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Rocky Mountain High: Yelich, Marisnick on their way up

     DENVER -- Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick -- two of the most promising young prospects in the Marlins' farm system - will make their way to the Mile High City on Tuesday and then make their big league debuts.

      Yelich, the Marlins' #2 ranked prospect by Baseball America, will start in left with Marisnick in center.

      To make room for the two outfielders, the Marlins optioned infielder Derek Dietrich and outfielder Marcell Ozuna to Double A Jacksonville.

      "I want to make this really clear, that the offensive woes of this team I don't want attributed to them," said Larry Beinfest, president of baseball operations, in making the announcement. "That's not why this is happening. Those kids did an incredible job. We rushed them here to the big leagues out of need. They had almost no Double A experience, and they did a great job for us."

      But it was clear in watching their at bats in Milwaukee that Dietrich and Ozuna were struggling badly, often swinging at pitches far out of the strike zone.

      "We just thought it warranted a time to go down to the minor leagues and work on some offensive things on both their parts," Beinfest said. "We asked a lot of them, putting them in the middle of the lineup. They're part of our future, and part of our future is coming as well."

      The Marlins have had high hopes for Yelich after since they drafted him in the first round in 2010. They acquired Marisnick, a skilled defensive outfielder, among a package of players in the blockbuster deal with Toronto last November.

       Yelich was hitting .277 with seven homers and an OPS of .882. He recently started in the Futures Game at Citi Field and had a pair of hits. Marisnick was hitting .295 with 12 homers and an OPS of .861.

       "This is a good time to bring them and let them have the experience," Beinfest said. "As a general rule, we don't like sitting young players, and they're not coming here to sit."

       Manager Mike Redmond confirmed as much, saying the two newcomers would be in Tuesday's starting outfield with Giancarlo Stanton.

       The Marlins will have to make room for Yelich and Marisnick on the 40-man roster, most likely with players already on the disabled list, Beinfest said.

       In the photo below, courtesy of the Jacksonville Suns, Yelich and Marisnick are congratulated by their teammates before heading off for Colorado to join the Marlins. Marisnick


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and the wheels keep on churnin they rush them up. use up options than trade them for nothing life of marln prospect

Former Season Tckt Holder

Great news on Yelich and Marisnick! Now if only Loria can sell the team and makes us all happy! Go Marlins! F-Loria


Rush your two top prospects into the limelight! This is like Ruggiano swinging from his heels, hoping to smack one over the fences. It could expose two fine ball players before they are ready, or result in a home-run if they perform well. Better hitters were in dire need, as Ruggiano and Pierre are not coming through, and the defense should not suffer, but this may turn out to be another dumb move by our GM.

Sunny Dee

I know Ozuna has been struggling as of that (as have ALL of the Marlins hitters), but of all the regular starters he has the highest batting average. Of course, he went 2 for 3 last night. Why not send Ruggiano down or get rid of him to make room?

Stan M

My opinion is that the team has done the exactly right thing with these moves. The two rookies have had moments when they showed what we can expect in the future. However, both needed to make some adjustments and they are better made in AA where the talent is thinner. It's about 5 weeks until the rosters expand in September and both should return then. We've seen their highlights and both are very much in this team's future.
The two call ups also make perfect sense. Management will have the next 65 games to determine if they are ready to stay as permanent members of the team. Both have been hot lately and each and every pundit who has watched Yelich has returned glowing reports. There is some concern about his performance against LH pitchers. We'll soon learn. Marisnick , while a little less advanced will certainly be an improvement over Ruggiano and before too long we will also learn if his batting can remain consistent. What the team does to open spots for them is not clear. My hope is that Pierre is either traded or possibly made some sort of coach. I'm really sad to hear of Coghlan being transferred to the 60 day DL. The Yankees are desperate for hitting and need both an outfielder and a third baseman. They've got 2 good catching prospects. I'd like to see the Marlins move Ruggiano and Polanco, neither of whom is in the team's long term plans. This team is now in a position when a prospect or two could be included, in order to nail one of those Yankee catchers, provided he hits right handed.

jack handy

Alright Beinfest thanks for giving the 8 Marlins fans something to cheer about


Who's gonna give us anything for Polanco and Ruggiano?
To me, the Marlins just got a little more boring with Ozuna and Dietrich gone. A yawner of a season just got even more ridiculous.


