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Jose Fernandez goes bonkers on Giancarlo Stanton HR

       If you were trying to watch Saturday's game, you might have missed Giancarlo Stanton's game-tying home run -- and Jose Fernandez's accompanying celebration. That's because Fox switched away from the game in the ninth to show the trial verdict in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case.

       Just how excited was Fernandez?

       "Big time," he said. "I was pretty excited. It was fun to watch. That's why I love this game so much. I love this team, and I'm going to give everything to it, and whoever doesn't like it, I don't mind."

        As Fernandez acknowledged following the Marlins' 2-1 victory in 10 innings: "As everyone knew today, I didn't have my stuff."

        Still, Fernandez managed to hold the Nationals to only a run over six innings in what was his final outing before heading off to New York and Tuesday's All-Star Game. But he didn't slip away before having a chance to show one more time that, when it comes to his involvement in the game even when he's not on the mound, no one gets more into it. As usual, Fernandez remained in the dugout after being taken out to watch the final innings unfold.

        When Stanton tied it in the ninth, Fernandez couldn't contain himself.

        "I was pretty happy," Fernandez said. "I was so excited, I don't even know what I did. I enjoy it. My teammates laughed. Everybody was laughing. I was just enjoying it. When he made contact, I knew it was a bomb, so I got really excited. It's fun. You guys know how I am. I like to have fun."

        Before checking out the video of Fernandez's excitement, can anyone remember another Marlin who showed as much enthusiasm? I'm thinking Dontrelle Willis deserves a mention. Anyone else?


         Meanwhile, over on the Nationals side, Bryce Harper's teammates and manager were none-too-happy that their 20-year-old All-Star, Bryce Harper, was ejected in the sixth after disputing a strike three call by Hunter Wendelstedt. Yes, the pitch from Dan Jennings was high and away -- definitely outside of the strike zone -- and Harper had good reason to be unhappy. But his ejection might have cost the Nationals dearly, as his spot came up in the 10th with runners at second and third and one out.

          Instead of Harper, Marlins closer Steve Cishek was tasked with Scott Hairston, and he struck him out. Cishek then struck out Ryan Zimmerman to end the threat.

          "He cannot, in a one-run ballgame, (get ejected)," said Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond. "That's a game you have to stay in no matter what."

          Said Nationals manager Davey Johnson: "You can't do that. Take it out on the pitcher. Don't take your frustration out on the umpire."


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Fernandez goes bananas ...whadaya expect in the Banana Republic?


Clark...Don't know where you're getting your info, but a pitch-by-pitch account of all Harper's at-bats published in the Washington Post showed that both pitches that Harper objected to were indeed STRIKES and that the one where he got tossed was not high and away, as you say, but on the black.

Clark S.

Take another look S&W. The graphic of Harper's sixth-inning at bat in the article you mentioned clearly shows that the pitch in dispute was high and away. Here's the article for those wishing to see for themselves: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/nationals-journal/wp/2013/07/14/the-calls-that-led-to-bryce-harpers-costly-ejection/?tid=pm_sports_pop

-- Clark

Clark S.

My apologies S&W. Just looked at the graphic again, and the 6th inning at bat -- as you indicated -- shows the last pitch as a strike. However, I can't find a man or woman alive in the Marlins press box who is buying what the chart is showing. To every one of us, that pitch was definitely high and away. I'll see if I can find video -- Clark

Clark S.

Here's the video. Closer than I thought originally, but still a ball in my opinion: http://wapc.mlb.com/play?content_id=28875513


Did the PC crowd make you change the 'Banana' in the 1st Headline? Very weak


They apparently had no Fox Trax or whatever they call it last night, but Dick Stockton and the other guy calling the game both said they thought the ump got it right. It was so much fun watching Harper get his butt tossed that I don't really care. It was definitely close enough to be hacking with two strikes.

Jane W.

Did the Marlins bench El Mo today against a rookie righty? Oh yeah,hot hitting ,slick fielding El Mo needs a rest , right before the ASG.


