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Nolasco departs; Slowey to start Monday

Ricky Nolasco cleaned out his locker and said his goodbyes in the Marlins clubhouse Sunday morning.

The Marlins traded Nolasco to the Dodgers late Saturday night for minor-league pitchers Angel Sanchez, Steven Ames and Josh Wall.

“I'm going to miss these guys here more than I can say,” said Nolasco, who flew to Arizona Sunday to join the Dodgers for a key series that begins Monday against the Diamondbacks. “But they understand it is a business, and I'll see them in August. I made a lot of lifelong friends here. I'm never going to forget that.”

Although Nolasco felt bittersweet departing after eight seasons with the Marlins, he said he was excited to be able to pitch for his favorite team that he said he’d go watch in person around 15 times a year with his dad and brothers growing up.

“The phone has been non-stop,” Nolasco said. “Obviously, I've never dealt with anything like that to where the phone was just blowing up. Everybody is just excited, everybody from back home. Even people who don't have my number, on Twitter and stuff, obviously where I grew up, they're all excited to see this happen. It's just an exciting time.”

Nolasco’s teammates wished him well and were happy he ended up in a good situation with the trade.

“He’s going to the perfect spot for him,” Giancarlo Stanton said. “To be able to go to where you want without having a choice is always a little extra bonus. It won’t be a tough transition for him.”

Nolasco, who went 5-8 with a 3.85 ERA in 18 starts for the Marlins, doesn’t know when he will make his first start for the Dodgers, but it could come during a key series with the Diamondbacks – the team they trail by 4½ games in the National League West.

 “Obviously we’ll miss Ricky and what he brought to this team, and the leadership he brought to this team, but at the same time, too, we all kind of knew this was going to happen,” Marlins manager Mike Redmond said. “It’s good for Ricky that he’s going to go play for a good team, and a place where he wants to go. We wish him all the best.”


Nolasco’s trade meant Kevin Slowey’s return to the rotation for the time being. Slowey will start Monday in what would have been Nolasco’s spot against the Braves.

“[Redmond] talked to me about it yesterday,” Slowey said. “He knows the importance of preparation. I don’t think I’ll know until tomorrow but I’ll be as ready as I can be and the preparation will be there. It will be up to me to go and execute and do my best.”

Ames and Wall were assigned to New Orleans and Sanchez, the only starter of the group, was sent to Single-A Jupiter.

Slowey will likely remain the fifth starter in the rotation until at least the All-Star break. Marlins President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest said Saturday the team will use the second half to evaluate several potential starters including Tom Koehler (1-5, 4.70 ERA in 69 innings – 10 starts this season), who was recently sent to Triple-A to clear room for Henderson Alvarez, and prospects right-handers Anthony DeSclafani, Sam Dyson and lefties Adam Conley and Brian Flynn.

The Marlins also recalled pitcher Chris Hatcher from Triple-A New Orleans and transferred infielder Chris Valaika to the 60-day disabled list.

Starting lineups

Marlins (32-54): Pierre lf, Lucas 3b, Stanton rf, Morrison 1b, Ozuna cf, Dietrich 2b, Hechavarria ss, Mathis c, Fernandez p

Cardinals (52-34): Caprenter 2b, Beltran rf, Holliday lf, Craig 1b, Freese 3b, Jay cf, Cruz c, Kozma ss, Lynn p


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Wow!!!!! These roster moves are sending tremors throughout Major League Baseball. I'm breathlessly awaiting the reactivation of the Permanently DL'ed First baseman and Matt Diaz. Maybe Olivo will return when he finds no takers.


Who the hell is Chris Hatcher? Geez this organization makes me constipated.
Oh and in a prior post there were comments for Clark "needing to grow a pair."
Earlier in the season Clark on numerous occasions stated his displeasure for Loria & how putrid of a AAA at best we were witnessing.

There's only so many times you can say the owner is terrible and this team isn't worth their per diems without it losing its meaning.

Now that the whole rotation is 25yrs or younger why the hecht are we still seeing Pierre leading off? Ugh the constipation continues.

Camera Mike

Is there any reason not to being up Flynn right now? Or a different prospect? No disrespect to Slowey or Koehler but we know what they bring to the table and it isn't something we'll be using in the future. Even though I did predict they would go with Slowey I don't understand why they aren't just bringing up another prospect.

