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Alvarez will try to keep homer-less streak by starters alive vs. Pirates

The Marlins' starting rotation entered Tuesday's game against the Pirates, the first of a nine-game road trip, on a club-record 12-game streak of not allowing a home run.

Henderson Alvarez will try to make it 13 in a row. Alvarez has been strong since the second half began giving up only two runs in 20.1 innings (0.89 ERA). Only Giants' starter Madison Bumgarner is better (0.82) since the All-Star break.

Jose Fernandez, a key contributor to that surge, won National League Rookie of the Month honors Monday.

But before Tuesday's game, Fernandez didn't want to take sole credit for the award, acknowledging the recognition it brings to the young Marlins.

“It’s a privilege to get that [award], and it represents every man on the team,” Fernandez said. “It’s not only my accomplishment, it’s the team’s accomplishment. It’s [Jeff] Mathis calling a great game back there, it’s us making plays and getting hits.

“It’s amazing to have that support. This team is young, but I see a lot of passion on this club and we hate to lose. We just have to keep playing and I think next year, you’ll see a lot of surprises from this team. Everybody has seen that we’re playing a lot better.”

Starting lineups

Marlins (43-67): Yelich lf, Lucas 3b, Stanton rf, Morrison 1b, Solano 2b, Hechavarria ss, Marisnick cf, Mathis c, Alvarez rhp.

Pirates (67-44): Marte lf, Walker 2b, McCutchen cf, Alvarez 3b, Martin c, Jones 1b, Presley rf, Mercer ss, Locke lhp.


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Jinx the Cat

The headline jixed the homerless streak.

Jinx the Cat

make that JINXED..

Fritz the Cat

Not today Jinx.


Have you folks seen what Pittsburgh supposedly offered for Stanton, Ruggiano, and Cishek? If true, then Loria really seems to want to keep him. Whereas I don't think the Marlins need more prospects, I would have jumped all over this trade. In fact, I can't believe the rumors are accurate. Pittsburgh would have been nuts in my opinion. Here are two articles concerning the supposed offer:



Cole would have immediately entered our starting rotation, possible above everyone but Fernandez. Taillon would have become our top pitching prospect. Marte would have been our leadoff hitter and starting right fielder and is only a year older than Stanton. Allie is a 22 YO sort of wild card. He's currently done little but is said to have a tremendous potential.

Posted by: Stan M

Flav C.

The Pirates GM gave an interview to local Pittsburgh radio saying they never offered anything concrete for Stanton and never thought of breaking apart with their top prospects.


That makes more sense than these proposals, Flav. If they were true, would you have made the trade?

Did Red's managing possibly cost another game? Again he let Mathis hit with bases loaded in a late inning. Why? And if Hech bunted on orders, it was even worse. Should Stanton be moved back in the lineup to ease his tension? He's obviously a head case right now. Either that or give him a bat 6 feet long!

Flav C.


If they were true I would probably have made the trade. However, this trade would not fix the key problem this team has which is scoring runs. But maybe a surplus of good arms would be enough to bring us some good bats on a future trade.

As far as Mathis I wrote some stats on the mlb blog interesting about him, and about Stanton too:

"In his last 5 starts as catcher, Mathis has gone 0 for 17 (guess no need to calculate his bat avg), he went 0 for 8 with RISP, left 18 on base (yes, eighteen), scored no runs, drove no RBIs. But who cares, he is the "game-calling master".

Stanton in his last 7 games went 2 for 25 (yes, .080 bat avg) with 1 RBI, 10 strikeouts, left 14 on base, and went 0 for 4 with RISP. And he is still batting # 3.

Team as a total has scored 3 or less runs 73% of the time this season, so far. The favorite total of runs-scored per game is 2 runs, which the Fish scored 21% of the times they played this season.

If the Marlins scores from 1 through 3 runs in a game, their chances of winning a game are...23%, which is exactly the number of wins the Marlins had when scoring 1,2, or 3 runs in a game. If you're curious, they scored 1 run 18 times this season. And they lost all of those games.

Miguel Cabrera scored tonight his 100th RBI this season. The Marlins lineup tonight had a combined 126 total RBIs"

By the way, the JAX Suns was "no-hitted" tonight on a complete game by a pitcher of the Cubs AA affiliated.

Sunny Dee

Did anyone from the media ask Red after the game why he let Mathis hit in the 7th with the bases loaded? I don't think Red has what it takes to be a major league manager. He does not seem to be able to make adjustments to his "philosophy" (if you can even call it that) to match the talent on the team. They should be playing small ball and taking full advantage of rare situations for run scoring opportunities. That involves the use of a pinch hitter late in the game with the bases loaded and the game tied. This Marlins team isn't very good overall, but a good manager could pull out a few more wins with the pitching they have.

Sunny Dee

On another note, how about Ruggiano's current streak? I remember someone posting a very detailed analysis about how last season was an anomaly that could not have been more accurate.


Sunny, It went way beyond an "anamoly" and now Pierre remains on this roster for no apparent reason other than to hit these little flairs to left field that mesh perfectly with his spray chart


By the way, Is Stanton actually SIGHING at the plate or am I Imagining that?

 the Doors

Actually , Stanton is sighing and daydreaming about going back to Cali , while humming the words to L.A Woman.

frisaroito bandito

Loria will be proven a genius for dumping over the hill players with their bloated back ended contracts that he signed,on the sorry Toronto organization.This time Loria was the pick-pocketer,not the pick-pocketee.


Sunny Dee...Redmond DOES play "small ball" because 90 percent of the hits the Marlins get are singles. The Marlins certainly aren't playing power ball. If you're talking solely about bunting, they don't bunt more because he's stuck with a bunch of young guys who seem totally incapable of laying down a sac bunt and every time he tries it, it backfires. Last night when Hechavarria tried to bunt with two men on and nobody out, he slaps at the first pitch and pops it up. And it's hard to do much sacrifice bunting when you're in the bottom half of your batting order the minute you get past the cleanup hitter.
And who was he going to pinch hit for Mathis with a lefty on the mound? He just didn't have anybody much better. I'm as frustrated as you are, but I just don't see any ready answers. It's not bad strategy that's costing Marlins games, it's bad hitters.

Captain Obvious

really? ya think so?...you are a genius...Duh

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