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Redmond: Polanco is fine, no concussion symptoms; Eovaldi doesn't think he was tipping his pitches

There was a scary moment for the Marlins in the eighth inning Friday night when third baseman Placido Polanco got plunked in the back of the head with a pitch. He left the game under his own power.

Luckily, it appears Polanco is fine.

"It seems like everything is fine as of right now, which is a big relief anytime somebody gets hit in the head," manager Mike Redmond said.

"They evaluated him when they took him into the training room and he didn't show any signs of concussion. He should be fine. But we're going to monitor him day-to-day."

> Redmond thought Nathan Eovaldi, lit up for a career-high 12 hits and nine earned runs, might have been tipping his pitches Friday.

But Eovadli said otherwise. 

"I looked at the video and I didn't see anything like I was tipping my pitches," he said. "The first inning they were working the counts real well. I really feel like I located the majority of my pitches the first inning. Just tip your cap.

"They put hits together and hit the ball well. Third and fourth inning I was working the count and missing right down the middle. When that happens -- especially the way they're swinging the bats -- that's tough luck."


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Stan M

Should Red leave Stanton in the #3 hole where he is killing rally after rally? At least it seems that way. He is so awful, I question his eyesight. He is getting killed with first pitch strikes that he seldom swings at. Eovaldi wasn't himself, but he deserved a better fate. Two critical errors and a missed third strike call..that's tough.


This is not hard to unwind: Stanton is mentally lost which after a season of being surrounded by impotent hitters has left him mired in a miasma of not being able to distinguished the strike zone.

Fast balls down the middle go wanting while he chases out of zone junk. In addition he has been consistently late on fast balls up.

You can thank Loria for making a kid that started the season with great value into a question mark.

Of course Loria will trade him for more "prospects" and well you all know the rest of the story.


Whadaya expect? After all ,Stanton plays for the Miami Miasma's.


Let's try Yelich, Solano, Ruggiano, Morrison, Stanton. What do we have to lose?


Except another game, of course, but who's counting?

Stan M

Please excuse me if I'm an old you know what and don't know what those initials stand for. However, may I very respectfully say that your recent posts confuse me. A couple of days ago you said that Stanton was being pitched around. Now you say the opposite...and here I completely agree with you. They are going right after him, and why not. As you say above and I've said in the past, he's taking strikes and swinging at balls he couldn't hit with a shovel. My problem with this is that Stanton isn't a rookie who has poor pitch selection like Dietrich and Ozuna, he is almost a 4 year veteran. Its one thing if they won't pitch to him and he gets messed up mentally, but they're throwing some stuff right down the middle and he's confused...and still hitting third (Red?). This is a rebuilding year and you are perfectly right that there are many kids in the lineup. However, LoMo follows him in the lineup and has been one of our, if not our best, hitter over the past few weeks. Your implied argument that he is our only power threat is valid, but that is still no reason to try to hit 450 foot home runs with runners in scoring position. He is showing no adjustments to the game situations and it is killing us...at least that's my opinion.

fed up with the marlins

Marlins had a late chance last night when with men on base, both Stanton and Morrison struck out. Very disappointing. At least hit the ball. There is a 25-30% chance of getting a hit if the bat is applied to the ball. I'm going to watch Little league World Series.

P. U

saying Lomo has been the Marlins best hitter over the last few weeks is like saying the first thing about your girlfriend is she has a great personality. Since the AS Game Lomo is hitting a blistering .263 with a .715OPS..359OBP/.356SLG...6doubls 1tripl. ZERO HR's. Thats FUUUUUGGGGLY. He's also Dr. Strangeglove at 1B

Marlin Fan

Stanton is Struggling( IN THE FIELD as well) . ... Eovaldi wasn't tipping his pitches , he had no breaking ball. MLB players can hit a 97 mph fastball if they know it's coming and has no movement ...

Pepermint Patty

Lomo's great.All his tweeps who dont know baseball say so.

Stan M

PU, if the name fits, use it I guess. FYI, LoMo has hit .327 with an OBP of .397 so far in August.
Just a little thing in a sloppy game. Middle inning, Alvarez up with one out and man on first. He aptly demonstrates he can't bunt. BUT he is hitting .303 and I think he had 2 hits in his last start. Even if bunt is successful, 2 outs and maybe we get a run. If he gets a hit (which was the more likely of the two choices) two on and maybe a rally with Yelich up. This guy was out for half the year. He had loads of time to learn to bunt then...not in today's world. A good manager would/should have let him swing in that case.

Marlin Fan

Agreed Stan. Redmond leaves something to be desired .


Good thing Lomo is hitting .327 in Aug so far. He hit.205 in July.

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