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Giancarlo Stanton: "I'm not getting it done"

     MILWAUKEE -- Colorado can't come soon enough for Giancarlo Stanton, who is hoping Denver's high altitude will be just what the doctor ordered to cure his power dry spell. Stanton has homered in six of the seven games he's played at Coors Field, where the Marlins are headed right after the Milwaukee series.

     "Colorado always gives you a little extra boost, the way the ball flies," Stanton said.

     Stanton needs all the help he can get these days. He's hitting .189 with only two home runs in July. His average has dipped to .241, beow Adeiny Hechavarria's .248 mark. He's hit only 10 home runs, making it extremely unlikely he'll catch up to last season's total of 37.

     "It hasn't been there all year," Stanton said of his performance. "It's like I'm me for two days, and then I'm back to crap for 10. Kind of how it's been all year. But we still have the second half."

     Stanton said he can't find a rhythm. When games are close and late, he's not seeing many pitches that he can hit.

     "It seems a little different this year in terms of getting walked a little bit more," he said. "Like, if you start to feel good and then the game's close, and you don't really get pitched to, that kind of backs you up again, if that makes any sense. You could almost be there and then -- boom boom -- maybe get thrown off again."

    Stanton said he can't find consistency from one day to the next.

    "It's 'Who's going to show up today?' Am I going to swing at the nonsense? Look at the stats. You'll see more than one me."

    It was at Coors last year where Stanton hit what was measured to be the longest home run in the majors last season, a 494 foot blast to center. He also hit a 465 foot home run at Coors, and another measured at 456 feet.

    This season, Stanton doesn't even have one of the 95 longest homers in the majors. But he says he's not hitting home runs of any kind, short or long.

    "Feet (in distance) doesn't matter," he said. "They haven't come at all, let alone far. I'm not getting it done."