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Marlins send P Tom Koehler to NOLA, move OF Matt Diaz to 60-day DL


To make room for Henderson Alvarez on the roster and in the team’s starting rotation, the Marlins optioned rookie Tom Koehler to Triple-A New Orleans.

            Alvarez was expected to make his first start of the season Thursday after returning from the disabled list with shoulder inflammation.

            Koehler had been in the rotation since May 12 and made 10 starts going 1-5 with a 4.70 ERA. In his last start Tuesday, Koehler finished with a no-decision after pitching five innings and allowing three runs (two earned).

            Marlins manager Mike Redmond said Koehler would continue to start for the time being at New Orleans.

            “I thought Tom did a good job when he was here giving us some flexibility where he could start and come in out of the bullpen,” Redmond said. “He got some valuable experience. He threw the ball well and threw strikes and did all the things we talked about in Spring Training that he needed to do to be successful. He got some opportunities because guys were hurt, but now guys are coming back.”

            The Marlins also transferred outfielder Matt Diaz to the 60-day disabled list.

Tonight's lineups

Marlins (31-52): Ruggiano lf; Lucas 3b; Stanton rf; Morrison 1b; Ozuna cf; Dietrich 2b; Hechavarria ss; Mathis c; Alvarez p.

Braves (49-35): Simmons ss; Heyward rf; J. Upton lf; Freeman 1b; McCann c; Uggla 2b; B.J. Upton cf; C. Johnson 3b; Teheran p.


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Just a HUGE series win against one of the best teams in baseball. Stan was a great deal more correct than I was in how soon it would take the Marlins to get it back. MAYBE Loria will have some pride and not squander what could be in place. If he MUST trade Nolasco and/or Stanton at least show some integrity and demand something back.


Why send Koehler down? Do they not expect to get a Ricky deal done soon? This move makes no sense if the Fish are as close to a Nolasco deal as the rumor mill says they are.

Stan M

I owe Stanton's reputation an apology for doubting his intensity in the field. Great catch. But at bat, he still seems to be lost. If one sneezes while he's up, the count is either 0-2 or 1-2 before the viewer looks up. My Direct TV blacked out the Marlin feed so I watched the Brave broadcast. The announcers were very complimentary of our young team, Joe Simpson, who has forgotten more baseball than I'll ever know, also thought Stanton is too far off the plate. They did mention two things about Lewis. While playing first last night, he wasn't even looking toward home when Mathis' pickoff throw went by him. And Simpson thought that a big league player should have caught that first line drive that turned into a hit to lead off the game.
Regardless of what happens from here on out, it's fun to watch them again. Lou, I want to love Stanton and realize that he is a tremendous talent, but is he morphing into a Dave Kingman? Not only poor pitch selection, now he's jumping out of his shoes on every swing.
If you go to SI.com, there is an article comparing Turner's first few starts with Prior in his great rookie year. I like the guy, but not that much. Wasn't this the first series the Braves lost at home since April and first series they lost to the Marlins since 2010. Wow! And as you put it, the ball is now in Loria's court.
We know about most of our minor league pitchers who seem to have a future, but there is one, Urena, who has been mostly off the radar, but might be the best one down there. He's a 21 YO RHer in high A ball and is really ready for a promotion. Marisnick's major problem was pitch selection, but lately his walks and Ks are almost even. We might see him soon.


Stan or Anyone, Is there any news on the Coghlin situation? I can't believe the injury updates continue to describe this as a calf irritation. A healthy Coghlin would give them real flexibility. I understand that a "healthy Coghlan" is an oxymoron, however, he would help.

Camera Mike

Stan, I was watching the Miami broadcast and Tommy and Rich did mention Stanton's complete lack of production at the plate this series but didn't offer much analysis on it. They pretty much just commented on it. It also appeared to me that he was standing farther and farther back in the box in every at bat tonight.

I also need to compliment the team. These past few weeks have been great to watch. Not just because of the winning but even in most of the games they've lost they have kept it close and played hard. Watching all our young players grow, play hard, not let deficits effect their play, and win series after series against some top teams (they have now won series's against St. Louis, the defending champs San Fran, and Atlanta) has been a blast to watch and is starting to get me optimistic about the future. My only worry now is the same one that is always there, how our illustrious owner will play things out.

