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Giancarlo Stanton can't explain road woes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Giancarlo Stanton has gone cold on the road.

Stanton, who once awed crowds from Colorado to California with gargantuan blasts, can’t explain where the firepower has gone when the Marlins are away from home.

“I have no clue,” Stanton said. “It’s unexplainable.”

Statistically, it’s dumbfounding.

Of the 210 major league players with at least 150 plate appearances on the road this season, Stanton’s .301 slugging percentage ranks 199th.

That’s no misprint. Stanton, who is known for his physique and pop, has a higher road slugging percentage than only 10 other players.

He’s belted only three home runs on the road -- versus 10 at home -- and two of those came in a June 17 game in Arizona. He has a .302 batting average at home but is hitting only .182 on the road. He’s hit only one homer over his past 24 road games entering Monday.

“Usually it’s the opposite,” Stanton said of his road success.

Stanton has gone 3 for 20 with only one RBI on the current road trip, and was benched for one game in Atlanta with the belief the mental break would do him some good.

“I haven’t really been right all year, so those numbers are just coincidence,” Stanton said of his road/home differential.


Former Marlins manager John Boles stopped in to chat with Mike Redmond before Monday's game at Kauffman Stadium. Boles, who is now senior advisor to the general manager for the Kansas City Royals, once managed Redmond on the Marlins.

"One of the things I learned the most from Bolesy was he was always honest, he was a straight shooter," Redmond said. "He told you exactly where you stood. It's one of the things I try to do as the manager, is I try to be honest with these guys. I learned that from him."

Boles, who managed the Marlins in 1996 and again from 1999-2001, can relate to the growing pains Redmond is now experiencing in his first year at the helm of the Marlins. Boles was in charge of the dugout when A.J. Burnett, Ryan Dempster and Brad Penny were arriving on the scene, and Josh Beckett was working his way up in the minors.

"Sounds like (they) have some good young arms," said Boles, who still follows the Marlins closely. "We didn't hit much, either."

Boles said that, with time, the Marlins should be a force again.

"It's just a matter of time," Boles said. "You've got to go through the growing pains. Once that happens, everything's roses."


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Maybe Koehler can pitch a no hitter and get us to extra innings.


I have defended Stanton with everything I have written, however, the time has come----and only because he has shown brilliance in the past---to now say he is pretty damn weak IF he has allowed the stuff occurring around him to transform him into the lost soul he appears to be right now.

Flav C.

All Marlins players invited to visit the NLBM in Kansas City and learn a little bit of history.

Aside of some FO members, only one player went to the Museum: Juan Pierre.


Flav, This is a shock? Some of these guys are so young AND ignorant of what preceeded them that I flat out guarantee there will be at least 20 of them who can't get the time frame of the Civil War within 5 years. These are pro athletes who many of us utilize to live vicariously and yet for the most part we wouldn't want to engage any of them in a conversation that did not relate to baseball.

Flav C.

Lou, I agree, this should not be a shock. But definitely sad.


Lomo was busy with A-Dub sharing a Tube-Steak brunch.


I've been watching baseball on TV since I was 8. That is 53 years and other than the early Mets this is by far the worse offense.

It is impossible to judge Stanton because teams are pitching around him and consequently he is pressing and forming bad habits.

It comes back to Loria and his staff not putting quality content on the field.

I still believe Disney should be the owner of this franchise. They understand the virtue of producing quality content and they have the funds to compete.

Loria has neither and frankly is doomed as a baseball owner. Sending email offers of $1 tickets to Marlins/Dodgers is not going to get it done.

We all know what is coming: Loria will trade Stanton and he will become a Star.

After all he already traded Babe Ruth to Detroit. And we that love the game here at the southern end of America will be left out in the cold.


Got the e-mail for the one dollar ticket deal for the Dodgers series. Pass. Sent them an e-mail back,telling them to let me know when Loria is gone.

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