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Nolasco trade to the Dodgers reportedly "imminent"

CBSSports.com, FOXSports.com and MLB.com are among the news agencies reporting that the Marlins have a deal in place to send pitcher Ricky Nolasco to the Dodgers as early as Saturday evening.

According to the reports, the Dodgers would absorb Nolasco's remaining $11.5 million salary for this season and likely send the Marlins three minor-leaguers.

A few teams including the Dodgers were rumored in recent weeks to be interested in Nolasco, 30, who is 5-8 with a 3.85 ERA this season in 18 starts.

Nolasco would fit in the Dodgers rotation behind Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Hyun-Jin Ryu.

Nolasco is the Marlins' all-time leader in wins (81), games started (197) and innings pitched (1,225 2/3).


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Dodgers trade pitchers Steve Ames.Josh Wall and Angel Sanchez for Nolasco

Marlin Fan

I know this was a salary dump, but at least get one decent prospect

Camera Mike

I just looked up stats for Ames, Wall, and Sanchez and it looks like our fears have been realized. All three of them don't seem to be any better then what we already have. I think Stan was right in wanting to go for younger players who might have more upside. Plus both relievers are right handed so we still,only have Dunn and Jennings as lefties in the pen and no leftie starters.

Rob M



What the Hell will he trade Stanton for when the time comes? The man could at least have started a bidding war between the teams in that division so as to get something of value. Just look at the records and the ages of these culls.This is beyond pathetic.


Remember when this happened to us before. Well, it's happened again. None of these "prospects" will ever be major leaguers.

Stan M

These are not prospects. They are throw ins. Both Ames and Wall are already 25. I know the PLC is a hitter's league, but their numbers are pathetic. Ames has given up 45 hits in 34 innings and the league is hitting .317 against him. Wall has a 5.60 ERA and has giving up hits at a .270 rate. I was a little enthused with Sanchez, he is listed as their #8 prospect. However, this speaks more to their depleted minor league system than to his talents. He has Ked 80 in 82 innings, but his record is 2-7, his ERA is 4.80 and the league is hitting .273 against him. Then the clincher; he's 23 YO and only in low A ball.
I believe it was Thomas Carlyle who said, "Lower thy denominator, blockhead" and that should be the credo of us Marlin fans. This trade looks so bad that I wouldn't be surprised if the Dodgers not only ate Nolasco's salary, but also threw in some gelt as well.
Did we also get some box tops and/or green stamps? I can't wait to see what the experts have to say.
Great news about Fernandez making the All Star team even if it was by default.

Stan M

Here is Keith Law's scathing evaluation of the trade:


Stan M

Sorry, Wall is 26, not 25 YO. An interesting tidbit. In 6 games at the ML level, he gave up 17 hits in 7 innings and his ERA was over 18.00. I found that the Dodger's #19 prospect is a fellow named Bob Rasmussen. Wonder who originally signed him a couple of years ago. Didn't we trade him for a statue who played 1B and was washed up?
Please, no more trades. Not at this rate anyway.

Camera Mike

It is beyond obvious Loria was only interested in getting a team to pick up Ricky's salary and didn't give a damn what we got back in return. This trade fills me with dread ove what will happen with the current young talent we do have.

Is it wrong that I am starting to hope for Loria to get hit by an asteroid?

my 2 cents

beinfest said he is very happy with the three arms they got in the Nolasco trade. what that means in loriaeese is we unloaded $5.5 million of payroll. we would unload more but MLB has a minimum per player on the 25 man roster


Dear clark It is great to see a marlins beat writer that is part of the marlins front office. this was a bad trade in which the marlins not only gave away a starter to save money but also showed they will not spend money internationally. in a trade that will bring two releivers under team control for a few years so they can continue to dump salary in webb and dunn. not once have they made a deal in which they improved the club in anyway besides saving money. the owner should be cast in the next major league movie with Charlie sheen being signed from a Cuban coffee shop in calle ocho . please grow a pair and start chastising this team for what they are doing atleast you will have some journalistic credibility.


It is sad to see another Marlin be traded for nothing in return. I have been watching Nalasco for several years and again another veteran Marlin is gone and for what? I hope Nalasco finds that working for another club is satisfying because this organization is horrible for moral both players and fans. When I heard about the rumors I thought here we go again insult to the player and gain for profits. why can't we trade the source of all the decision making that has caused many disappointments over the years. he should stick to the art and stop meddling in the creating a discounted baseball team making his pocket bigger. Good luck to Nalasco and I hope he is able to go work knowing he has the support of an organization behind him unlike Loria.

Cleveland Spider

Nolasco is not worth the salary he is making. I think 11.5 million per year is too much to pay an inconsistent pitcher like Nolasco. He is a # 4 starter on a good team. There is no future for him with the Marlins and he was going to walk after this year. The Marlins have an impressive stable of young pitchers: Fernandez, Evoaldi, Turner, and Alvarez are all going to be front line starters by next year. Andrew Heaney has been dominant in the Minors and will push for a starting role next year. So, no room for Nolasco's inflated salary.

I despise Loria but I cannot blame him for this trade. I don't really care about the value that we got back for Nolasco. What did we expect to get for him? Hopefully, one of the prospects becomes a bullpen arm but I would not expect much from this trade. Now if the Marlins trade Stanton, then that will really upset me and I will be the first one on this blog calling out Loria.


Great trade. This will position the Marlins to succeed in the future!


With multiple teams after Nolasco . the demand was there once again they went with the salary dump instead of the overall improvement of the team. If it was about the future than younger low a ball players that won't be exposed in the rule five draft next year or one prospect in someone's top five that can contribute in the next year or two. the deal was made to remove two more pieces of this bullpen before they get expensive if the marlins are saving money why not spend it on the future where's moran (not signed) wheres an international free agent a young rotation now can mean a disaster next year not all pitchers pan out after there first two years so the trade stunk period. Stanton deal may turn out just as bad as Cabrera's the longer he stays his value will fall and when loria has to pay his first year of arbitration it's time to go. and whith the past salary dumps with no value the teams will line up with low ball offers.


To make matters worse, I think the Marlins gave the Dodgers part of their international signing allotment. Even knowing it was going to happen doesn't make this crap any easier to take.

Stan M

A few nice things to say(for a change):
*Cody Ross went 5 for 5 last night...good for him
*Nolasco was a perfect gentleman and teammate through all of this turmoil and went to team of choice near his home in Southern California...good for him
*Anabel Sanchez hah a good outing and seems to he over his injury...good for him
*Reyes has been red hot since his return...good for him
*Through stinginess rather than skill, our team is not saddled with any veteran players with untradeable salaries like other teams are saddled with:
Pujols went 2 for 4 to raise his BA to .247
Hamilton went 2 for 6 to raise his BA to .229
BJ Upton went 2 for 5 to raise his BA to .176
Justin Upton went 1 for 6 and is hitting .247
Thank God Loria is cheap in these instances. The door for a positive improvement is in front of us. Only problem is the chubby obstructionist blocking it.


Dear Juan V, Thank you for the great comments. Don't count on "any" being grown in the future. If they have not been grown by now, They will NEVER be grown.

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