@ Sandstorm

The season became more of a yawner by bringing up the Marlins top two prospects? Dietrich and Ozuna are great, and I cant wait to see them next year, but they're nowhere near the same talent level of the the two coming up. Now I actually want to watch the games more.


Things are moving in the right direction.

The foundation is being pretty well in my view.

Nothing wrong with letting the young guys get a taste of the SHOW!


Loria contines to 'mess' with the young players!!


@fishyfish...glad you want to watch you will move the TV ratings to a quarter of a point plus 1. Tip..mute the sound and listen on the radio to avoid hearing the pathetic A-Dub social media crap and irrevelent nonsense.


Loria and his sycophants make me sick as a fan of the game.

But worse is that Baseball allows this guy to own a franchise.


fishyfish...I noticed you didn't say you wanted to actually go to any of the games. Me neither. Yes the Marlins just got more boring. This is one case where I truly hope I am wrong, but I can't see it. If you want to get rid of the players who are struggling, send down ALL the position people and bring up all new people.

Stan M

How in the world is it boring to get to see our top two hitting prospects at once? Yes, this year is in a sense boring because it was a given that we weren't going anywhere. However, it holds interest to some in that we are seeing the formation of our 2014 team and beyond. We are all pretty confident of our three young starters. But look what happened in the last two games. Our #s 4 and 5 starters were terrific. This team resides in a huge ballpark where pitching and defense will be of paramount importance...and we seem to have the pitching. This team has few positions where it can be improved. I'd like to see two more middle relievers and a right hand hitting catcher and next year third place is a good possibility and watch out after that. We will actually be in a position where we can trade some of our prospects because the ML team is so young. Sans Loria, of course! Maybe we should all get together and swear we saw him loading up on PEDS...and feeding them to pre teen females.


Stan M...I'm simply saying that I got a kick out of watching Ozuna and Dietrich play, even when they struggled. They played hard and every so often, they did something truly thrilling, such as Ozuna's throws or plays like his diving catch last night. And Dietrich played some excellent defense and was good for a long ball now and then. And I'm saying I doubt that Yelich and Marisnick will provide that same kind of excitement. That's my opinion and it's as simple as that.


here's something one pitcher with a 82-73 4.42 era 1012 k 290wlks in 1243inn and another pitcher 63-62 3.80era,927ks,371wlks in 1098 innings who would you take. if you had to take one. age is a year apart favoring the second.


goodbye gorkys hernandez taded to k.c for a shortstop batting .219 in triple a alex mclure


must be great to get light hitting short stops with great defense

oscar mayer

Would rather swear that Loria fed those pre teen females some of Samson's vienna sausage.Pre teen males more likely.

Flav C.

juanv, it all depends.

Garza has better stuff but Nolasco is more durable.

If I had to give a long-term contract, I would take Nolasco. If I had to rent an arm to contend for a pennant for a remainder of a season, I would take Garza.


interesting but would have to know a lot more about those pitchers, like where they are pitching, lefties or righties, how hard they throw, are they 24 and 25 or 34 and 35, among other things. too many unknowns to make a choice.


so why would one fetch mike olt while the marlins got bullpen arms. my point is how can they not go for top value on any deal even nolasco for dee Gordon straight up. would of been a great deal. so now they bring up prospects instead of getting a young proven mlb player yelich is great so is marsinick but would it be better if he played great at triple a like bogarts, Tavares,and other top prospects do before rushing them up then sending them down during a slump realy good confidence booster it worked well with maybin.


you can bring prospect up in a pennant chase and the team goal is grater than the one. it motivates a competitive person to perform. you bring him up in a bottom dwelling team and it stunts their growth guys like harper,trout,machado, are in a whole different level than yelich and marsinick and after seeing ozuna and dietrich head down. really puts pressure on them. I guess if you fling enough crap at the wall it is bound to stick.

Flav C.

I guess the answer is on what i mentioned on my post: Garza has better stuff as a rent-arm AND the Cubs were willing to get the remainder of his salary for the season. This is a no-brainer for any team, Garza has post-season experience and has had a below 4.00 era throughout his career. He is more valueble than Ricky.

Ricky's value is in his durability. A contending team is not looking for that right now.

Now, as far as Olts, don't be fooled. He is having a miserable minor league season, not only with his bat but with his glove. The Rangers were desperate to move him.

no juice for U

Bye Bye Gorkys...we hardly knew ye...close the book on the Gaby trade ... juicer nets zippo...

