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Marcell Ozuna to have surgery on injured thumb

     DENVER -- Marlins outfielder Marcell Ozuna is scheduled to undergo surgery on Friday to repair a ligament tear and avulsion fracture in his left thumb.

      Ozuna injured the thumb while making a diving catch Monday night at Coors Field. [Watch the play here] Following the game, the Marlins announced that Ozuna -- and infielder Derek Dietrich -- were being optioned to Double A Jacksonville.

      But after the exact nature of the injury was identified Thursday by a hand specialist in Miami, the option was voided and Ozuna was instead placed on the major league disabled list, retroactive to Monday.

       "I don't have a definitive time frame," said Larry Beinfest, Marlins president of baseball operations. "But it's highly doubtful and improbable that you'll see him again this season. It's a minimum six to eight weeks, and then you have to ramp up from there. So we're going to run out of time this season."

       Beinfest said the extent of the injury was unknown when the decision to option Ozuna was made after Monday's game.

        "It's surprising because, when we optioned him Monday night....he stayed in the game and said he was okay," Beinfest said. "It seemed like, 'I dived and I jammed my thumb a little bit.' Obviously, it's turned out to be a lot more than that, which is unfortunate."

        By going on the DL, Ozuna will continue to accrue service time to the point he could be in position to qualify for "Super Two" status and become eligible for salary arbitration after the 2015 season. Had Ozuna returned to the minors, it was all but certain his first arbitration year would have been delayed until after the '16 season.

     "Again, he's a couple of years away from that," Beinfest said of the arbitration process. "Like any young player, he's going to have to come out and make the team next year in spring training. Obviously we have some pretty spirited outfield competition."

      Ozuna becomes the 15th Marlins player to be placed on the DL this season.

      "He did a great job," Beinfest said. "Our intention was for him to go down and work on some things offensively, and sure enough, it's the way it goes. He makes, really, a game-saving catch and gets hurt."

      Beinfest said it's possible Ozuna could play winter ball just to make sure the thumb checks out in advance of spring training.


      Infielder Chris Valaika, who was designated for assignment by the Marlins, has cleared waivers and outrighted to Triple A New Orleans.



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Marlins said he needed more time in double aa so this means he will probably start next year in the minors to not get the service time.


All the posters screaming for Yelich and Marisnick are getting a good look at just what it is they've been crying for.

Stan M

Jason, he's getting ML service time right now b. he was injured while in the ML. It will, to the best of my knowledge, continue for as long as he is on the DL.

Sunny Dee

Marlins will try to find some way around it. Beinfest went out of his way to state that when they optioned him, Ozuna stayed in the game and said he was okay.

Marlin Fan

Injury not included, let's send down a potential ROY canidate because of a " slump" or to further put off arbitration for another year ????????


Hahahahaha. I don't know who the player rep for the marlins is but he's doing a great job. When Cogz was sent down turned out to be injured spent time on the DL collecting a big league paycheck, Slomo did the same thing and now this guy. Unfortunately, you can't swindle a swindler and the a-holes in the FO will find a way to make him pay. Teach him a lesson so to speak.

don't bs me

the entire marlins front office is a bunch of lowlifes. They sent these guys down to put off arbitration, not so they could work on a couple of things. if they really wanted anyone to work on a couple of things, why not Ruggiano and Pierre? The Ozuna situation has caused a back$$fire

Hialeah Julio

Hooray!!! Marleens win!!! only 24 games under .500!!! Parade down in Spicsville tomorrow!!! Whoopee!!!


Beinfest has become such a tool. I guess the $$ helps when he looks in the mirror.

Mr. Greenjeans

Beinfest is the fertilizer spreader in Loria's tool shed.


Redmond is the Pooper-Scooper

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