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Mike Redmond not a fan of Waffle House

ATLANTA -- There may be no better breakfast expert than Marlins manager Mike Redmond, who once belonged to a group of Marlins players who called themselves the "Breakfast Club." Members included Mike Lowell, Andy Fox and Brian Banks. They scouted out the best breakfast diners in every major league city and gathered there every morning on game days to get their fill of eggs, bacon and toast. Not on the list, apparently: Waffle House.

WafflesRedmond did everything but held his nose and groan when he was asked about a Waffle House that opened inside Turner Field on the same day the Braves began their 14-game winning streak. Some fans are even crediting the newly installed Waffle House for the Braves' hot streak.

"I heard that about the Waffle House," Redmond said. "I think that's crazy. Have you ever been to Waffle House? Wow. I can't believe it's in the ballpark."

Redmond said he's dined at Waffle House "a couple of times before, and it didn't treat me well."

Redmond said he prefers a couple of other popular breakfast establishments, such as Cracker Barrel, to Waffle House, which seem to be located at every interstate exit in the Atlanta area. In fact, near the hotel where I'm staying, there are actually TWO Waffle Houses at the same exit -- one on either side.

Safe to say, Redmond probably won't be doing any endorsements for the breakfast chain anytime soon.


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Food for thought!

Stan M

Eovaldi was great, but can he get better? In my opinion, yes. There are two areas for improvement. One he needs an off speed pitch. With his fastball, a simple changeup could be a devastating weapon. Two, he needs to back players off the plate. Everything he was throwing seemed to be low and away. An inside, off the plate fastball, it doesn't have to be at his top sped, should do the trick. Number one could take time, but number two should be a simple adjustment. Now the rest of you can take my opinions apart. Have at it.

Marcel Lach

Au contraire mon frere...you are 100% correct, Sir..


Redmond does not like the Waffle House because he can see his future there as a greeter.

Sam W.

He'd better go with Walmart. Less weight gain.


NOBODY knows what the effect will be on these quality young starters knowing they basically have to pitch a shutout to get a tie. Maybe Alvarez can be the DH tomorrow. Who in the Hell can the Marlins even employ as a DH when nobody can hit. I just hope these young pitchers are not screwed up by watching this ineptitude game after game. AND never bring Jennings into a close game. His mindset is obviously best calibrated for non-stress situations. Pitch him when you are 4 or more behind---not that we will ever be 4 ahead.


Playing two 1st place teams in a row shows how far the Marlins have to go. It's funny that a stat was pointed out that the Marlins are the 2nd youngest team in MLB....the Braves & Pirates are only a few months older & their talent is light years ahead of ours.

MLB Socialism

Loria is in the third year of his plan to finish last in the standings and attendance for 5 yrs in a row. Right on track.


Spitballer...I also found that age stat interesting. The figure cited on TV put the Marlins' average age at a little over 27 years, which indicates that the average is being driven up by the likes of oldies like Polanco and Pierre, who aren't making a major contribution. The average age of the Marlins starters is nowhere near 27, and I would guess that the average age of the Braves and Pirates starters is much higher than the age of Marlins starters.
The amount of Big League time logged by Braves starters has got to be at least twice that of Marlins starters.

Morris Buttermaker

thats why they play like Little Leaguers

Sunny Dee

Loria should order Redmond to bench Ruggiano for the remainder of the road trip so Ruggiano can break the all time record at home (a la Barry Bonds). It would be a shame for such a historic moment to happen on the road. Loria can promote the event and have special "Witness History" groupon packages for fans. Then he can sell all of the unpurchased tickets to fans like he did with Halladay's perfect game. This is too great an opportunity to pass up.

H. Wayne Hypinga

Hey Buttermaker...Litte League owner pays Little Leaguers a Litte League salary and gets Little League crowds. Whaddya expect?


