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Marlins examining ways to extend Jose Fernandez deeper into September; Ramos uses Puig's emotions against him

As rookie Jose Fernandez closes in on the 170-inning limit that was set for him when the season started, manager Mike Redmond said he and pitching coach Chuck Hernandez are looking into creative ways to squeeze as much mileage out of him as possible without going over the cap.

“Could there be a spot in there where maybe we skip a start to pitch him an extra week into September? That’s a possibility,” Redmond said. “We’re trying to see how we can extend him as deep into September as we we can.”

Fernandez has pitched 145 2/3 innings so far, leaving him about 24 more innings shy of the cap, or about three or four more starts depending on how deep into games he goes in his upcoming starts.

“I’m not going to cut him out of a game because of the inning,” Redmond said “We’re going to let him pitch.”

Redmond joked that he is almost dreading having the rambunctious Fernandez sitting with him on the bench the rest of the season after being shut down.

“He’s going to drive everybody nuts, that’s what he’s going to do,” Redmond said, laughing. “He’s going to sit on the bench and  he’s going to drive everybody crazy. I know we’re all going to wish he had more innings.”


Marlins reliever A.J. Ramos used Yasiel Puig’s emotions to his advantage when he struck out the Dodgers’ young star on Monday. Ramos said he could tell from the Marlins bullpen how angry and frustrated Puig became after Fernandez whiffed him in the fifth.

“You’ve got to watch their body language sometimes. It tells a lot,” said Ramos, who took over for Fernandez in the seventh with the Marlins clinging to a one-run lead. “Yesterday, he was really frustrated, so I figured he wanted to jump on something quick. If I threw him a fastball, he might have crushed it.”

Ramos threw Puig three straight sliders. Puig swung at all three and struck out.

“I didn’t want to give him anything to take his frustration out on,” Ramos said. “If they’re frustrated, they want to get a hit. They’re pressing. He was out of his game. So you throw stuff that starts in the zone and goes out. I wanted to keep him off balance. So I made sure I threw sliders out of the zone.”

Puig went 0 for 5 on Monday, showed up late to the ballpark on Tuesday, and was fined by Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, who didn't start the talented Cuban.


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Stan M

Throughout the game the announcers talked about lead-in songs for the different players. I think Dan Jennings' must be, "Come on, baby, light my fire." It's time to see how well he could do down in New Orleans.
Bill Veeck once gave a section of fans placards so they could literally tell the manager what to do next. Not a bad idea with Redmond for everyone but he could see that disaster was coming right after Turner walked the pitcher. It was goodbye ballgame right then.
For ages, Lucas was doing the little things that helped win ballgames. Lately he's doing the little things that cost us games. This was a very winnable ballgame with someone else in charge, and that is getting to be a trend...in my opinion.

tom from delray

Nothing can beat CHARLIE SHEEN as WILD THING.
Not even ROCKER and his batteries.

Marlin Fan

Let's not forget Lomo's stellar play at first the past few games .


Lomo is great.Just ask all his tweeps,who know nothing about baseball.

Flav C.


To be fair with Lucas, the whole team has been playing very sloppy of late and before last night, he was 4-for-4 on sac bunts.

Hechavarria had 3 costly errors over the last few games. All of them ended up costing the team runs. LoMo had 1 error charged to him and about 2-3 other lazy fielding blunts that could have been charged as errors but umpires decided not to.

Koehler threw wild pitches that moved runner who ended up scoring. Alvarez had a balk that moved 2 runners who ended up scoring runs. Even Fernandez hit Ethier by a pitch the night before, who ended up scoring on a Uribe's double. Not mentioning that Uribe's double came on a badly-called and badly-executed curveball. Badly-called because that was the 5th or 6th straight curveball he threw to Uribe. He was sitting and waiting on it. Mathis should know. Badly executed because..well..the pitch didn't break.

I agree with Jennings having to pay a visit to NOLA. But Redmond had very few options last night. He was the most rested pitcher, and with a good record against right-handed pitchers. The bullpen has pitched 19 innings during this home-stand. At some point, something's got to give. It just happened that Puig did what we've been preaching about Stanton not doing: Usually, the 1st pitch is the best one to hit and he just swung mighty at it.

Flav C.

By the way, Puig has hit above .600 this season, on first pitches/fastball. Jennings' pitch was actually down in the strikezone, when Mathis was holding target right down the middle of the strikezone. Why did he call a fastball in the middle of the strikezone for a red-hot hitter on first-pitch fastballs is a mystery to me.