Oh man, you gotta love that.


Jane...What the hell is wrong with you?

Jane W.

Hey Gun Greasemonkey...check the stats before opening your greasehole..Elmos hitting .158 in his last 22PA's, ,263 in his last 21 games with a .167 BA/wRISP so far. Plus he should have at leat 4-5 errors he wasnt charged with. You blitering homer hole.


I repeat...What the hell is wrong with you?

Jane W.

that's blithering homer hole for you.

Cleveland Spider

I have to say I am not very impressed with Wilson Alvarez. He seems to get hit really hard every time out there. He really does not fool anyone. I have to think that he is our worst starter by far.

They should have started Slowey today. It is a good thing that we have a good young stable of pitchers in the minors (Heaney, Nicolino, and Flynn).

Cleveland Spider

Why is Lo Mo out of the line up? He is going to get 4 days off. I doubt one more day is going to make a difference. Our line up lacks pop as it is, we cannot afford to have Lo Mo out of the line up.


Spidey...You mean Henderson Alvarez. Doesn't impress me either. Everything they hit off him is a rocket.

Cleveland Spider


Thanks that is what I meant. I don't see Alvarez as a front line starter in the future. I predict he will be a starter for the fish through this year and next. The Fish have too much young talent in the minors for him to last long as a starter.


When Pierre & Polanco are in the line up the, Marlins are basically phoning in a forfeit. I understand that they have guaranteed contracts & must be paid...but why play both in the same game???

Stan M

Agree with those above about Alvarez. Incidentally, Brian Flynn had a great start in AAA a couple of nights ago. Not playing LoMo made no sense with the off days coming up. Then again, his replacement did kill two rallies and strike out his third time up. It's gotten to the point that Pierre is killing us at bat and in the field. In my opinion, today was not our best lineup. Ruggiano, Ozuna, and Stanton in the OF. Lucas, Hech, Dietrich, and LoMo in the infield and Mathis catching is our strongest lineup. After saying that, it's time to bring up Marisnick and/or Yelich. Marisnick has been hot for some time now. The Yankees want Ruggiano. I really like the guy but we will soon have too many outfielders and if could include more, I'd love to get their highly thought of minor league catcher. I think his name is Sanchez.

Big Bird C-Shek

Where was Elmo today? Not even a PH appearance..Did hurt himself tweeting? Slip and fall in his bathtub? Pull a muscle lifting the Gatorade cooler? Or did Redmond just flat out bench Elmo for whatever?

Cleveland Spider

Pierre is one of my favorite Marlins ever but he is finished. He is a shadow of what he was. I don't know what the Marlins are going to do with all the young outfielders. Obviously Stanton and Ozuna are keepers. That leaves one spot in the outfield for either Yelich or Marisnik. Can anyone of these guys play third base?

Who do Marisnik and Yelich replace when they come up? I would say they replace Pierre and Polanco. We also cannot forget Coughlan is working his way back (another outfielder).


I think the Marlins had Pierre, Polanco, and, Dobbs in the lineup today, hoping that each of them would have a good game, and, possibly create some trade interest going into the All Star Break.


charlie...maybe so, but all three of those guys have been around for years and it's hard to believe that the marlins would think that one Sunday afternoon game would tell potential suitors anything they didn't already know.

Flav C.

For the ones asking about LoMo not in the lineup, it should come as no surprise. I had written about it before, but after two patellar tendon surgeries in the same knee, his career as an everyday player will never be the same again.

If he plays 4-5 straight games, his right knee will be swollen like a balloon. Either he takes those in-between rests or, if he wants to play everyday, the Marlins better have a good stock of cortisone shots.

Obviously, no one in the Marlins front office will acknowledge that and will say LoMo is alright.

If you think about it, Ed Lucas is a pleasant surprise for the Marlins, and maybe a mid-term solution. Morrison is arb-eligible next season, and it would make sense to trade him to an AL team, where he could be a lefty-DH, with much less impact in his knee.

