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Arquimedes Euclides Caminero: A Mathematician's Kind of Ballplayer

ArchimedesFinally. A big-league baseball player mathematicians can call their own. Well, sort of.

Arquimedes Euclides Caminero, the Marlins' 26-year-old rookie reliever, is named for a couple of super-ancient Greek mathematicians: Archimedes and Euclid.


"My father saw the names in an algebra book and liked them," said Caminero, who has put up some good numbers so far with the Marlins after getting called up last week.

Caminero, a native of the Dominican Republic, has made three relief appearances, allowing only two hits while striking out three. Euclid

Caminero said he is the youngest of eight children. His father, who works in construction in the Dominican, flew to South Florida on Wednesday and saw his son pitch in the majors for the first time. Caminero didn't disappoint, pitching a 1-2-3 ninth for the Marlins while striking out the Dodgers' Juan Uribe and Carl Crawford.

Caminero said friends and family back in the Dominican call him "Kiko" while his baseball teammates shorten his last name, as they so often do, and call him "Cami."

But he prefers Arquimedes, even though it takes a bit of practice to pronounce.

"I like my name," he said.

For you budding scholars out there, Euclid is known as the "Father of Geometry" while Archimedes devised a formula ("Archimedes' Principle") that determines the volume of an irregular shaped object using water displacement.

As for me, the only thing I remember from Ms. Lewis' 8th-grade algebra class was a squared + b squared = c squared.

Or maybe that was Mrs. Harmon's high-school geometry class...



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Zeus Van Poe

Naming your kid after names found in text books is a novel idea. My son's name is going to be Hercules Van Poe. He'll be somebody.

Stan M

With nothing going on except losing, maybe some of you would like to comment on the idea that the Marlins might chase this latest Cuban star, a mid 20YO slugging first baseman. Evidently the cost would be in the 40 to 50 million dollar category. My opinion is that the money can be well spent in several other areas. Replacing LoMo isn't critical to this team's success but getting a good catcher, and/or signing Stanton long term is. (and we could also debate that next) There are many good baseball minds on this blog an I'd love to hear other opinions.


My opinion, Stan...we can discuss it all we want, but the Marlins are not going to spend that kind of money on anybody, especially an unproven talent like Abreu, who definitely does not look like another Cespedes or Puig. The Marlins aren't going to spend $40-$50 million on their entire roster next year. If they were going to spend a little, I'd rather take about half of that $40 million and go after a catcher, a 3B and some bullpen help. Our bullpen looked great earlier in the year but right now it's showing some glaring holes.

Sunny Dee

I'm not sure how much Loria is willing to spend, but assuming he is I think they should take a chance on him. Lomo is decent, but I don't think the Marlins should be satisfied with the production they are getting out of the first base position (or any position other than starting pitching). They need to get the best players available (at their budget) regardless of position. Sometimes you have to take a gamble, but if Abreu lives up to his potential he will make up for the money spent with an attendance boost.


From what I've heard, this Abreu is a really lousy defensive guy who's best suited for the DH. I'd really hate to waste a lot of money on him when we could get several proven players for the same amount. Plus, if you are talking about an attendance boost because Abreu is Cuban, it hasn't worked out that way with Fernandez, who is spectacular, or Hech.


If the where interested in signng Cuban players they would of signed Daniel alvarez 24 for the 800 thousand the orioles gave him he already moved up to high a and was batting .400 in 56 at bats. it is just for publicity they get involved. and when the bids come in they say how the other team overpaid. quite frankly as long as this team continues this way the bigget acquisition they are getting next year would be resigning Austin kearns.

El Gordo

Marlins would get more people to their games if they gave away free Cuban food instead of signing more Cuban players.



Stan M

My feeling is that with LoMo we can expect at least a .280BA and about 20HRs. At 3B we can expect a .260BA and about 6-8 HR and at catcher we can expect about a .200BA and about 3-5 HRs. So that kind of explains where the emphasis must be.

church lady

isnt that special


You who were screaming "let's bring them up and see what they can do" got your wish and the truth is they can't do very much. It's ALWAYS a bad mistake to bring young guys up to the big leagues when they aren't ready.

Captain Obvious

Who cares if they're ready or not? Its all about the stadium experience,the Clevelander,wrestling promos, the Rich and Tommy Comedy Show,twitter polls,the social media cuntessa,the HR Sculpture,and all the other BS. A winning ball club? Fuggedabouditttt!!!


I wonder if anyone in triple a would have been better options than marsinick,or deitrich it seems like yelich can adapt but marsinick would be better served with some more seasoning, why not have Petersen or smolinski with ruggiano battle it out for the fourth spot while let marsinick have a full year at jax or nola see what happens

Flav. C

juanv, this is exactly what I pointed out a few months ago. Smolinski is a very good outfielder, and much more mature to play a season that was lost from day one.

Stan, sorry for not sharing your enthusiasm for Morrison. He will never be a .280/20 HR player. He can be one or the other. He either goes with a high bat avg and low HRs, or the opposite. And that has been happening since his minor league days.
By the way, just for reference, the ballpark he's been playing in will not help much: Since last season he's played exactly 82 games in the Marlins ballpark. Only 4 homeruns.