Sunny Dee

Loria will find a way to make sure Fernandez pitches as many home games as possible.


I hopes so because it is awesome every time that he does. He's special!

Stan M

Flav, agree and understand your assessment. Hesh needs a day or two off. It was just that Lucas seemed to be only one who accomplished the little things that never show up in the box score that I singled him out...unfairly I guess. Ironically, this present lineup is much more talented defensively that what was on the field last year, but they sure have had a few bad days. Unfortunately, this wasn't Jennings first problem. My whole point is if this is a learning year, let's learn. Bring up some of those promising kids and start them out in relief roles as several other teams do. The announcers made a good point about pitch counts for the minor league kids as well as Fernandez. I'd bring up Jay Jackson, excellent stats at AA and 25 or 26 YO. When I complain about Redmond, think of this. He put 15 men on base in 5 innings. That is obscene. He should have been long gone before 5 innings.

Sunny Dee

Lucas's at bat last night in the 7th was comedic it was so bad. I was critical of Redmond for not having guys bunt but now I can see why he doesn't do it too often. Who is teaching these guys fundamentals? If you can't lay down a bunt you probably should not be in the big leagues, especially when you can't hit either.

Flav C.

Sunny Dee,

Marlins tied for 9th place in the MLB in the successful sac bunts category.

I guess your comment is also valid for the remainder 21 teams behind the Marlins.

Sunny Dee

They are in 9th place for total sacrifice hits, but what is their percentage of successful bunts out of total bunt attempts?

Admittedly, I no longer watch every game. When I do watch them, however, it seems like they can never get a bunt down. Maybe I just bring them bad luck.


as poorly as the marlins played fundamental baseball Tuesday night, it is the dodgers with their $220 million payroll who should be ashamed of themselves. they almost got beat by a team whose pitcher couldn't find the strike zone, and a team with a bunch of .220-.230 hitters, not to mention gloves with holes in them.

Flav C.

Sunny Dee,

The Marlins is tied for 10th in the MLB with the Braves on successful bunts.

For reference only, the Giants have the best performance so far this season (65%)and Angels/Indians tied with the worst performance (39%).

Stan M

A successful bunt is the only play in baseball where both sides applaud. Defense got an out and offence advanced a runner. I've posted before that the stat heads say that there is a greater percentage for scoring a run with a man on 1B and no outs than with a man on 2B and one out.
When I singled out Lucas it was sort of a half as..d compliment. He's had a couple of bad days, especially in the field, yet he is our most adept batter when it comes to "small ball." I think it was Flav above who pointed out that he had had several successful bunts prior to this fiasco. I'd lay the blame on Redmond anyway. The chances of him getting a hit were probably better than those who followed. And if successful, Hesh would soon be up to hit into a DP...which he did.

Sunny Dee

Flav C. - Good info. I probably overreacted with Lucas. It was just infuriating to watch last night.


Hopefully Clark will turn this into its own Blog Post:
Should the Marlins try to sign Stanton to a long-term contract today? The terms being ~ 5yrs and 100M and unfortunately that's probably just a starting point since he's 23YO.

Pros: 1) Might be worth more (certainly yrs) on the open market 2) Gives hope, albeit very small that the team is willing to build around a young guy
3) Still has a lot of untapped potential; high reward based on talent. Can't teach power

Cons: 1) still a few years away from FA 2) he is nowhere near consistent 3) Appears to want out 4) Body will only get larger & most likely lead to further injuries 4) does it really make sense to give out such a huge contract to a guy who is proving to be no more valuable than Adam Dunn? Shoot, even when Dunn hits .240 his OBP is still around .400

Right now my choice is No. Nothing has shown me he can be consistent with the bat and stay healthy. I realize eventually this team needs to keep a team in tact and not continue to go young with "prospects" but I just wouldn't be able to "bet the company" on Giancarlo just yet.

Flav C.

rbleigh, if you had asked me 6 months ago, i would have said "Yes. Sign him". Now 6 months later, I think the Marlins are on the driver's seat. I will have to agree with you.

I think Stanton still needs to prove his value through an entire season, and not pieces of it only.

For the geeks and stat-suckers like me, this is what I posted in some other blog.

"Talking about fielding, more specifically infielders. Those guys are mostly measured by their fielding percentage, DRS (Defensive Runs Saved), and UZR (metric that encompasses everything from runs saved or runs allowed by a fielder, range, runs saved by effective double-plays, etc). The only infield position not measured by UZR is the catcher.