Finally I have a question for the group. Which catch was more impressive, Hechavarria's in the 6th or Stanton's in the 9th? Stanton's certainly came at a more critical time in the game and was one of the best I've seen him make, but I have to go with Hechavarria's. The reflexes and timing required for that leaping snag shows his raw talent at SS and if he can improve at the plate he will have some all-star appearances in his future.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
I would vote for Stantons. First, it just might have saved the game and two, with the wet grass, the playing field out there made it more difficult to run.
The only news I can give you about Coghlan is that he has been removed from the 25 man roster to the 40 man roster.
Some of you might differ, but I have always felt that young, hungry ballplayers play with more intensity than the more contented veterans who have their long term contracts. If we watch LoMO, Coghlan, Dietrich. Lewis, Hech (and he is an absolute pleasure to watch in the field), Ruggiano, and especially Ozuna, we see winning baseball. That's why I was so pleased with Stanton's fine dive and catch. I believe in Gibson's approach in Arizona in seeking out players who came to play and play hard...exit Upton for the obvious reasons. In short, I like to see dirty uniforms.


Lou...The last I heard, Coghlan's injury was a back injury, not a calf injury, but the back problem affected a nerve that made his leg hurt. he went back to that doc in texas within the last week. the doctor advised rest, not surgery. that's the latest news I've read, but don't know where I read it. probably the Marlins site.


When is the deadline for signing draft picks? I understand I am the "eternal pessimist" but I'm getting a little antsy about our future third baseman. Do you guys/girls think there is actually a possibility that Chubby might not sign this kid?

Going forward we appear to need a right handed hitting catcher, one more starter, some quality set-up men, a third baseman and I would feel better about a couple additional middle infield prospects JUST IN CASE. If we do deal Stanton--and I believe Loria will---with what team do we match up with to address a few(and it better be few) of these needs.

Have you ever fantasized about what you might say to Chubby and Marathon Man if you were right next to them in another park besides Miami. I have my diatribe already rehearsed and committed to memory. I'm hoping they make a trip to DC where I have access to some really good seats and Chubby won't be able to call out his Secret Police.

Stan M

There is a great deal of time to sign him. The trick is to get him some playing time this year. They probably had to wait until his team was eliminated from the college playoffs which wasn't very long ago. Last week I studied the prospects of all other teams and felt that Pittsburgh matched up best. It makes no sense to get another pitching prospect unless he is outstanding and Taillon fits that bill. In addition they have a young power hitting SS named Hanson and an excellent outfield prospect named Polanco. Lastly, they have a very young pitcher named Heredia who is very raw but with a tremendous potential upside. If they must trade Stanton, that is the place to go. Let's hope Nolasco brings a couple of middle relievers. When one checks pitcher's performances over several years with Mathis catching, there is a definite increase. I kept saying the guy couldn't hit a lick and he went nuts at the plate. If we can't get a big time RH hitting catcher, it might be best to stick with Mathis while these kids mature. Notice that he caught Nolasco in this last showcase start.


I'm afraid we are all going to groan loudly when we see who, or what, the Marlins get for Nolasco. It won't be much.


Dear Smith and Wesson, That would be a shame. I don't expect the Obese One to bring in established talent in a deal but just the idea The Porker would not even attempt to get some some high grade prospects would be depressing. Since yesterday was the 4th there might be a hiatus in any trade talks as The National Poster Boy for Calcium Build-up attempts to get all that beans and bacon and kielbasa to settle in that ample colon.

I could really use some help in garnering adjectives and nouns to describe the 40 inch waisted Mr Burrito.


Oh my God! I had quit paying any attention---including the minors----couldn't someone have mentioned Skipworth was at 163 and I don't mean his weight. I have lost 24 and have got to 170 and Skipworth would still be hitting less than my weight. Was he drafted one behind or 1 before Posey? I forget. .163!!!! That is not a batting average, that is an exceptional IQ.

Jane W.

Mr Lou...saw Loria at a game the last homestand. He clearly resembles one of the fat Bufo Toads that frequent my yard at nite, this time of year.


Sorry Lou, but I don't think this is the proper website to discuss a kielbasa in Mr. Loria's colon.

Stan M

I was blacked out of the Marlin Brave games. Interesting enough, their announcers were speculating that the Marlins were in the Catbird Seat with Nolasco. They thought the Marlins could name whom they wanted because Nolasco looked so good. I tend more toward your opinion. Right now I'd like 2 middle relievers from the ML roster, preferably left handed. We have enough almost ready pitchers and hitters who are already better than anything we would get...unless we took very young prospects who are from low minors. Then maybe the quality would be better.


It's hard for the Papa Gordo to make a deal when he refuses to acquire anyone within 2 years of being arbitration eligible. I keep hearing about Karma, if karma exists Roberto Feo is really due. Is he still sitting with the hot chick? I don't want to comment too much just in case it is his daughter. IF it is not his daughter, I wonder if he ever contemplates the only reason she would be anywhere near him is quite possibly because of his financial stature. Maybe he believes it is his physical stature----Not Only "Laugh Out Loud", but bend over backwards in a spasm of laughter induced gagging.

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