Sunny Dee, Great point about Ruggiano. Once again I MUST clarify that I don't blame the players because they can't play. It's the individuals who put these guys on a Major League roster who are the culprits. If they offered anyone on this blog the chance to play CF and be paid the MLB minimum along with the food allowance, we would take it and then go 0 for whatever. All those who thought Ruggiano was suddenly going to morph into a serviceable player just had not followed history. Something really freaky can happen over a 100 games or so, but to think it's going to become the norm for a guy over 30 is just perverse thinking. The same thing holds true for the injury factor. If a guy spends most of his career unable to play, don't think he is suddenly going to become Gehrig or Ripken. These guys are---and I hate this expression---what they are and they can't be blamed for limitations. Ruggiano was NEVER going to be a regular outfielder for any lenght of time. If you thought he was(see Marlins management) then you are the responsible party who should be the party humiliated rather than a guy who just can't play.


hey I am reading mark Reynolds is about to get cut why not give him a look at third at the pro rated minimum see if he and polanco can platoon bring up the age average a little.


Why not? Add him to the roster of guys that cant hit worth a crap, he'll fit right in.


Reynolds cleared waivers because no other team wanted him bad enough to pay the rest of the $2 million owed him. Yes blows, he sounds like a perfect fit for the Marlins. Worthless but cheap. Maybe he and Giancarlo can teach each other how to make contact.

Stan M

Lou, it is said a good manager can't win games, but a bad manager can lose them. It is a manager's job to place each player in a position where his skill level can best be utilized. This is one of areas where Redmond stinks. He has asked guys who obviously can't bunt to bunt. He sends Mathis up against RH pitchers in late innings with men on base in close games. Now he plays Ruggiano when he is totally screwed up. Marisnick initially had 2 strikes on him almost every at bat. Now that isn't always so and he has begun to hit the ball harder. So leave him in, not Ruggiano who should be farmed out until Sept call ups. I go nuts when he brings a relief pitcher in and he is great for that inning and then he replaces him. Each time he has done it lately he has had to use more than one pitcher in that next inning as well. If a guys got his god stuff that day, let him pitch another inning.
Two other things I don't understand. Late inning and one of our guys walks. Next guy gets a 2 ball count and swings at the next pitch. I think it's an automatic take, especially if the guy before walked on only 4 or 5 pitches. The other thing that puzzles me. Count is 3-0 and batter takes...then swings at next pitch. If he's going to swing, let him swing at the 3-0 cripple pitch OR if he took 3-0, he should also take 3-1. At least that's my opinion.

Stan M

Did anyone else turn to the Pittsburgh TV feed when that Fernandez game wasn't televised. The announcers were so bad it was almost funny. I'd never criticize our guys after listening to those two zombies.


Stan M...In my opinion, it's not the count that determines whether or not you should swing, it's the pitch. 2-0, 3-0, 3-1 you take unless you get the pitch you want. Trouble is, even if Marlins young hitters get the pitch they want, they can't hit it anyway. A lot of times, 2-0 or 3-0 is the best pitch you are going to get. If you get a pitch to hit, there is no reason to stand there like a lump and let the pitcher even the count. Trouble is, if you can't hit, you can't hit, regardless of the count and regardless of what they throw you.


Stan and Smith, I agree with everything you guys have said. When you take into account that athletes have become better over the years--not talking drugs---this may be the least powerful team I have ever seen. It's mind boggling.


Sorry! Should have elaborated. I mean that they not only can't hit, it's doubtful they would ever want to be involved in a bench clearing brawl with another team that was really mad. They are just plain weak. Look at them. With the exception of Stanton who would you want to go to war with?


I'm only watching this game because of the Royals' threat to the Tigers and all I can say is all of you guys/girls should be commended for tolerating this on a daily basis.

Stan M

S&W, I agree that our team has mostly inexperienced hitters and their results are meager. That is exactly why I think they should be made to take more. This can lead to higher pitch counts and ultimately a less talented pitcher later in the game...not to mention that the OBP should improve via more walks. That is also part of "small ball" and boy do we need that. The HRs just aren't there...so...

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