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Mike Redmond wears Waffle House love on his chest

ATLANTA -- The last time the Marlins were in Atlanta, manager Mike Redmond was dissing the Waffle House restaurant chain. On Saturday, he was wearing a Waffle House T-shirt -- courtesy of the company's president and CEO -- to make amends for his comments.

"I figured I'd show them a little love," said Redmond, who wore the gray T-shirt in the dugout during his pre-game chat with media. "I was a little critical of them. I wanted to show them I'm giving them another chance."

A Waffle House had just opened inside Turner Field when the Marlins were in Atlanta back in early July.

"I heard about the Waffle House," Redmond said at the time. "I think that's crazy. Have you ever been to a Waffle House? Wow. I can't believe it's in the ballpark."

Redmond added that he had eaten at Waffle House "a couple of times and it didn't treat me well."

After receiving a "care package" containing a couple of T-shirts and caps from the company big-wigs, Redmond was singing a different tune on Saturday.

"We're moving on," Redmond said.



As expected, the Marlins are pushing back Jose Fernandez's next start by a couple of days so that he'll make at least one more appearance in Miami, if not two.

The Marlins are expected to call up several players over the next few days and one of them -- a yet-to-be announced pitcher -- will make Wednesday's start at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Fernandez is 12 innings shy of his 170-inning limit. Redmond said Fernandez will not be permitted to go beyond 170 innings. But he could make two more starts. If he goes six innings in his Sept. 5 outing against the Nationals at Marlins Park, he'll likely receive one last start on Sept. 11 against the Braves.


Teams will be allowed to expand their rosters on Sunday, and Chris Coghlan will be the first to join the Marlins. Coghlan is on rehab assignment at Triple A New Orleans.

Redmond said two more players will join the club on Monday when it opens a series in Chicago, and "a few more" will be added later on.



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Marlin Fan

I enjoy watching the Marlins annual late season ( end of Aug and month of Sept) collapse . Any semblance of progress is out the window .


cannot deny the effort of all the young players. hoever, it is becoming very obvious that in any other MLB team, they would be in the Double A or Triple A affiliates. definitely not up to same caliber of the rest of Major League Teams. with exception of most starters starts, this team is outplayed, outthought, and should be embarrassed.


Really good chance they lose a 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All I care about is they don't get to 69 wins. Vegas blew that one BIG TIME!!!! They are usually smarter than that or all those big hotels would never have been built.IF----a HUGE IF---Fernandez would have not been on the roster how many games would you have watched this year?


Redmond, "We're not moving on" because your sorry carcass remains in the dugout. A real owner would not allow you to be a clubhouse attendant. You actually deserve to be on a bus in the South Atlantic League eating every day at a Waffle House in Rome, Lexington or Augusta. HOPEFULLY that day will soon come. I will buy you dinner at a Waffle House in Greenville. You, sir, are a buffoon!


Lou, Mike already made those rounds in the Minors in 2011 and 2012, capturing Manager of the Year in the Midwest and Florida State Leagues. Maybe we should have Mike manage the Braves for a year and then see what you think of him. You sir are void of any baseball acumen!

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