Cleveland Spider


I agree with you. I have seen enough of Koehler. He is probably better suited for the bullpen and he is not ready to do that in the big leagues yet. Slowey is just another guy.

I would rather see Flynn or Andrew Heaney. Andrew Heaney is lighting it up in the minors. He has a 1.33 era. It won't be long before he joins the rotation if not this year then next year. A rotation of Fernandez, Turner, Evoaldi, Alvarez, and Heaney looks pretty good. The future looks bright once again for the Marlins, lets just hope Loria does not break our hearts again.


The only way the future looks truly bright for the Marlins is if the Chubby One returns to his artistic pursuits on a permanent basis. He is actually good at that.Well, he is also good at dismantling baseball franchises. He is the Bain Capital of MLB, without the ability to exercise the turnaround. I credit you guys/girls for your ability to maintain optimism, however, I question why you believe it will be any different in the future. Chubby isn't exactly 92 and there is also the miniscule step-son to contemplate.

Cleveland Spider

Meanwhile the Marlins just can't hit. A career AAA hitter and a washed up Pierre are your table setters. They need to find a couple of guys that can get on base for the middle of the order. Perhaps Yelich can be one of those guys.

Cleveland Spider


You can't deny that there is a lot of young talent on this team. They have promising young starters (and more to come), some good young hitters (some still raw), and a good young closer.

I hear you though, with this ownership group you wonder when Loria will start dismantling again. Will Stanton and Lomo be the next traded? They have some good young players but you always worry that Loria will start to dump salary. It is so frustrating to be a Marlins fan.


I doubt Mini-me will inherit, him not being a blood relative. The heirs might give him a chance to buy the club, but that's expensive and he would probably come up a little short.


Cleveland, I agree with your entire first paragraph, but what good does it do when you realize you are watching a not so amusing takeoff of "Groundhog Day?"

For the Catholics out there we need a Papal Dispensation to terminate our relationship with this franchise.

Camera Mike

Lou, I am not a catholic but I know the catholic procedure we need isn't a papal dispensation but for our beloved owner to be excommunicated.

Marlin Fan

Let's see what Conley, Flynn, and Desclafani can do ( to echo the above sentiments) . I was wondering who is the next Marlin up for renegotiations ??? Who's going to be a salary dump the next two years ?? I need to know , so I can enjoy them now . Let's not fool ourselves and think it won't happen . Don't let the possibilty of one big contract , fool us into believing the team will not constantly be dismantled to operate at a bare minimum .


Most of the baseball pundits are stating that the Dodgers got the best end of this trade. Maybe if the FO would have waited till the AS break....we might have received a better deal. This is the standard pattern with trades for these guys...give more & receive less.

Stan M

Lou, as a person educated in Catholicism from grammar school through college, I know exactly what Loria needs. It's called an exorcism, for the man is either the devil incarnate or is at the least possessed with that evil spirit.
Here is why I have been and still am optimistic about this teams upcoming years. There is no player who is so expensive that he must be moved. Most free agent signings are even costly to rich teams (I gave 4 examples in the last post) and aren't really needed anyway. Others here are far better than I in examining this, but I think that some hidden salaries that we don't even know about to players long gone are about due to be paid off. There is also the Nolasco salary dump. In my opinion, losing star players won't soon happen. What is more worry some, and had been a disastrous trend, is moving capable players who are ready to enter their arbitration years. And there should be enough money, or adequate minor league replacements available to ease this recurring problem. Virtually all of you above are echoing what I've been preaching for months. Bring on the kids. Koehler is OK, certainly better than Sanabia and LeBlanc, but we know his ceiling. And last, we all love and respect Juan Pierre as a man and formerly fine ballplayer, but both he and Polanco no longer should have a place on this team.


This Nolasco trade is an encore of the 2012 salary dump! It is unlikely Flynn or Hand (not even mentioned so far) can compete effectively before September, so giving Hatcher another shot at the bullpen is the most logical move. The rest of Marlins pitchers in the minors are far from ready right now!

