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Andrew Heaney extends scoreless innings streak in Double A debut

The next rung up the ladder proved no more difficult than the one below it for Marlins prospect Andrew Heaney, who turned in six scoreless innings in his debut Thursday night for Double A Jacksonville. (Read story here.)

Heaney, the Marlins' first-round draft pick in 2012, extended his streak of consecutive scoreless innings to 33 consecutive with Thursday's performance. The left-hander closed out his stay at Single A Jupiter on a 27-inning scoreless streak before receiving his promotion papers on Wednesday. Heaney

To put Heaney's streak in some perspective, Josh Beckett delivered 30 consecutive scoreless innings for Single A Brevard County in 2001 when he was working his way up the Marlins' organizational ladder. The Marlins' big-league record for consecutive scoreless innings by a starter is 29, held by Javier Vazquez.

Heaney on Thursday held Chattanooga to three hits, walked one, struck out three, and threw 79 pitches -- 55 for strikes -- before being lifted after six. His performance follows by one day Justin Nicolino's first win for Jacksonville. The Marlins acquired Nicolino in the Toronto Blue Jays trade last November.

"I would say our pitching staff is as good as any in Double-A baseball right now," Suns manager Andy Barkett told the Florida Times-Union.

The Suns staff also includes Anthony DeSclafani, who was also acquired in the trade with Toronto.


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juan v

stan here's a few guys worth following a little bit. I just watched Batavia play a series felix munoz looked pretty good romero an amazing approach at the plate but the pitching Geronimo german great sinker 94 plus fastball,ryan newell 5 strikeout to open the game great arm. realy stood out. and this kid carlos lopez from cal st fullerton pretty much squared up everything pitched to him. didn't get to see Williams pitch but it's a fun bunch to watch

Stan M

Thank you so much, Juan. I usually follow the top 4 farm teams and only look at Batavia when Flags recommends someone. You just gave me a handful so I'd better start following that team more closely. Glad that Romero looked as good in person as his stats alone would indicate. For one so young to have a positive walk/K ratio is revealing.
It looks like Heaney is going to pass Conley and Nicolino as our top LH pitching prospect other than Flynn who might be more advanced but with less of a top side. Sonny Dee, maybe you will be right and we'll see him first if he has a few more dynamite starts.
This means nothing but that it is kind of interesting. Right now, the Marlins are closer to the Nats than the Nats are to 1st place

Snyder Vega

It's nice to hear that some of our young arms are developing and showing some future promise.
Lets hope the Marlins can be relevant despise being owned by such a horrible owner.


The Marlins will be revelant when they have their next public relations disaster,which is their specialty. They are revelant when 'laughingstock of MLB' is mentioned in the story.


Stan, It's easy to admit--because I wanted to be wrong--that I totally underestimated the things you saw with this talent. I'm up in DC for a week and they are really going after the Nats for their use of Strasberg last year when they were so close. Nats acted as if last year would be the norm for the next decade and they were wrong. Must go for it when it presents itself. They could have spread out Strasberg's starts last year and have him available for the playoffs.


stanm ,Romero has a nice fluid swing realy worth watching. I like Batavia because it gives you a quick look at the international and draft picks most of the guys from Greensboro where in Jamestown last year and I got to talk to a few of them how rough Greensboro park is anytime the wind picks up it carries a lot of balls out so as far as era and hr allowed it is difficult to gauge.the only thing I see lacking is power besides ozuna . rosa is not bad he definitely works out a lot so hopefully he develops more power.

jiminy c.



Marlins run Polanco thru waivers today. Will anybody like the Yankees claim him?

Cleveland Spider

I really like Heaney. I think that he will be in the starting rotation next year. Our starting pitchers will be awesome next year.

Tommy Hutton should shut up. He is complaining about the Marlin fans not coming to see Fernandez. Tommy for what? Fernandez will never see a multi-year contract from the frugal Loria. This team in dead last in the division and 25 games under 500. Loria has destroyed baseball in S. Florida and there is no hope as Stanton, Fernandez, Lomo and Yelich will be the next to go. Marlin fans just don't trust this cheap franchise. After building this owner a stadium, he turned around and betrayed the city of Miami and Marlin fans. Why should we spend our hard earned money to see a team that is last in the division and that has no future as Loria is probably already looking forward to the next fire sale.


Tommy Hutton looks and sounds like a squaking old buzzard


Spider..If Fernandez isn't going to be here long, that's even more reason for any real fan to go see him now. I saw Warren Spahn, White Ford and Bob Feller pitch when I was young among others and those are memories I'm fond of. Tommy Hutton has nothing to do with it and neither does Loria.


Make that Whitey Ford, of course.

illiterate Julio

Did Whitey Ford drive a white Ford?

Stan M

Spider, there really is no reason for a fire sale (if there is to be one) for at least 2-3 years. Loria could die, be indicted, be forced to sell, or voluntarily sell the team by than. Enjoy while the enjoying is good. Isn't it more fun to watch a bunch of kids develop than root for a bunch of overindulged veterans go through the motions. That play behind 2nd by Hech, Marisnick stealing 3B by an eyelash, Yelich getting 3 hits, LoMo have his hits finally fall in...and the Kid. We have no overpriced veterans, no contracts we are stuck with, a nucleus of fine young major leaguers, and a terrific bunch of prospects. Our big trade with Toronto has proved to be a godsend and as much as we all hate Loria, he was actually right about the damn trade. Things can't get much better than they are right now.