Lucas can be re-signed (very cheap) to play 1B while Mark Canha (who also has pretty good power) can fight for the position with him next season.

Just food for thought.


I have NEVER heard tis before today. As harper was scoring from first on a double to left Rich says---Harper will score. Pierre can't throw." I have never heard such a blatant(and true) assessment of a player. Pierre not only can't throw, he can't hit, obviously can't hit with power, is a butcherin the field and is now only a fair base stealer therefore I guess he would be rated as a "Half Tool Player" I urge all of you to access these spray chart sites that demonstrate where a player puts the ball in play. Pierre put the balls he hit today within 15-20 feet of where he hits every ball that he puts in the air. It is uncanny.


Flav, We don't really trade players. We relegate salaries to other teams.

Flav C.

Lou, the salaries of JJ and Buehrle that were relegated to the Blue Jays, apparently will be relegated to somebody else. The Blue Jays are considering putting either JJ or Buehrle in the trading block by July 31st.

Stan M

After Flav's dire predictions of LoMO's non future as a regular player, I was amazed at how hard he has run and slid into bases. Let's hope that with improved medical techniques and operations performed by American doctors (people are still often brought here for the tough ones) that he will be back to normal. However, should he not be able to carry an everyday burden, I would suspect that Yelich would take his place. Such a move would also free up space in the OF. With Pierre and Polanco making "chump change" by today's major league standards, it's surprising that the team hasn't been able to dump them. Loria would come our ahead financially if he dumped both and brought up Marisnick and Yelich. As they hit from opposite sides, they could platoon in LF with Yelich, and not Dobbs, relieving LoMo at 1B when necessary. The Yankees need an OFer and have had putrid offence from 3B so Polanco and Ruggiano would fit them well. Alvarez scares me when he pitches. Our only hope with him is that he hasn't gained adequate control of his low strike pitches after his long layoff. But the guy gave up a ton of hits vs innings pitched last year.


Lomo is as back to 'normal' as it's gonna get. Which isnt saying much. Oh well...


Guy the reason Polonco is the lineup is because he's 9 for 24 his last 10 game, that's hitting at a .375 clip.

Flav C.


Regardless of the advancements of American medicine, no athlete that has gone through two pattelar tendon surgeries and play sports at a competitive level has ever been the same. It isn't a dire prediction, it is just reality. LoMo knows it and the Marlins knows it. So, with his condition in mind and the fact that he is arb eligible next season, he is an ideal candidate to be traded (or his salary relegated to other team, as Lou mentioned).

I don't see the immediate need to move Polanco right now. We have a band-aid solution on Ed Lucas, who is playing well right now, but God only knows when his streak will be over, and there isn't anybody else reliable to platoon 3B besides those two.

Besides, I don't know if you noticed but Lucas is hitting .209 in July, and Polanco is hitting .375.

Stan M

Of course I noticed the differences in their respective batting averages. I will also mention that a dire prediction can also be a reality. They are not necessarily opposites. However, that reality has yet to be proven and I do wonder how you know what LoMo is thinking. I completely agree with your premise and understand that he could fall in a heap in his next game. However, there is just as much chance that he can play on after his operations. Several players spent their careers wearing knee braces. I believe Mantle was one of them. Regarding Lucas and Polanco, I'll make a personal observation and ask a question. Lucas, since he's been with the team, has done many little things to help win. I don't see the same from Polanco. My question is, do you see Polanco in this team's future? Then how about Lucas?
Both Boston and Arizona went out of their way to rid themselves of players they felt were not winners and look at them now. In 1948, Leo Durocher moved to the NY Giants from the Dodgers and inherited a bunch of slow moving, HR hitting players. He dumped them and won pennants in 1951 and 1954 with what he called, "My kind of players". I've never forgotten that and it's why I appreciate Ozuna, and reserves like Lucas. Polanco is a fine ballplayer but we don't need him and Lucas fulfills more needs less expensively and with more enthusiasm...in my opinion. Ruggiano is also that kind of player, but he probably has no future in this OF beyond this year. If I were he, I'd take balls at 3B every chance I got. Valakia broke his wrist but I also liked the way he played. He might be around next year. Flav, I respect you and don't disagree with you very often. I just think you have put LoMo on a stretcher before he has fallen down. Let's see what happens.