Stan M

The point is that they may be more "ready" than Slowey or Koehler and we have to learn sometime. Why not now while we aren't going anywhere this year anyway? Flynn is leading all Marlin minor leaguers in Ks and Conley wasn't far behind Fernandez last year in high A ball. And look at Jay Jackson's stats beyond his W/L figures. And he is a mature 25.


Everybody wants to hurry the young guys to the Big Leagues, but Tino Martinez said today that the most important factor in a young player's development is making sure that he spends enough time in the minors to get a solid foundation. He said it in the context of Dietrich, Ozuna and several pitchers currently on the team would have been better off if they didn't have to be called up so early. Just saying.

Stan M

And under normal circumstances I would agree. However, these times aren't in any way normal. Look at the empty stands and consider that the majority there are probably on free or drastically reduced tickets. This owner won't and possibly can't throw significant sums of money into this team. Any improvement must come from within. So I say bring um up and see what they can do. They can always be sent back down for more seasoning...and others brought up. Mantle was sent back down for crying out loud. There is also the possibility that a player can spend unnecessary time in the minors. What's the harm in seeing how they react to being called up. There were several of our prospects rated above Ozuna and Dietrich and look what happened. Were they ready? Of course not. Are they learning and adjusting at the ML level?

be thrifty

next to go will be Pierre and Polanco. Not just because they are past their prime but together they make almost $3 million.


Love these young Marlins. In Heaney and Nicolino they have two starters that should get September call ups ... in fact Heaney might be ready to help right now. His Jupiter numbers are comparable to what Jose Fernandez did there last year, and he's older. Conley, Desclafini, and others could be blossoming too.

Around the horn, I love Adeiny's defense and improving bat. Dietrich is getting the hitting part figured out while playing first rate defense. Morrison's defense at first is downright scary right now, but he is swinging it pretty well. Third base and catcher are areas of concern ... Marlins need some power bats in those spots. I would have traded Stanton in the off season to address those needs.

In the outfield, Ozuna will be great once he gets a season behind him. Marisnek and Yelich will be ready to hit the starting lineup next season. This is a great year to play Ruggiano every day and see what he can do.

Go Marlinas!

Fred G, Sanford

Loria should demolish the HR sculpture and sell it for scrap


What is scary about the art world where Loria flourished is that monstrosity in center field had to be approved by Fatso himself. That would show his level of taste and also reflect the rest of the industry where he flourished. The guy is physically a round mound of Cuban sandwiches with the personality of the North Korean President experiencing a migraine and YET he is somehow able to attract lovely young ladies with his charm(?) and wit(?), how baffling.

If Clark or Manny could maybe drop a hint as to whether El Gordo will be traveling to DC for a series I would love to know. I bet I can get a "Fatso" sign into the stadium and get it on camera.

Stan M

The WS rings he personally designed left something to be desired in good taste if you recall. He seems to equate clutter and things that shine with culture as he sees it. But then he did a marvelous job of holding Ali up in that golf cart last year and that said an awful lot about him right there.

y 2 cents

I thought it was samsonette that is in charge of hiring the attractive young ladies


As Gordon Gekko stated..."greed is good"....which seems to be the #1 priority with Mr. Loria. Its fun to see the new talent make improvements but the pattern of this Owner/FO is to develop them for other teams. The players seem to acknowledge that. I expect Jose Fernandez to be out of here within 2 seasons baring injury. His agent Scott Boras, knows there is no long term future with this current owner.


Fatso makes Gordon Gecko look like Steven Jobs. This is a crazy fantasy to possess, however, I met Robin Fricker(The guy who stood behind the visitor's bench at Washington Bullets games and heckled throughout) at a Nats-Marlins game last year and he went after Guillen while I concentrated on Eduardo Perez. It would be great if I could catch up with fricker at a Nats-Marlins game that Chubby is attending. Now that would be a fun time. We would be no physical threat to Chubby ,however, what Fricker and I are capable of verbally leveling would be mind boggling. Now they might eject me but ain't nobody in DC who is ejecting Fricker for verbal abuse directed towards a piece of flotsam like Chubby.

Slap Johnson

This is what MLB deserves thinking South Florida would ever support a baseball team. Laughable and so predictable. I never thought there could be a worse owner than Huizenga but Loria has proven everyone wrong.

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