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Giancarlo Stanton calls struggles "mind-blowing"

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Giancarlo Stanton is at a loss to explain his subpar season, only to say that it's been "mind-blowing."

"I usually like growing experiences, but this one I don't like," said Stanton, who was left out of the lineup Wednesday for the second time on the road trip. "When I look back at this as annoying -- as every negative word you can find for this time -- hopefully this time is the only time it'll be this long, and in this fashion."

Stanton is hitting just .237 with 13 home runs, and his eight outfield errors are tied for most in the majors. It's why Stanton says that no single number -- the batting average, the home runs, the errors -- frustrates him more than any other.

"There's no point in looking at them," Stanton said of the numbers. "There's no one thing. (It's) everything, even defense. It's just one of those mind-blowing things."

Stanton is hitting just .209 with three home runs since the All-Star break. His road slugging percentage of .296 ranks as one of the lowest in the majors. He's hitting .184 on the road after going 5 for 29 with only one RBI on the road trip.

Even more frustrating, Stanton said, is the fact he's never experienced a slump of such depth and doesn't have any history on which to find a solution.

"When you have all your checkpoints that you had built for yourself throughout your professional career, and all of those have failed... now you have to find new ones," he said. "It's one of those things where you need to figure it out."

Stanton can't put his finger on an explanation for why his season has turned sour.

"You might be telling yourself you're not thinking too much, and maybe you are," he said. "(Or) say you're not trying too hard, and maybe you are. (Or) saying you're not trying enough....there's so many things that can spiral out in a situation like this, and when you've never been in a situation like this, it's also a little more difficult to get out of."


Ramon Del Orbe, a right-handed pitcher for Single A Greensboro, is in serious condition at a West Virginia hospital after being struck in the head by a line drive on Tuesday, fracturing his skull.

"It was a line drive off the right temple, at least one fracture, possibly two," said Marty Scott, the Marlins' vice president of player development. "They've got some further tests, as well as visits with neurosurgeons, to determine whether they'll need to do surgery."

Del Orbe, 21, was struck in the head by a line drive in Tuesday's sixth inning.

Greensboro catcher Jose Behar tweeted afterward: "Prayin that my roommate/teammate/friend Ramon makes a full recovery. Took a screamin line drive to the head and suffered a skull fracture."

Del Orbe was signed by the Marlins out of the Dominican Republic and is in his fifth season with the organization.


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Stanton needs an ugly slumpbuster..A-Dub volunteers.

Sunny Dee

I was checking the current box score and it appears that Ruggiano got a hit! It is described as an "infield single to the shortstop." Did anyone see this? Is it possible that the hit should be changed to an error? If so, I expect Loria will make the call....


Two hits in first two at-bats.


who cares


You do or you wouldn't be on here, silly boy!


Enjoyed watching the segment Tubesteak swallowing with Lomo and the social media cuntess..great reality TV


Perhaps he is being politic and he does not want to be frank: I think he doesn't want to be on this team or play for Loria.

My guess is that this along with him being surrounded with team mates that have no power at all has caused bad habits.


Stanton wants to get the hell out of here and go back to Cali.




our prayers are with ramon del orbe. he is recovering from surgery and is talking and eating now




Why does Redmond continue to bat Stanton 3rd if he cant hit. Put him 5th or 6th. One of the reasons the Mrlins do not sustain a rally is Mathis hE IS 2 FOR 12 with the bases loaded. Each time he should be pinch hit for.

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