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After rough night behind the plate -- and at it -- Rob Brantly remains upbeat

Our college summer intern, Rohan Nadkarni, caught up this morning with Rob Brantly after a trying game, both offensively and defensively. Here's his report:

Marlins catcher Rob Brantly came to the plate in the ninth inning of Saturday’s game against the Indians with a chance to redeem himself. His ground ball out to first summed up his entire day ­– the result didn’t match the effort.

Brantly stepped into the batters’ box with runners on second and third with one out in a 4-3 game but couldn’t deliver a big hit and bring home a win.

“Those moments are what we play for,” Brantly said. “You want to do it for your teammates. You try to stay within yourself.”

The catcher didn’t necessarily stay within himself earlier in the game, and his up-and-down play ultimately benefitted Cleveland’s offense. The Indians stole six bases, and he said their aggression on the basepaths led him to be “a little overaggressive” in return.

“That was good, hard baseball,” Brantly said. “The anticipation of their aggression got me a little over-amped, and that ended up costing us a little bit.”

Brantly is referring to a throwing error he made in the third inning.

Michael Bourn started the inning by stealing second, and then he advanced to third on a wild pitch. Off the pitch, Brantly attempted to make a spinning throw to catch Bourn at third, but the ball sailed into the outfield, allowing Bourn to score.

Fortunately for Brantly, the veteran leadership of fellow catcher Jeff Mathis and manager Mike Redmond, a former catcher, helped him navigate the tough outing.

"Jeff and Red pull me aside all the time,” Brantly said. “Jeff was first on the scene yesterday, and he told me, ‘We’re going to make aggressive mistakes.’ But those are the ones you want to make.

“Yesterday was rough, but I feel like a completely different catcher from the beginning of the year.” 


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Did anyone besides me go batcrap after Dobbs stayed in the dugout while Mathis flailed away with the tying run on 2nd in the 7th? You nailed it, Redmond--that side arming right hander was not going to punch out the guy who you obviously see manifesting so much of yourself.These managers who either had no major league career(Leyland) or a mediocre career tend to favor guys who they see as "pluggers", I have another adjective for them.

Stan M

I get the impression that Redmond is managing to stay away from controversy. Very little small ball and he just seems afraid that he will make a mistake. In acting that way, he makes many mistakes in my opinion. We aren't hitting, or scoring but he still insists on playing station to station ball. Redmond is an awful tactician, but he might be great running a clubhouse, although how ho handled the Tino situation does throw some doubt in my mind about even that. I for one wouldn't be upset if we replaced him this Winter.


Stan M...Nobody with any real experience is going to come manage this team, so why get rid of Redmond for some other nobody. I think the continuity from year to year might help the young players. I'm not in favor of change just for the sake of change.

Stan M

S & W,
There is much to be said for your point about continuity. And whether the credit should go to him or our new pitching coach, he has generally gotten the most from his pitching staff while not wearing out his bullpen. The players seem to like playing for him as well. So if he stays, and he probably will, then fine. It is not that I am crying for his ouster. Rather, as I said above , I wouldn't be upset if he were replaced. I don't know if his tactical errors would bode well for a team that will be higher in the W-L column.

Here are a couple of positive articles from ESPN:



Lee Stoops

Again last night, no sacrifice bunt by Solano after a leadoff single by Morrison and the Marlins trailing by a single run. Solano fanned and then Adeiny delivered what should have been an rbi single.

Sunny Dee

It really is unbelievable that Redman refuses to play small ball. Teams that can't hit have to manufacture runs. With the way the Marlins staff is pitching, they only need a few runs to win games.

Rich&Tommys Comedy Show

Doesnt matter what the Marlins do on the field. Its all about the stadium experience,and camera 12 at the Clevelander ,twitter polls and the social media cuntessa.

Stan M

In case you missed them, here are two more positive Marlin articles:



It's pleasing to see positive stuff coming from the "knights of the keyboard" as Ted Williams used to say. I'm sick of seeing the word Marlins always preceded by "lowly", "pathetic" and other such modifiers. It's like years ago one never saw or heard the word "fat" without the adjective "ugly" before it. Political correctness stopped that in its tracks. In our times, no one earns simple money. It is always "hard earned money". Well I'd like to see phrases like "rebuilding Marlins", "surprising Marlins" and soon, "pennant winning Marlins". Anyhow, it's been a long time since we could find positive written about our team.

just the facts , ma'am

add the boring ,no scoring, coma inducing Marlins to the realistic phrases mix.


Being very PC, Dave Van Horne called the Marlins "offensively challenged" during his broadcast this weekend. That's putting it mildly.

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