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Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez joins Gooden, Feller with rare 2-strikeout performance by 20 year olds at All-Star Game

NEW YORK -- As far as All-Star debuts go, there aren't many pitchers in the history of the game who put on the type of show Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez did Tuesday night at Citi Field.

In fact, only two others did -- Dwight Gooden and Bob Feller.

That's the company the 20-year old Cuban defector joined in the sixth inning when he sandwiched strike outs of former MVP Dustin Pedroia and current major league home run leader Chris Davis between getting Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera to pop out to first.

Gooden and Feller, two of the top 50 strikeout kings in the history of the game, are the only other players to manage to do that before their 21st birthday.

Fernandez, who wore bright orange shoes with his Twitter handle on them, didn't hit 110 on the radar gun. But he came close.

On baseball's big stage just a few months after he was surprised to make the jump from Single A to the big league team on Opening Day, he hit 98 miles per hour three times on the radar gun against Cabrera, a former Marlin.

Fernadez's strikeouts came on a 96-mile per hour two-seamer at the knees against Pedroia and then a nasty curveball against Davis, who slugged 37 homers in the first half of the season.

In all, only five pitchers have made an All-Star appearance before their 21st birthday. Fernando Valenzuela and Jerry Walker are the others besides Gooden, Feller and now Fernandez.

"It's an honor to be mentioned with those guys," Fernandez said.


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Too bad Fox announcers tried to pretend Jose wasn't there. They spent his entire half inning interviewing Grilli.

Flav C.

Just ridiculous the amount of time FOX spent talking to a 36 years old reliever, how much time they spent talking about Trout and Harper, and zero coverage for this kid who made a couple of hitters look silly at the plate.

We're proud of you, Jose !

Stan M

With the major exception of Riviera, Fernandez had the most interesting story that could be told. Yet he was glossed over as commented about ably by those above. My question is why. Was it political? Had the announcers been told to lay off the Castro oppression angle? It certainly makes this old man wonder. That Grilli interview could have been held in any of several other innings and common sense should have caused the announcers to return to the play at hand solely because of the way the 20 YO was dominating the heart of the AL order. It just doesn't smell right. Am I way off raising this possibility?

Stan M

I should have mentioned that I only watched the game when our kid was pitching. If his story was told at a different part of the game that I didn't know about it and my comments above would then be irrelevant.

Flav C.


I don't think you're way off on this one. The way they went about Grilli's leg and completely shunned Fernandez's performance makes raise all types of questions.

Sunny Dee

I suggest everyone write a letter to Fox Sports. These in-game interviews are always ridiculous, but to ignore the Fernandez story as it was happening was a new low, even for Fox.


Stan...I personally think it was just an unhappy coincidence. They had promo'd the Grilli interview for that spot before Fernandez ever entered the game. It was a shame that he got overlooked, but if he had gotten knocked around we might be happy that his appearance was glossed over.


Fernandez came within one pitch of striking out the side. The one pitch that wasn't a strike ended up being a foul out popup by the best hitter in baseball. But, McCarver and Buck paid little or no mind to it. Holy Crap!!!


thats what they think of the marlins

Marlin Fan

I'm happy for Grilli, but to spend a while half an inning on him? Fox blew it , we may never see an All Star performance by such a young player for another 20yrs .

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