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Marlins never accepted offers for Stanton

Plenty of teams called the Marlins to ask about Giancarlo Stanton in the days and weeks leading up to Wednesday's trade deadline, some more than once. And every time, the response was the same: "We're not listening to any offers," according to a source with knowledge of the Marlins' trade discussions.

Because teams salivating over Stanton were shot down quickly -- the Pittsburgh Pirates being just one example, among many -- the Marlins never listened to a single offer for the biggest name on the team, and one of the hottest trade targets on the market.

"No player names were ever exchanged (for Stanton)," the source said.

After dealing Ricky Nolasco to the Dodgers on July 6, the Marlins made no more deals before the 4 p.m. deadline on Wednesday.


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Sunny Dee

Alvarez continues to pitch well. I am really impressed with the Marlins starting rotation. Once Heaney is ready to come up, possibly next year, the rotation will be Fernandez, Turner, Eovaldi, Alvarez, and Heaney. I really think this team can compete for a wild card spot next year if the young bats show some improvement.


really? gee thanks...that means alot

Stan M

Sunny Dee,
Watch for Brian Flynn. We will see him before Conley, Nicolino, or Heaney. I'm not saying he will be better, only that he will be first and it will be up to him to produce or watch the others move ahead. What we should have is a plethora of pitching prospect to move when/if necessary. And that ignores Jay Jackson and DeStafani. neither of whom is chopped meat. I've been high on CF Brent Keys for two years, and now am also watching a 20 YO named Amery Romano who is listed at 3B and 2B. This kid can flat out hit.


I think there Is a good chance that Fernandez will become the next best closer in baseball


I know everyone is excited because of what we're seeing from this young rotation and the arrival of yelich and marisnick. So the natural train of thought is that the future is bright.

However, that got me thinking which future are we referring to. Player development is cyclical and assuming it'll take Yelich and Marisnick what's left of this season and all of next season to mature into MLB players (which they currently arent). It may not be an all star powerhouse of an outfield with the three that are currently out there. That is by 2015 assuming these two are the real deal, Stanton can very easily be out the door, going into his 3rd arb year. Same can be said about Eovaldi and Alvarez who have the most service time of anyone in the rotation.

Brantly hasnt shown much and well we know what LoMo can do. Then there's 3B, by the time Moran gets here, if ever, that'll be another year of a guy maturing into an MLB player.

Point is they have the right pieces but doesn't seem like they're going to be synchronized, for lack of a better word, which is kinda disappointing.

Dick Young's Ghost

you are correct Sir...your sound reasoning plus the fact that the Marlins FO in inept at adding FA pieces is why the Loria owned Marlins will NEVER be a play-off team.

Dick Young's Ghost

*is inept..{sc}

Cleveland Spider

I like Sunny Dee's thinking. Our rotation can be stellar next year with that young rotation. The Bullpen also looks good. We have some real good young arms in the pen.

I think we could compete for a Wild Card next year but we need Loria to spend money on one good veteran bat, preferably at third base. Martin Prado is a Free Agent next year and would be that solid bat that we need behind Stanton. A middle of the line up that has Yelich, Stanton, Prado, Lomo, and Ozuna sounds pretty good. I think that Ozuna and Yelich are going to be studs, hopefully they start showing it next year.

Joe Bagadonuts

Loria will do something to screw it up.Take it to the Bank.


Spider, I thought you were being facetious in a previous post when you said Prado was the guy. 1. Prado is not a #3 or #4 hitter or even a #5 hitter which they will need at least one of these types to be average. 2. Sorry to break it to you but Arizona locked him up for a few years and won't be a free agent till '17.

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