Stan M

Dear illiterate one,
Whitey Ford lived in a development called Roxbury in my home town of Glen Cove on LI as a young player. I walked right by him one afternoon as he took his golf clubs out of his trunk at the course where I caddied for many years. He damn sure didn't drive a Cadillac in those days. But Roy Campanella did. It was a huge convertible with gigantic fins and we'd often see it around town. He had a waterfront home on Morgan's Island directly across from J.P. Morgan's old mansion and about a mile from the Russian compound where Molotov and his other henchmen resided.

Irv in Delray

Hutton needs to be put out to pasture. He sounds like an old cranky whining Yenta. I oughta know as I've been married to one for 42 yrs.


Irv...She's obviously one very lucky woman to have a man like you.

Irv in Delray

you betcha, Putz

Stan M

Did you ever see Ewell "the whip" Blackwell pitch? I tell my son stories about him. Perhaps the most feared pitcher ever. Not only was he good , he was mean. He stepped toward 3rd base and side armed everything. Eventually blew his arm out with that motion, but for a few years in the late 40s he was something else. Came within one out of duplicating the double no hit feat. I searched the net and couldn't find a clip of his motion. Any RH hitter back in those days genuinely feared going up against him.

Methuselah's recollections

tell us about the times you saw Ruth pitch for the Red Sox


Stan..Never saw Blackwell pitch but I remember him from when I was boy. Eddie Stanky broke up his bid for his second no-hitter in a row. He was a great pitcher but a terrible racist who hated J. Robinson.

Cleveland Spider


You seem to forget that Stanton and Lomo are up for arbitration soon. That means that Loria is going to have to open up his wallet soon. I am guessing that Stanton will be gone next year. Hopefully, we can strike gold with a trade. I still remember that Miguel Cabrera disaster where we ended up with garbage in return.

My point is that you cannot blame fans for not wanting to go to games. What Loria pulled after the city of Miami built him a stadium was disgraceful. He does not deserve for fans to line his pockets up with money. We deserve better than Loria. I am proud of Miami fans for not showing up to games; we showed him!


Spider...Nobody showed Loria anything. He knew exactly what would happen with the fans and he doesn't care because he's making money hand over fist with revenue sharing, TV rights, tax incentives, spinoff to his other businesses and so on. Plus, he has a new half-billion-dollar stadium to add value to his portfolio, courtesy of the taxpayer. If you think Loria cares whether or not you spend your 50 bucks for a seat, you're kidding yourself.

Cleveland Spider

All great points smith&wessonoil. Baseball is the worse run sport in the U.S. The sport should not allow Loria to do what he is doing.

All that being said, it is a matter of principal with me. I refuse to put my $ 50 bucks in Lorias' pocket. At the very least he is being embarrassed with an empty stadium every game. If fans show indifference in S. Florida to the Marlins then maybe baseball will step in as they realize that they have lost the MLB market here (at least that is my hope).

Stan M

Spider, Yes I did consider arbitration. Remember Loria just saved several millions trading Nolasco and both Polanco and Pierre will come off the payroll. Therefore he will lose little with next year's payroll. I don't think it will happen, but let's say Stanton is traded. I would hope Beinfest would seek a young front line catcher such as Wieters or LaCroy in trade. The man is no fool and this team probably has better prospects than could be acquired. Then the Marlins would be immensely improved at catcher and have an outfield composed of 3 from Coghlan, Yelich, Ozuna, Marisnick, or Keys. That would not be a terrible drop off in batting talent because catcher is a horrible hole in the lineup right now. And that is a worse case scenario. Relax and enjoy all of the new hope that this team is showing.


Stan, I imagine Wieters would coming up for FA real soon. I for one do not want to see another signing for show and then trade the guy after a year or less on said contract. This org is well known for that, see: Lo Duca, Lowell, Delgado, Bell, Reyes, and Buehrle. And I'm sure there are others that I can't think of right now.


What this team needs is a guy like Dustin Pedroia, a solid bat up the middle who plays hard nosed and is a leader for others. Hopefully Yelich can develop into that. And of course they really need Moran to develop and pan out.

Stan M

rbleigh, I see Marisnick more of the type player that you describe. Yelich is immensely talented, but more placid...in my opinion. 3 years down the road I see Avery Romero at 3B if Dietrich pans out at 2B. If not, than Moran at 3B and Romero at 2B. Right at this moment, if I had to guess who had the better up side, I'd pick Romero over Moran.
Anyone watching the game could see right away that bad things were about to happen if Jennings wasn't pulled right away. Why can't the professionals see that as well? Why do they wait till things get out of hand. Bradley's defense was a killer. His throw to 3rd cost one run and his position for Marisnick's throw at the plate cost another. And no one can know how his past balls affected Turner's approach when throwing a low pitch.

Cleveland Spider

I agree that Brantly has been a disappointment. As terrible as Mathis is with the bat, he does a great job with the young pitching staff and is great defensively. You can tell a big difference in the way the team plays when Mathis is in. Less errors, pitching seems to be better, etc. I cringe when I hear that Brantly is playing.

I am hoping that Loria keeps Stanton and that he is willing to add one veteran bat (Martin Prado 3B) to stabilize the line up. Yelich, Stanton, Prado, Morrison, and Ozuna/Marisnik would be pretty good 2-6 in the line up. I love our front 4 pitchers of Fernandez, Turner, Eovaldi, and Alvarez. I truly think that Andrew Heaney could be the final piece to the starting rotation next year. The bullpen also has some good arms and is very close to being stellar. If all these things happen the Marlins could surprise people.

Chief Wahoo

Marlins will surprise people when they get a legimate clean-up hitter.

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