Marlin Fan

Sad to see Ozuna and Dietrich go down , as others have said Polanco,Pierre should be gone .


Ha. Wasn't sure where juanv was going with his post. Way to close the loop. I too would've hoped that the marlins would've waited a little bit more for the trade market to develop. Particularly due to the injuries in the Red Sox's rotation and bullpen. Though not likely, maybe just maybe, they would've been desperate enough to give up Checcini for Ricky and a bullpen arm and a throw in or two.

Of course, my naïveté led me to believe that they would make a baseball move as opposed to a financial move. I'm an idiot.


at least you finally admit it

Cleveland Spider

Yelich is going to be awesome. What took so long to bring him here?

Why not move Yelich to first and then put Ozuna in left and Marisnik in center. I would keep Dietrich, Coughlan and Valeika. Get rid of Morrison, Pierre, Polanco and Ruggiano. Morrison has got to be the worst first baseman I have ever seen.

I don't mean to complain because I love some of our great young players. More to come with Nicolino and Heaney.


understand the move for Yelich, but Ozune earn his spot on CF. Dietrich needs to work on making more contact. he is a young Ugla. marisnik needs to learn how to play 1b.

Camera Mike

I managed to catch the ninth inning tonight on MLB network and I'm glad I did. Bill Ripkin seemed blown away when he heard Yelich opened his career going 3-4 with 2 RBIs and when talk turned to Jose Fermandez both Ripkin and John Smoltz could not stop complimenting him. Both volunteered to being huge fans of his with Ripkin saying he could develope better stuff then Felix Hernandez. Then both Smoltz and Ripkin agreed Fernandez was the most dominating pitcher on either team at the all star game.

It most certainly has been a painful year but it was nice to hear some national press give some well deserved and truly earned praise to Jose Fernandez and Christian Yelich.

Marlin Fan

I really don't like the move sending Ozuna down . Yes he's in a slump , but he will break out of it . Unless Yelich and Marsinick are the second Trout and Harper , then Ozuna stays. He plays hard , runs the bases well, is an excellent OF and can hit . A rookie who's hitting .265 and has 32 RBI on an awful team after not being up for the first month and a half , in my opinion doesn't go down . Give Pierre his release or whatever . Sit Ruggiano for awhile . Dietrich does need work at the plate , but he too will come around . It was an impressive debut fir Yelich though .


Trade Lomo for a tool to be named later

Stan M

What a lot of great posts. Interest has returned. Yelich impressed with his bat. Marisnick impressed with his interview. Very well spoken for a young man. LoMO has been hitting everything very hard, but with little to show for it. As with everyone above, I loved the way Ozuna played. However, he hit under .200 over his last 28 games. This move should be for his own good in the long run. Someone with a tweet beat me to a comparison of Yelich. He reminds me of John Olerud with his swing. When did Dunn finally get some control? He is something else when he can find home plate. They damn sure better move Keys up to AA ball. I know I can't shut up about him, but over his last 10 games he's hitting .450 with an OBP of .532. And what is most meaningful to me with a young player, he walks over twice as much as he strikes out. One of questions asked to broadcasters last night was what will happen with Ozuna with an outfield on Yelich, Marisnick, and Stanton? Didn't they duck the question? I don't remember an answer.

Captain Obvious

the answer is Yelich plays 1B


I still miss Miguel Olivo.


Stan, Infante is pulling his Miss Petunia act in Detroit and has missed 3 weeks with a BRUISE---no structural damage------and he continued to manifest the facial expressions of a man about to undergo a prostate biopsy with no anasthesis every time he was ticked by foul tip off his foot. Do you think the Marlins could acquire anything for Polanco who the Tigers might really need with Cabrera manifesting hip flexor problems?

Stan M

No, Lou, I don't. Just relief from the remainder of his salary is the most they can hope for at this stage. If they got anyone, he would be a roster filler. Interesting that Sanchez had a great start, and the two other pitchers we got for Nolasco have done fine, but in very limited appearances.
Captain Oblivious,
LoMo is 25 years old and if healthy, he hopefully won't go anywhere. Think about it as Loria will and who will go. You don't want it to happen and neither do I, but Stanton will be the one to go and for prospects...and we don't need any more damn prospects. The better our kids do, the greater chance that Stanton is gone.

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