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Giancarlo Stanton: "I'm not getting it done"

     MILWAUKEE -- Colorado can't come soon enough for Giancarlo Stanton, who is hoping Denver's high altitude will be just what the doctor ordered to cure his power dry spell. Stanton has homered in six of the seven games he's played at Coors Field, where the Marlins are headed right after the Milwaukee series.

     "Colorado always gives you a little extra boost, the way the ball flies," Stanton said.

     Stanton needs all the help he can get these days. He's hitting .189 with only two home runs in July. His average has dipped to .241, beow Adeiny Hechavarria's .248 mark. He's hit only 10 home runs, making it extremely unlikely he'll catch up to last season's total of 37.

     "It hasn't been there all year," Stanton said of his performance. "It's like I'm me for two days, and then I'm back to crap for 10. Kind of how it's been all year. But we still have the second half."

     Stanton said he can't find a rhythm. When games are close and late, he's not seeing many pitches that he can hit.

     "It seems a little different this year in terms of getting walked a little bit more," he said. "Like, if you start to feel good and then the game's close, and you don't really get pitched to, that kind of backs you up again, if that makes any sense. You could almost be there and then -- boom boom -- maybe get thrown off again."

    Stanton said he can't find consistency from one day to the next.

    "It's 'Who's going to show up today?' Am I going to swing at the nonsense? Look at the stats. You'll see more than one me."

    It was at Coors last year where Stanton hit what was measured to be the longest home run in the majors last season, a 494 foot blast to center. He also hit a 465 foot home run at Coors, and another measured at 456 feet.

    This season, Stanton doesn't even have one of the 95 longest homers in the majors. But he says he's not hitting home runs of any kind, short or long.

    "Feet (in distance) doesn't matter," he said. "They haven't come at all, let alone far. I'm not getting it done."


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In response to the opening title of the piece, Ya think???

Camera Mike

37 scoreless innings is something I never thought I would see. It's a good thing Coors Field is up next or the all time record in futility would be in danger.

Redmond needs to do something to wake this team up.

richard lee deanno

Like what?

Marlin Fan

Ahhh 31 and counting ! A spectacular way to start the second half .

Camera Mike

Red has been adamant about being positive and encouraging with the younger players all season and for the most part I have agreed, but now it may be time to try scaring them a little bit.


I've said before I'm no where near the "he's not trying hard enough" like Hanley talk but c'mon. He couldn't hit water if he jumped in the ocean.

richie boombotz

last year it was easy to put a lot of blame on Eduardo. This year I think we have to believe, they just are not very good. They appear to give 100% effort but with little results. I should specify, I am talking Offense. The pitching for the most part has been pretty good. Maybe Redmond needs to get some Rosary Beads for the guys.

Truly Nolan

call Orkin to kill the termites in the bats.

Dr. Vinnie Boombotz

Hey Richie...didnt know there was a Marlins fan in the family...move down to the first floor right now and call me for your meds in the morning.


Glags, and now Hanley is playing like an MVP again and if the Dodgers pull out the Division win it would not surprise me to see Hanley collect it. His switch is set to ON.

And the Marlins stink! Starting this 2nd half exactly as they started the first one with utter futility. Stan, I want to see your man Keys called up and placed in the leadoff spot. This current team doesn't have one and Keys could do no worse with the stick at this level than any of these stiffs.

Living in Seattle I get sick of hearing the "he's not ready comments" ie Hultzen. The guy was the no. 2 overall pick out of college and his ceiling said to be a no. 3 starter, geez and now I think they'll be lucky if he ever settles into the no. 4

Stan M

Keys skill set is very similar to Pierre's and he could certainly do no worse.
Were Hanley still a Marlin he would continue to be a mutt.
Stanton says he isn't helping the team. No s**t, Dick Tracy, what was your first clue?
Some have said that bringing a player up when not ready can hurt him. I love Ozuna, but right now he needs about 2 weeks down in AA ball. The stat heads pointed out that Ruggiano was very lucky in the percentage of balls that he hit that fell in for base hits last year, and that he struck out much too much. He's got a good attitude, but they were sure right. Could Marisnick and Yelish make a difference right now? They damn sure couldn't be any worse. Like that commercial says, "When the time is right..." They can always be returned to the minors if they stop hitting for 4 or more hours...or something like that. There is only one guy in the lineup who does the "little things" that help get into position to score, and that's Lucas who probably has less talent than any of the others.


I'm going to throw some blame at the coaching staff....I feel that they are not doing enough to get these players to play up to or to exceed their potentials.

richie boombotz

hey, Cousin Vinnie Boombotz! Who knew?


RB, i just saw today's Nats/ Dodgers highlights and I wanna a punch a baby elephant. I'm not necessarily surprised, though. People in general can do great things when given a new beginning. Good for him for ceasing the opportunity. I just hope he doesn't fall into old habits once he gets what I'm assuming will be generous contract in the off season.



dumazz julio

wow..why didnt Red think of that


Stan, agree with you about the callups. We should never be surprised by this statistical analysis. They have the numbers back to 1950 and they invariably hold up. When an inordinate number of balls you put in play fall, you can almost be guaranteed it will correct the following year. Same thing holds for pitchers. Since 1950 the average for ALL balls put in play---discounting homers of course--is .273, therefore if in 3 months of pitching the batting average on balls in play is .146, expect to start getting walloped very soon. The AMAZING thing about that .273 number is it does NOT matter what kinda stuff you have. You would think a guy like Ryan would have a lower batting average against him because balls would be hit more weakly. No!! The average against Ryan was .272 and that holds for Seaver, Gibson, Carlton and everyone else. Would be interesting to know what Ozuna's number was on balls in play for his first 70 or so AB's.


You know another guy that has been a bit of a disappointment is Rob Brantley. I was hoping to see more from this kid. He's got 1 HR and 18 RBI's through 54 games. This team is still going to need more from their catcher. We'll see he's only 23 but so far not impressed.

need to find some humor

blame it all on former president Bush. half the country will agree


Bring Yelich up or leave him down. This season is in the crapper anyway. If you bring him up, he'll just be one more struggling hitter who doesn't belong in the big leagues yet, making a fool of himself on curve balls. His performance this year in the minors certainly doesn't announce that he's ready for prime time. I'm sure he will be brought up soon and everybody will be excited, until they see him try to handle big league pitching. Maybe he will get a grand slam on his first at-bat, like Jeremy Hermida. Actually, I think he's going to be a decent player. But not yet.

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