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September 17, 2013

Fast turnarounds not the norm for 100-loss teams

PHILADELPHIA -- Barring some unexpected surge of success over these final days, the Marlins will hit the 100-loss mark for the second time in franchise history, joining the wretched 1998 team that lost 108. The Marlins (55-95) must go 8-4 or better over their final 12 games to avoid the bad century mark, and if you've been watching them lately, you know that's not going to happen. (As a side note: the Marlins will clinch their third consecutive outright last-place finish with either a loss tonight or a Mets victory).

But getting back to the 100-loss thing....If you're under the assumption that things can only get better for the Marlins after this awful season, think again. Since 1993, the year the Marlins entered the big leagues, a total of 24 teams have suffered through 100-loss seasons. Five of those teams actually lost more games the following year. Only two managed to produce a winning season the following year, and neither of them (the 2009 Seattle Mariners and 2003 Kansas City Royals) won enough to make the playoffs.

The most sobering bit of information of all if you're a Marlins fan hoping for brighter days ahead: the 100-loss teams from 1993-2012 averaged 95 losses the following season. That's not good. Not good at all.


That it remains unknown precisely how many games the Marlins will end up losing this season, this much is certain: for the fourth straight season, they will lose more games this year than they did the previous year.

Year               Record

2009              87-75

2010              80-82

2011              72-90

2012              69-93

2013              ?????? (currently 95 losses)