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Matt Harvey injury doesn't alter Marlins' plans for Jose Fernandez

WASHINGTON -- Though he's not technically a rookie, Matt Harvey is the pitcher that is most often compared to Jose Fernandez -- a young talent with a bright future ahead of him. The Mets' Harvey and the Marlins' Fernandez were even on the All-Star team together in July.

And it's the reason why, when the news broke that Harvey has a torn ulnar collateral ligament that could result in Tommy John surgery and cause him to miss  the entire 2014 season, thoughts turned to Fernandez and the Marlins' plans to protect their best arm from a like fate.

This much is certain: the Marlins aren't changing their plans with regard to Fernandez in the aftermath of the Harvey injury. Fernandez will make two -- and perhaps three -- more starts before the Marlins shut him down for the season. The Marlins set a 170-inning limit on the 21-year-old pitcher and are sticking to it. He has already thrown 152 2/3 innings.

"The plan's still the same with that 170-inning mark, right around there," said manager Mike Redmond, adding that there's a better chance Fernandez will make two more starts, as opposed to three, before he is put in storage.

Harvey, unlike Fernandez, pitched collegiately and, at 24 years of age, is older than his counterpart on the Marlins. He totaled 169 1/3 innings last season and has thrown 178 1/3 this season before the injury landed him on the DL.

"Anytime a guy gets hurt you think about all that stuff, their innings limit, and how you use guys," Redmond said. "It's just such a tough thing to predict. I just feel when a guy's going to go, he's going to go. You can sit there and think about how you're best going to protect the player until you're blue in the face. Guys get hurt. It's unfortunate. But it's the way it goes."

Fernandez said he continues to feel "strong" but also understands the Marlins' logic.

Fernandez said he was saddened by the news about Harvey, his division rival and All-Star teammate.

"Stinks," Fernandez said. "He's one of the best pithcers in the game. "When a guy has talent like that -- pretty amazing what he does -- you hate hearing about something like that. For me, it's something that hurts baseball."


The Marlins have moved Chris Coghlan from Jupiter to Triple A New Orleans, where he'll continue to play third base, according to Redmond. The Marlins are expected to call up Coghlan when rosters expand on Sept. 1.



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use Jose to PH w/RISP...give him a shot to drive in runs,since nobody else can

Stan M

Were you watching the game? I asked (Stan & Stan) Tommy Hutton whom he would pick for onr start among Seaver, Gibson and Carlton. He chose Carlton. He has forgotten more than I'll ever know about baseball, but I'll bet he didn't know that Seaver and Carlton went head to head either 8 or 9 times in their careers. Seaver won all but one. Hmmmm!

the Truth

Hutton as usual is being PC and biased to Carlton ,due to the fact he was on the Phillies with him. Hutton is a eunuch and has no cajones,which anyone who stiil watches the Marlins already knows.

Stan M

Whereas I think Tommy was a little prejudiced because he played with Carlton, one can't blame him. However, in my opinion, both Tommy and Rich do an excellent job of keeping the Marlin games interesting. And that is no small order. Naturally they are going to put the best light possible on events, but when a play is bunged, etc., both will point out the miscue. On Direct TV I have heard most team announcers and outside of the Met team and Scully, seem better to me and most are horribly worse. Besides, they said nice things about my son and me on the air last night and that was cool.


Tom and Rich and FSN did me a classy move several years ago after my father, who was a Marlins fan passed away. They gave him a real nice shout out while Jeremy Hermida was at bat in San Diego. He promptly hit a home run immediately after they finished speaking and they simply stayed quiet. I couldn't imagine having to call all these games as an announcer loss after loss after loss after loss. It must be difficult at times for them to stay positive.


agree that Rich and Tommy do a good job considering what they have to work with. it is unfortunate that they often have to commentate about the quality of outs being made. ie, hard line drive right at a fielder, hard ground ball, long fly that would probably be home run in Philly, etc. my only complaint about Rich and Tommy is that they often talk about food and imply that they are under privileged and not able to eat enough. don't know how much they get paid but I assume it is more than $75,000 a year. surely enough to be able to eat proper amount of food.

Stan M

Richie, agree about the food. However, most TV crews seem to do the same, probably to fill in dull space. I object more to Craig Minervini(sic) doing lengthy interviews while the game is going on. Besides that, he was far from friendly when we addressed him before a game. Granted I was asking about his dating Jerry Cooney's sister (the former heavyweight boxer). On the other hand, Rich came up to us and talked for about 10 minutes.


Minervini is full of himself.Why do you think his wife dumped him?


A Gerry Cooney with titz? Minervini musta heard she had a glass-like jaw.


Stan...I heard the "Stan and Stan" reference on the tube last night and knew it had to be you guys. I think that was the second or third time. I agree that Rich and Tommy do a great job...and I also agree that Minervini's interviews during the game can be annoying as hell. Often they are in support of some charity or to highlight someone who has done something noteworthy, and since between innings is devoted to commercials, I guess the interruption can sometimes be excused.
I think the food thing is a running joke, and since I like to talk about eating myself, that doesn't bother me.

Stan M

S&W, we are pretty much on the same page. I will add one more dislike. As far as I'm concerned, they can burn down that out of place Clevelander and chuck out all of those plastically enhanced denizens. I think it is a truly disgusting perversion of a field designed for baseball. It's as garish as those WS rings our chubby owner created. He should be renamed, "Mr. Gauche".
One question I always ask Tom and Rich is whether they ever look at Clark's blog to see what we fans have to say. They haven't answered it yet.

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