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All quiet with Marlins as trade deadline nears

Never mind Giancarlo Stanton. The Marlins are not particularly interested in dealing ANY player -- from reliever Chad Qualls to pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs -- before Wednesday's 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline, apparently.

"They're telling us they want to stand pat," said one major league scout. "And we've asked on everyone (including Stanton and Qualls)."

Unless they're blown away by an offer they can't refuse, in other words, the Marlins will likely be sitting chilly on Wednesday, preferring instead to win as many games as possible before now and the end of the season with the players they have now.

The Marlins made one major trade earlier in the month when they sent Ricky Nolasco to the Dodgers for a package of minor-league relievers. But that may be the extent of their dealing, at least for the time being. They could always try to move a player in August.


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Lee Stoops

The one move I would like to see is internal. Put Koehler in the bullpen to fill the Slowey role and bring the lefty Flynn to the rotation. If there are any injuries in the rotation, bring up Heaney

Sunny Dee

There is nobody left to trade. The highest paid player on the Marlins current roster is Polanco, and I doubt anyone wants him.


Hey Clark...Enjoyed you with Lebatard and Cote. Nice job. You are one of the few media guys in this market with the journalistic objectivity and integrity to tell it like it is when it comes to the Marlins. Keep up the good work at keeping it real. Real truthful,that is.

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