I am hopeful they call up Mark Canha who's been having a very good career as 1B in the minors (more specifically in JAX AA), with power numbers better than LoMo when he played in the JAX: 12% of his At Bats go for extra base hits (against 10% of LoMo)and 40% of his hits are for extra-base (against 36% of LoMo).

It would be good to see some healthy competition for 1B.

By the way, Keys made his debut in JAX today: went 2 for 4. This is just Keys being Keys.

Stan M

Great news about Keys...finally! My point with LoMo is that there are far more pressing needs. I respectfully disagree about his potential. Someone predicted he would never be effective again and so far so good. And if he ends up more of a gap hitter, that's fine in our ballpark. He's at the "break out" age according to the stat heads. It would be a shame to replace him until we find out what he can do over a healthy year. Marisnick must go down and get 150 ABs in minors. He might be the odd man out if Keys continues to prosper. We need a proponent of "small ball" and I hope Keys leads off in CF next year. I believe Smolinski used to play 2B. Neither Dietrich nor Bradly is hitting worth a damn. Moran has really caught fire and should be moved up to high A ball if he hasn't been already. Romano was moved from Batavia to low A ball. Watch reliever McGough. He was moved to AAA ball and looks like a comer. I believe he was a throw in in the Hanley trade. Might be time to rest Turner. He's getting knocked around and he's still very young. I wish Marlins would do what many other teams now feature; that is bring up kid pitchers and start them in relief. Not Flynn but some of the other kids. Realmuto has started to hit a little better and even Skipworth has improved, though slightly.

Flav C.


Dietrich is hitting .288 with 4 doubles, 1 triple, 3 HRs, and 12 RBIs in his last 15 games.

Smolinski played few games as 2B and some few others as 3B. 75% of his minor league career is as an outfielder.

The prediction about LoMo wasn't "he would never be effective again". What was said was the reality of having 2 important surgeries/procedures in the same knee will start diminishing his playing time because his knee will start swelling up as he plays more consecutive games. I'm sure you noticed that he had several "off-days" in between series. The excuse was "to rest his knee".

If he can be replaced by a 1B who plays better defensively and hits better, I would not wait until he has a full-season healthy. He won't have one.

Marlin Fan

Agreed Marisnick needsore seasoning , stop forcing the issue . Let Ruggiano finish out the year , at least he has some power and can steal bases. Lomo is good , but I believe he has been , maybe over valued ?? He's yet to play a full season , is not a great defensive player , and other than one year has shown not much power. We' LL see . let's not forget about Ozuna . I feel he's earned his spot , so Marisnick becomes a mute point next year since Yelich will probably be here to stay as well.
How does everyone feel about Coughlan playing third again?? Again maybe a mute point since he's always hurt .

Flav C.

Marlin Fan, you brought up very good points. There is no value in continuing with the "Marisnick Experiment". Just like Stan also mentioned, it would be for his own advantage to have some good amount of at-bats in the minors next season.
As far as Ozuna, some people still haven't realized how good he was playing. His last game was in July 22nd, but he still holds the 3rd best RBI scoring in the team, the 2nd most number of go-ahead hits (10), and best bat averages with RISP and with bases loaded.
Now, the most intriguing part of it all is you mentioning Coghlan and his injuries. If we remember well, Cogs, Stanton, LoMo, all came together from AA (along with Gaby Sanchez) in 2009/2010 seasons. There was a lot of positive comments about them all, young blood, great minor league results.
The truth is that, as you said, it is a mute point because we haven't seen those guys playing together a full season. We have no idea how good/bad they can be when playing all together and healthy.
Could 2014 be the year? Will the FO have the patience to wait and see, having in mind that both Cogs and LoMo are arbitration eligible next season?
Actually, if we were part of this FO, would we bet on those guys for another season?
Those are intriguing questions for the offseason.

Stan M

Flav, I could be wrong but I seem to remember you or someone else saying that no professional athlete has ever returned to form after those two knee operations. As far as rest periods go, I think they were normal for any player returning from injuries of a serious nature. LoMo is running very well, and his hitting seems to be returning to what had been expected of him. Everyone was concerned about Stanton having someone hitting behind him. Well, how about LoMo? I really like Lucas, but I'm sure everyone would agree that he's no #5 hitter. And he's seeing a plethora of LH pitchers lately.

Dr Strangeglove

Lomos strongest talent is his charity work.He's to be commended for his off the field charity work. On the field his inabilty to scoop and pick throws is very charitable to the other team.Oh well,nobodies perfect.

its a start

Hey Clark..any truth to todays Jeff Passan Yahoo piece about Loria booting Samson???? Whats up with that???


I regret that, as predicted, Marisnick needs more time in the minors. Unfortunately, this will need to wait until next year.

As he is currently the only hope at 3B on the 40 man roster, perhaps Coughlan will make it back in September and show he still belongs. Except for Kevin Kousmanov, there does not seem to be any position players any more ready than Marisnick to promote as a call-up.

burning fat

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