Well, I finally called a friend of mine who is an orthopaedic(funky spelling but accurate) surgeon and described Morrison's condition based on the comments of Stan and Flac. Now obviously my buddy does not have all the info he would need to make an accurate prediction so therefore I just asked him to rely upon what he knew of past instances. He is a BIG baseball fan and brought up Mantle by himself but he added the cautionary words that Mickey was basically Superman who had been exposed to too muck kyroptonite. You can't expect ANYONE to play through what Mantle played through. For the most part he sided with Flav and basically said anyone signing Morrison to a long term deal would be doing it at tremendous risk. Remember this was said without looking at x-Rays or any other medical records that would have enhanced prognosis. I added as many details as I recalled about Morrison's early treatments, the ill fated trip to Asia and the delay in treatment initiation. He could only grimace.


If Pierre's career was not almost at a close, I would have inquired about a left arm transplant for the cranially enhanced Juan.


Throw in a knee replacement for cranially deficiant Lomo


Will wait for the next Marlins promo with Lomo.."Help I've Fallen and Cant Get Up"...

Stan M

Lou, I understand Flav's position and realize that LoMo could fail at any time. However, I expected to see the guy return with a crutch in one hand. Instead, he is running like never before, sliding hard, has taken at least one nasty spill, and hasn't headed to the DL yet. My whole point is that we should hope that he can stay healthy. Fernandez may blow his shoulder out, Stanton may pull yet another muscle, who knows, these things happen. With LoMo, he plays all out so the possibility of his getting hurt again is greater than with most other players even if we don't consider his knee. Personally, I'll take all he can give for as long as he can give it and then say, "Thank you for your effort". Lou, I know you have changed in your outlook lately, but you must realize that you hadn't said a nice thing about the guy in over 2 years so I can't help but be a little suspect with the input that you may have given your medical friend. On the field the guy plays like a winner so let's all enjoy him for as long as we can. And remember, Yelich can play 1st base.


Stan, I have also said not one negative thing about him in quite awhile. The physician I talked to is from the Midwest and he has heard of him. I can't even imagine what personal feeling I could have interjected in my question that would have changed the man's opinion. I certainly did not mention tweeting and other silliness from the past that has seemingly disappeared with time. I want him to be able to play, however, besides just the lingering damage and repairs, one must also factor in your previously mentioned penchant for playing hard AND his proclivity to get hurt. If you were an owner of a Major League Baseball team would you sign him to a deal not laden with incentives?

Stan M

No, Lou, of course not. However that is not now the problem. Rather it is whether or not he can continue to play for his present team. You know from past posts that I like the guy so my defense is probably influenced by my admiration for him as a player who I think gives his all between the lines.

the Truth

Marlins shouldve traded Lomo 2 yrs ago. Now he's damaged goods,an average,nothing special player thats proven he cant stay on the field consistantly. No longer marketable as a prospect with the hopeful upside,but suspect, a 100 game a year guy {maybe},DH or lefty bat that cant play another postion and is at best average in the field. Marlins should move him while they can , while he can still play on two legs, and they can blow smoke to another team about him.


With all the tools available today for obtaining and analyzing information on players, it is virtually impossible for a team to "blow smoke" to competitors regarding the health or ability of one of its players.
The Marlins should have traded LoMo two years ago? I would like to get my hands on the crystal ball you would have used to predict Morrison's impending health problems two years ago.


Marlins inhaled the smoke in the Cabrera trade and most of their first round draft choices, up until they finally got lucky a few yrs ago.. Virtually impossible? Yeah,right. Whatever you say. Keep inhaling yourself, Homer. or Marlins shill.

Mrs. L

Hey Lefty...dont be so rough on Jeffrey's fluff boy. It's gotta be "hard" enough for him , being under Jeffrey's desk all day.

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