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Slowey heads to DL with right forearm discomfort

Kevin Slowey is headed to the disabled list after leaving Saturday's game with discomfort in his right forearm, Marlins manager Mike Redmond said.

"He was loosening up down there and his forearm kind of tightened up on him and he wasn't able to go," Redmond said. "Him being our long guy we had to make a move."

Slowey, who came out to warm up in the third when starter Tom Koehler was struggling, didn't record in an out for the first time in his career when he gave up three hits and three runs against the Rockies his last time out earlier this week.

Slowey spent the majority of this season in the Marlins' rotation, going 1-6 with a 4.21 ERA in 14 starts.


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Lee Stoops

How about Headley up and into the rotation from Jupiter and Koehler to long relief? Headley's Jupiter numbers are a lot like Fernandez was putting up last season and the Marlins could use a lefty starter. Note: Headley is yet to allow a run in July!

Unrelated question: With Stanton on first and second with no outs last night, and the Marlins trailing by a single run, why didn't Solano bunt them over to second the third? (He hit into a rally-killing DP instead)

Lee Stoops



Who the hell is Headley? Maybe you mean Heaney, 'cause that's the only thing close.


OK, so maybe Stanton has a Hanley like ON switch too. OPS close to 900 & I'm awakening from my slumber.

Stan M

You should never agree with me again...or maybe you should if you are superstitious. We reverse jinks Stanton. Ever since we agreed that he has poor pitch selection. he has killed the ball. Who should we knock next? Marisnick needs help.


Wow..Loria's hand picked choice for hitting coach Tino Martinez forced to resign after game ,accused of abusive behavior toward players. Another fine Loria hiring , a la Ozzie.


Minor league field coordinator John Pierson will be new hitting coach


Dude, this effing organization can't do anything right. How in the hell did this incident go unreported. Apparently this involved Detreich. Wonder what, if any, the incident had to do with his demotion.


Tino the Tampa Strangler accused of choking Dietrich and challenging other players to fight...way to go,Loria.


Show me on the doll where Tino Martinez touched you.


Loria plans to hire NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner as the head/nose of Marlins pubic relations,as soon as the Weiner is available,which could be any day now.

just the facts

Whoopy freakin do. The Marlins cant hit worth a crap, no matter who the hitting coach is.

Stan M

Does anyone besides me think that Fernandez has lost 10-20 pounds?


jose veras for danry Vasquez. wish the marlins could of pulled that one of. flav I know olt has had vision problems but they also got Ramirez a pitcher that would rank higher than sanchez and two other players on the Garza deal and olt has been hitting lately isn't olt better than cox. I get to see avery romero this week here in ct. the closest a marlins farm team comes up other than Lakewood n.j so I hope he turns out a good player. didn't we have versa before what did the marlins get for him he had a good season with the fish if I can recall.


yeah...that guy above who thinks he lost weight and maybe Richard Simmons or Okra Winfrey...


All of a sudden the jerks have started showing up here again. Manny's wife must have beat the crap out of him again this morning, so he's on here to take it out on somebody else. And the creep who forgot to sign his name...well, that's caused by SWS...shriveled weenie syndrome.
And to give a polite answer to your question, Stan, no I don't think Fernandez has lost weight.


Wow, manny, that was a really, really good one. How did you come up with that so quickly?

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