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Donovan Solano recalled from minors; Pierre in lineup Tuesday

Donovan Solano was back in the Marlins clubhouse Tuesday after being recalled from NOLA. Solano was on the DL from May 7-June 9 and brought back after the team optioned OF Jordan Brown following Monday night's win against the Padres.

Solano hit safely in all 17 games he played following his reinstatement going .379 with three doubles, a triple, two home runs and nine RBI.

Solano was not in the starting lineup Tuesday.

Juan Pierre was, however, back in the leadoff spot and playing left field. Pierre has not played since this past Friday as Justin Ruggiano has started the past three games (all Marlins wins) going 3 for 12 with a triple.

Ruggiano went 0 for 4 Monday.


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I'll say again that I understand Juan Pierre is the consummate pro as he shows up to games 7 hours early and works on his "skills." The problem is his "skills" have diminished to the point he is useless and I mean UTTERLY useless. A while back you could pull up spray charts on all the MLB players and Pierre stood out for 2 things----his balls in play are all seen as landing in a small condensed area and NOBODY hits the ball with less authority than Juan Pierre. That is a bad combo to know where the guy at bat will hit the ball and to realize it won't be hit very hard. Juan Pierre is a fine human being and a train wreck as a Major League Baseball player.

Stan M

Agree, Lou. Time to move Pierre. He no longer has a function on this team. Don't I remember you telling us that Turner was a major flop? How about a few words about that now?


another international signing period and the marlins don't sign anybody good. Even though they had one of the biggest signing pools. Just one guy in the top 15 would help.


thank you, Mr. Musial. Sounds like a run-of-the-mill pitcher with a high price tag.


I said it was a common fact in MLB that Turner had lost velocity and many(who know way more than myself)were expressing the idea he had been rushed. There are way too many statements I have made that can be easily AND correctly "Monday Morning Quarterbacked." I'm just way to self-centered to even remember what others may have said that may turn out wrong or have already turned out wrong.Until I nail at least 51% of my predictions, I'll remain mum about the Nostradamus qualities of others.

Stan M

Lou, if I recall correctly, you were pretty rough on him and a certain Polish genius said to be patient for he was only 21. Don't take me seriously, I'm just pulling your leg a little. The guy could still fall on his face, but let's both hope he's for real. Here is a prediction right now that you and everyone else can throw back in my face when/if I'm full of it. Fernandez is a fantastic young talent and obviously a future ace if he isn't one already. But I think that a few years down the line Eovaldi will have proven to either be his equal, or very close to it provided he stays healthy.

Flav C.

Some players should be ashamed of the embarrassment they've displayed tonight.


Flav, I will not be that hard on them. Webb was about 2 feet of Morrison playing closer to the line to get out of that inning. If that occurs, I believe the game could have gone either way. Ozuna also hit a bullet with men on 2nd and 3rd that found a glove or Marlins have the lead in the 5th. Just a tremendously flukey game that demonstrated why you must play 162 to neutralize all the craziness.

Stan M

Flav, if Pierre was traded, released, or whatever, Ruggiano in CF and Ozuna in left, this would have been a different game. I personally wouldn't get on LoMo for his lack of range because he was hurt in that collision. I'll bet he isn't in there tomorrow because he hurt his back...and boy do I want to be wrong on that one. But it was definitely a quirky game. Koehler didn't pitch nearly as badly as the box score will show. And I don't care how far Stanton can hit a ball, it is downright discouraging to watch him look like a green rookie in his pitch selection. I said this before, but I think he needs to move closer to the plate. I would rather see him get busted inside than flail away at those low outside pitches that he couldn't reach with a shovel. And maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but he seems to be playing the OF so he won't get hurt. He's certainly no Ozuna out there. And Lou, I don't think we will see too much more of Webb. Not only has he been subpar lately, but he is arbitration eligible and we all know what chubby thinks about that!

Marlin Fan

Lou, I remember your assessment of Turner as well. :-) . We all win some lose some , hopefully he has his act together . Looks promising so far. ... I think Pierre may have value as a pinch runner . He does have speed ( no one can deny that) , BUT is that enough to keep someone ????? Glad to see Solano up. Can give Dietrich and Lucas rests when needed and he can hit . Maybe Polanco can go the way of Pierre .


Pierre seem to weak as lead-off; among Polanco, Ruggiano and Solano should be Redmond best choice for fill this spot. Pierre should be used either as pinch-runner or pich hitter in late innings only.
Solano should start as regular today playing 2nd base.

Flav C.


Correct me If I'm wrong, but I recall Stanton going on base 3 out of times last night. 2 BBs and one single. Last inning he struck out on a 11 pitch showdown.

Not sure what he did wrong as far as pitch selection.

Stan M

I am generalizing. He so often looks lost at the plate. Takes strikes and swings at balls and it is too consistent in my opinion. Was my comment specific to yesterday's game? I didn't think so. As one commentator for another ballclub said, (I think it was Keith Hernandez) he has a slider speed swing. Do you not agree that his pitch selection is poor for a player with his experience?


He chases way too many bad pitches BUT only when he is in one of those infamous funks. It almost seems at times--and I know this is not possible---that periodically he has vision problems because balls he chases are ridiculous and then when he is locked in he chases nothing out of the zone.


By the way, in the interest of fairness, you could "remind" me of some of my Kyle Skipworth comments dating back to 2009. I believe I saw him take 2 AB's and thought to myself--"Oh No."

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