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Jose Fernandez takes dip in Coors Field home run fountain

DENVER -- Jose Fernandez made himself at home in his first visit to Coors Field. Not only did Fernandez take care of the Rockies on Tuesday in another strong performance by the rookie All-Star, Fernandez said he also took advantage of the surroundings at Coors -- specifically, the home run fountain in center.

""The first day, I go back there behind center field and that thing back there -- that little pool back there -- I went in the water, and the water was nice and cool," Fernandez said. "So it was pretty fun. It was pretty nice. I'm going to do it. Why not?"

Fernandez took the mound for the first time since his All-Star outing last week and improved to 6-5, holding the Rockies to a pair of runs while striking out eight over seven innings. He gave up a solo homer to Todd Helton in the second, but very little else.

Fernandez, of course, was not the star of the game for the Marlins. Christian Yelich, making his major league debut, singled in each of his first three at bats and tied a franchise record by becoming only the third Marlins to have three hits in his first career game. The others: Mike Redmond in 1998 and Giancarlo Stanton (then known as Mike) in 2010.

Afterward, Redmond joked that he feared Yelich might break his record.

"I actually got a little bit nervous there, because I was 3 for 3 with a home run in my major league debut," Redmond said, tongue in cheek. "When he got that third hit, I thought, 'Man, there's no way this guy can top me.' I thought about maybe taking him out of the game."


Marcell Ozuna, who was optioned following Monday's game to create roster space for Yelich and Jake Marisnick, will see a hand specialist in Miami on Wednesday. Ozuna jammed his left thumb while making a diving catch, and there is a good chance he'll end up on the disabled list. If so, he will continue to accrue big-league service time, and that's important for this reason: he could reach "Super Two" status and become eligible for arbitration after the 2015 season. Had he spent the remainder of the season in the minors, the date for his first big pay bump would have likely been pushed back until after 2016.

As it stands, Derek Dietrich, who was also optioned to Double A Jacksonville, will now likely have to wait until after '16 to become arbitration-eligible, even if he is brought back in September.



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Sunny Dee

So now we know the REAL reason why Ozuna and Dietich were sent down. Or perhaps it is just a happy coincidence that the Marlins will delay paying these two by sending them down now? Despite his slump, Ozuna has been playing hard and he has the highest batting average of any regular starter on the roster. Marlins are showing their true colors again. I'm sure the Marlins team doctors will make sure Ozuna is okay and will clear him for play...




Marlins catcher top prospect Brandley is enduring Redmond caprice, yes because Brandley should be the catcher in most games while Mathis should be put only off lefties pitchers or in late innings for defense reinforcement. but Brandley now is better than Mathis in offensive and speedy.-


Redmon was good only off lefties pitchers, he should folloow this way with his friend Mathis. both are alike.

Stan M

Mathis did have a couple of big hits in key situations a while back. However, if he is going to be our catcher, he should be pinch hit for in game changing situations. Was it last night or the night before that he came up late in the game with the bases loaded and two outs. LoMo and Dobbs were on the bench, the pitcher was right handed and we had a slim lead. He grounded out. That is bad enough, but then Dobbs pinch hits to start the next inning. That defies logic and any statistical analysis.


Valaika designated for assignment? Cheap shot to a guy coming off an injury...played hard and started at all 4 INF spots when the Fish needed help.....

Stan M

Boy, do I ever agree with you. Dump Polonca and keep Valaika.


I'm a big Valaika fan as well. He's a tough-nosed Ed Lucas type who can play anywhere in the infield and can hit better than his stats indicate. Also has a little more pop than Lucas.


Mathis is getting most of the playing time because Fish have so many very young pitchers, who seem more comfortable with him behind the plate. That's more important than his hitting, or lack of hitting, because Brantly isn't hitting either.


Yelich has a similar look to a young Joe Dimagio....put their pictures up side by side for comparison.

Stan M

I read somewhere, I think it was on a prospect scouting report on Baseball Hub written about 2 years ago, that Hech would be the next great OFFENSIVE shortstop. I'm not kiddng.

Is it just a rumor in my mind that Loria wants to trade Stanton for Braun so that it will deflect Marlin fans to hate someone else more than he?

Stan M

yes on the looks similarity. But that is not a compliment. The Yankee Clipper got distinguished looking with age, but not at all back then.


Get your eyes checked. Dimaggio was an ugly, wife beating Mutt ,that belongs in the Hall of Greed and Shame. A real Scumbag.


Ice Burg..I think there is way too much profiling of ugly, wife-beating mutts in this country.

Al Shrimpton

lipcraps..sounds like it hits to close to home for you

cleveland spider

Our offense is so weak. I like Ed Lucas and he is a nice story but how can this be your clean up hitter? Polanco your # 5 hitter? We have a lot of promise from a pitching stand point but we need hitters.

I would love to see Loria bring in a clutch hitting 3rd baseman free agent next year like Martin Prado. Yelich, Stanton, Prado, and Ozuna (2, 3, 4, 5) sounds pretty good. If our pitching continues to improve (it is already pretty good) and we can add a clutch hitter like Prado, we could be dangerous. That team can be like the surprise 2003 Marlin team that won the world series. The question is will Loria open up the wallet for 1 good clutch hitting free agent like Prado. Its not like he would have to pay Prado Prince Field money.

Camera Mike


Don't know if you're watching tonight's game, but we just learned about a connection between Marisnick and you're favorite catcher of all time Kyle Skipworth. Marisnick's father was the high school athletic director for Kyle Skipworth's school. So far Marisnick is hitless in his MLB career but based on his minor league success I'd say he thankfully received better batting lessons then Skipworth.


Spider, I think you're placing way too much hope onto Ozuna and Yelich. Would love to see it but please lower those expectations just a bit. And with each swing and miss I'm losing faith in Stanton the superstar and at best hope for Adam Dunn.


For all of Stanton's natural talent he has an OPS of .790 which would be good for 5th on these lousy Rockies. Wake me when cracks the 900s and for comparison Miguel Cabrera's is 1120

dumazz julio

Why did Redmond pinch hit Ruggiano instead of Lomo?

Stan M

Why? Because he was 0 for 30, that's why. Doesn't that make perfect sense? Usually I'm optimistic, but then sometimes, like right now, I wonder if they're playing for the #1 pick in next year's draft. That's not so either, because Loria would never give him the necessary money to sign him. Today was a definite downer. Think, Redmond, think! This was another tactical mistake that you get paid not to make.

Flav C.


After last night I will have to humbly agree on some of the things you've written about Stanton's plate discipline. And I'm not talking about a food plate.

Stan M

I wish things were different and you didn't have to agree. The Brave announcer, Joe Simpson and our own Preston Wilson have also said he is too far off the plate. One should expect more after 3 1/2 years in my opinion. What is more disturbing is that Keith Hernandez says he has a "slider speed swing". Let's hope we don't have another Dave Kingman on our hands. I saw much too much of that back in NY.

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