From all MLB players with more than 400 Innings played this season, this is pretty much how each current Marlins infielder is ranked:

Catcher: 35 players in the MLB meet the criteria of 400+ innings played in 2013.
Jeff Mathis is ranked 5th in Fielding Pctg, and 7th in DRS.

1B: 33 players in the MLB meet the criteria of 400+ innings played in 2013.
Logan Morrison is ranked 19th in Fielding pctg, 25th in DRS, and 29th in UZR.

2B: 32 players in the MLB meet the criteria of 400+ innings played in 2013.
Donovan Solano is ranked 24th in fielding pctg, 20th in DRS, and 15th in UZR.

SS: 34 players in the MLB meet the criteria of 400+ innings played in 2013.
Adeiny Hechavarria is ranked 24th in fielding pctg, 20th in DRS, and 27th in UZR.

3B: 34 players in the MLB meet the criteria of 400+ innings played in 2013.
Ed Lucas is ranked 13th in fielding pctg, 10th in DRS, and 9th in UZR.

Besides, Lucas and Mathis are the only Marlins players with a Defensive WAR 1.0 or above (Mathis 1.0 and Lucas 1.2). "


according to those UZR stats,the statue at 1B needs a laundry basket


Marlins could replace the statue with a fence post.Same IQ

Stan M

Flav, I'm pretty traditional, but can accept offensive stats. Defensive stats, not so much. E.g., are the skin (dirt) parts of all infields standardized? If not that could affect some stats. Also, is any weight given to the experience and skill level of fielders on either side of the player under consideration. My own lying eyes told me that Coghlan became a good left fielder. I think, based solely on logic, that when he first went out there, the CF was told to catch everything he could because Coghlan was new to the position. Once established he always seemed to either hit the cutoff man or throw to the right base. Is that considered? Last year Trout creamed Miggy in RAR, largely because of so much defensive superiority. Was the fact that Miggy switched positions for the good of the team considered? I'm not saying he was a marvel at 1B, but that his switch was far more important to the team than any damn RAR. If a third baseman has terrific range, won't that cut down the SS's range factor? Some defensive stat head whiz came on our TV and claimed that Stanton saved 16 runs to date. That was nonsense, it was the year that balls kept bouncing out of his glove. I don't need statistics to realize that Yelich and Marisnick are excellent outfielders. I'd rate Solano about average and the same with LoMo. Mathis is superb at handling our kids, but your points about some questionable pitch selections for Koehler and Jennings are valid. I do wonder if that hitter got his hits of fast balls the day before and thus the curves. Much too many in a row though as you said.

Flav C.


I agree with you that defensive stats cannot be written in stone, however if you look at each stat individually and compare with what your eyes (which have seen many more great players than mine) are seeing of each player, you will notice that they makes sense.

I just included the infielders on my post but it is interesting that you mentioned Coghlan. He was exactly very well rated by those stat geeks as a LF, not only because he was pretty solid gloving (few errors), but basically because he had a very good reading of hits off of the bats, and an arm which was not the strongest but was very accurate. As far as Stanton, I'm not sure who this whiz person is, but right now Stanton is ranked at the bottom of the list of right-fielders. So again, the defensive stats are correlated with what we see.

As far as the infielders that I wrote about, LoMo and Solano are average however that space between those two is like the Bermuda triangle. Every ground-ball goes through because of their lack of range.

Mathis is very good defensively and he is highly ranked for it. Lucas is a temporary replacement, a band-aid. However he is doing a decent job.

Stan M

Just as an aside, look at Dodger 2B Ellis, only while at bat. He looks a great deal like our Lucas.
I have never read, even once, and I read a great deal, that Coghlan was a good outfielder. And I am referring to LF as well as CF.
Flav, I grew up with the Brooklyn Dodgers. What is not realized is that they usually had the best defender in the entire league at each position, especially when Pafko was in LF and before Robinson got heavy. To me defense is terribly important, especially when a team relies on pitching. You don't need me to tell you that with such a capacious ballpark, and with a bevy of hard throwing young pitchers, this team can win with good defense and mediocre hitting. We actually did just that through June and July. Not enough maybe, but the formula for winning was there for anyone to see. We certainly haven't seen that defense in the last few games and it is troubling.


Fernandez pitched 10 innings in the playoffs last year for florida state league so he should be able to go to 180 but the organization isn't counting those innings for some reason.


thats nice

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