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With Nolasco gone, Polanco new high man on paycheck pole

By trading Ricky Nolasco, the Marlins erased $5.7 million from their payroll ledger, which has shriveled up to near nothing over the past 12 months. With Nolasco off the payroll, the new high earner for the Marlins is Placido Polanco, who is making $2.75 million this season.

To put Polanco's salary into context, consider this: last year's major league average salary was $3.2 million. In other words, the Marlins don't have a player on their roster making the league average.

Technically, the player the Marlins are paying the most to this season ($4 million) is Heath Bell. The Marlins agreed to pick up $8 million of the $20 million owed to Bell for 2013 and '14 when they traded him last October to Arizona.


The deadline to sign draft picks is 5 p.m. Friday, and the Marlins are more optimistic about signing their top pick, Colin Moran, than they are their third-round choice, high school infielder Ben Deluzio. Deluzio is reportedly leaning toward attending Florida State even though the Marlins offered him the recommended slot amount for the 80th overall pick: $681,000.

Negotiations are ongoing with both players, and it could go down to the wire, just as it did with Andrew Heaney, the Marlins' first-round pick last year. Moran, the sixth overall pick, is one of only five first-round picks that has yet to sign. The Marlins offered the third baseman from the University of North Carolina the recommended slot amount of $3.52 million.


Though nothing has been finalized, manager Mike Redmond said that when the Marlins return from the All-Star break, they'll likely position Jose Fernandez at the back end of the rotation to give him extra rest.

Fernandez has thrown 98 2/3 innings so far and the Marlins intend to cap his innings total at no more than 170 innings. Despite the limitations on the rookie, Redmond said he hopes that Fernandez is given a chance to pitch in the All-Star Game.


Redmond said that Chris Coghlan could be cleared Thursday to resume baseball activities. Coghlan is scheduled to return to Texas that day to see the back specialist who has been treating him. Coghlan has been on the disabled list since June 9 with right calf nerve irritation.


As long as it doesn't rain -- and there doesn't appear to be any in the forecast -- the roof will remain open tonight at Marlins Park. That's good news for the Atlanta Braves. The Marlins are 0-12 this season with the roof open. It'll be the first time the Marlins have played a July game in their home park with the roof open.

Tonight's lineups:

Marlins: 1. Justin Ruggiano, lf; 2. Ed Lucas, 3b; 3. Giancarlo Stanton, 3b; 4. Marcell Ozuna, cf; 5. Logan Morrison, 1b; 6. Adeiny Hechavarria, ss; 7. Derek Dietrich, 2b; 8. Jeff Mathis, c; 9. Kevin Slowey, p.

Braves: 1. Andrelton Simmons, ss; 2. Jason Heyward, rf; 3. Justin Upton, lf; 4. Freddie Freeman, 1b; 5. Brian McCann, c; 6. Dan Uggla, 2b; 7. B.J. Upton, cf; 8. Chris Johnson, 3b; 9. Mike Minor, p.

Umpires: HP -- Dan Iassogna; 1B -- Mark Carlson; 2B -- Brian Knight; 3B -- Gerry Davis.


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I brought out last week that Loria might not sign 1st Pick. I was in error. He might not sign 1st, 2nd or 3rd round picks. That would have to be a first in Major League Baseball, even though many across the land do not consider the Marlins to be Major League in any way. Does the Marlins roster make as much as Josh Hamilton? Hell, do they make as much as Vince Scully?


Heath Bell - the gift that keeps on giving.


So Sad!!! The DP in the last 1/2 inning and then the reemergence of Chris Hatcher. At this point the mean streak is out in me and I hope they put a 7 spot on the board and start this kid out with a 63.00 era. for the year.


Now it's like watching the train derail. You know you should avert your eyes. There is something in human nature that dictates when you are abused by an entity that you desire said entity to be subjected to similar pain. Chris Hatcher is not a bad person. It's just like putting a kid who flunked physics in high school in the Southwest to take over for Robert Oppenheimer. These guys don't belong in the Major Leagues and yet we have them foisted upon us by a fat cretin who can tell the difference between a Monet and a Manet.


Well I guess now know who Chris Hatcher is eh! More constipation.


Lou, we'd be lucky if 5% of baseball fans have ever heard of Oppenheimer. Unfortunately probably as anonymous as Mr. Hatcher
Thank god for google.

