young players & get their attention. It seems that several players do not have heads into the games at all times.


The Marlins can fool all of the people some of the time ,some of the people all of the time,but they cant fool all of the people all of the time. THEY STINK.

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