Stan M

Two things, besides that horrendous outing by Hatcher struck me while watching this game. The most obvious was LoMo's appearance. Is it my imagination, or is this guy 20 pounds overweight? If so than it is incredibly irresponsible of him. I think it was Glags who said that no one comes back from two such critical knee operations adequately. He should keep as much weight off as possible. Where are his advisors if this is so? The second observation concerned a small but critical point in the early extra innings. Dietrich, who displays excellent power despite other shortcomings was up with one out and had a 3-0 count by the league's best closer. He took the cripple pitch right down the middle. Why? A walk would have brought up Mathis and the pitcher's spot. I think he should have been swinging from his heels to end the game right there. With that pitcher , he surely wasn't going to get a better pitch to hit next. Made no sense to me.

Clark S.

Hatcher was optioned following the game. No word yet on who they're calling up -- Clark S.


Stan--TREMENDOUS point on the 3-0 count--by the way, let's never be enemies again---I was thinking "We have one chance if he serves a room service fastball up there about waist high", and that is exactly what he did and they got the take sign. He then swings at an unhittable fastball on the inner part. There is no way the rest of that batting order as constituted would drive him in that inning. Will one writer have the brains to question that?

Stan M

The old says goes that minor leaguers are often brought up for a "cup of coffee". Let's hope that Hatcher's was of the instant variety.


This should be a life defining event for Hatcher. Some guys never get a chance, he did, and he blew it. Game, Set, Match. Let him be a career minor league, Triple A roster filler or he can get on with his life. I suggest the latter.


Bring 'em up and see what they can do.

Marlin Fan

Only than the Hatcher disaster , bullpen and starting pitching did well. Some poor AB's by a lot of Marlins. Also some poor execution in the St Louis series , could have pulled out some of those close games . Moral victories don't cut it anymore .


They will lose 105 games this year and then draw
650,000 next year.. ugh

Flav C.

Last week the Marlins beat the Braves and Mike Minors using a very simple but efficient tactic: Redmond shored up the lineup with right-handed batters, since scouting showed very clearly that Minors has been dominating lefties this season and was not as good against righties.

In that game, Polanco and Solano replaced Logan and Dietrich in the lineup. Lucas moved to 1B, Polanco on 3B and Solano 2B. Another reason why Polanco and Solano were in the lineup last week was due to the fact that both combined for a .400 bat avg against Minor.

The result was pretty good: They combined for 2 hits (including a 2B by Solano), reached base 3 times and scored 3 runs.

Looks like this formula was not good enough for Redmond, who benched both players and opted for two lefties in the lineup instead (Logan and Dietrich) who were 1 for 11, and left 7 on base.

C. Stengel

Saw Redmond at the mall today,buying a book. Managing For Dummies.


Very childish attempt at humor, Stengel.


Redmond never walked in a book store in his life.

Stan M

Marisnick could probably play for this team right now. Who couldn't? But the sooner he comes up, the sooner he's gone, so I don't see the point of it.

Sunny Dee

Anyone think Loria is going to reinvest the money he saved by shipping off Nolasco?


Of course. Just like always.


rbleigh..Just noticed your comment about Robert Oppenheimer. You must be very young.


I was curious so I went to Yahoo sports and did the math. The current Marlins roster makes a combined 18,300,000. Josh Hamilton makes 17,400,000. Don't have to be Euclid to know something is out of whack.And for anyone who may continue to have a glimmer of hope, what will you do if the Friday deadline passes and the 1st and 3rd round picks are not signed. I came on in a very bellicose manner a few months ago and unreasonably lambasted people who continue to follow this team, all I will say know is if an entity gives you absolutely no hope for the future by the same insistence on a "business Model", you are under no compunction to continue to give said entity your loyalty. If Friday comes and goes and they fan on 1st 3 picks, I am out of here and you can continue to read the astute commentary of some very intelligent people.


Lou...How much of that is Ozzie G getting?

big marlin fan

sadly for Hatcher, he has been up for a bit in each of the past three years. he has been very consistent in all three years. given up lots of hits, including home runs, and lots of walks.

Marlin Fan

Lou , if the 1st and 3 rd don't sign , I believe they have other options ? I know it's a dream come true to get signed , but do you think that the marlins past history of management , and present for that matter , influences or affects possible picks ?

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