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Brian Flynn likely to make MLB debut at Wrigley; Chris Coghlan "back to square one"

ATLANTA -- All signs are pointing to Brian Flynn making his major league debut Wednesday at Wrigley Field. The 23-year-old lefty was one of three players -- along with Jacob Turner and Rob Brantly -- the Marlins obtained from Detroit last year for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante.

Flynn has spent most of the season at Triple A New Orleans, where he went 6-11 with a 2.80 ERA in 23 starts. He also made four starts at Double A Jacksonville, where he was 1-1 with a 1.57 ERA. A 7th-round draft pick for the Tigers in 2011 out of Wichita State, Flynn is listed by MLB.com as the Marlins' ninth-ranked prospect.

Though he hasn't garnered as much fanfare as some of the Marlins' other top pitching prospects, such as Andrew Heaney and Justin Niccolino, Flynn has more than held his own during his three seasons in the minors, going 25-19 with a 3.29 ERA while striking out 323 and walking 113 in 380 2/3 total innings.

Jose Fernandez was in line to start Wednesday in Chicago, but the Marlin decided to push his next start back to Friday in Miami.


It's another day and another comeback try for Chris Coghlan, whose checkered big-league career has gone from winning the 2009 Rookie of the Year award, to blowing out his left knee while planting a shaving cream pie in the face of Wes Helms, to reinjuring the same knee, to working his way back into the lineup and re-discovering his hitting stroke, to returning to the disabled list with yet another injury.

"I've had my fair share of lumps," Coghlan said Sunday, his first day back with the Marlins.

A natural infielder, the Marlins converted Coghlan into an outfielder on the fly in '09. Due to the team's crowded outfield situation (i.e. Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick) the Marlins are giving Coghlan another shot in the infield, and third base in particular. That's where they had him playing during his minor-league injury rehab assignment. Brooks Robinson he's not with the glove. But the Marlins are so desperate for any kind of offensive life that they're willing to experiment with him at third just to get his bat in the lineup.

After getting off to a slow start earlier in the season, Coghlan's bat came to life in mid-May when he worked his way back into the lineup, going 23 for 67 with nine RBI from May 18 through June 8 before he went down with an injury (right calf nerve irritation) that originated in his lower back. He said his health is fine, now, and he doesn't expect any further issues.

Coghlan also doesn't anticipate any issues with moving back to third base.

"I think it's easier to go infield to outfield than outfield to infield," Coghlan said. "Infield is harder to play than outfield. But, the good thing is, when I went to the outfield, I didn't have any experience there. Never did it. So this (third base) I've played. (Before the injury) I was taking grounders. I worked with 'Bone' (Marlins infield coach Perry Hill) the whole year this year in the infield because I was trying to get into the lineup, trying to show (manager Mike Redmond) that I can get in there. I have complete confidence that I'll play well there."

Redmond said Coghlan would likely play both third base and outfield over the final month.


In addition to Coghlan, the Marlins also called up right-handed reliever Chris Hatcher and left-handed reliever Zach Phillips from Triple A New Orleans. Redmond said the Marlins would probably add several more players to the rosters after the team gets to Chicago.


A calf injury kept Justin Ruggiano out of Sunday's lineup in Atlanta.



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Loria and Shapiro. What is the difference?

Sell the team you low life scumbag, blood sucking, lying,scam artist, ponzi scheming, crook, no good son of a b.i.t.c.h owner.


Glad to see Lomo finally contribute to the win today

Stan M

Be interesting to see this Zach Phillips guy. Never paid any attention to him, but he had impressive stats in AAA ball and he's left handed. Did they dump that Dyson guy yet? Personally, I can't see him amounting to anything. Thank goodness they chose Flynn over Hand.
If Coghlan plays 3B, why didn't they move Polanco, he surely won't be around next year. Dietrich hitting very well over past two weeks in AA ball.


Stan, Sanchez is now one of the best pitchers in the AL and Infante is hitting around .320. I know you are justifiably sick of my Cabrea comments. Hopefully this lefty can work out and become a 3rd starter. I still have hopes for Turner but they are diminishing. I don't like his command, stuff nor his mental alacrity.I have no idea what happened to Brantly. I totally blew that call. Why Skipworth is still in the organization shows the stark reality of the catching spot. RealMuttO is better than the the #6 overall pick but that is like saying you are tougher than Elio Chacon. Hand has never done the job and should be gone. Coghlin SHOULD start every day. Also would like to see Dietrich play every day. Polanco should not see the field again in a Marlins uniform. This pitching staff may be off the charts in next two years but with Mr Cheap still at the helm, I just can't see any offensive weapons being acquired. You can't keep putting pressure like this on young pitchers. It will wear them down.


Are people still commending Pierre for showing up at 9 hours early and getting his "work" in? Just maybe, he has nowhere else to go or he likes the aroma of freshly mowed grass. All that work has resulted in a hitting spray chart that shows one of the most impotent and predictable placement of balls in play of the last 20 years. Pathetic!!! But he is a nice guy.

Flav. C


If you're impressed with Phillips, you should take a look at Frankie Reed and my favorite guy out of the bullpen, Nick Wittgren.

Saw Nick several times in Jupiter and he's now with Jacksonville. He now has 15 consecutive games without allowing a single run.

Reed is not a young kid anymore (25) but he dominated Class A- and I saw him pitching as closer for Jupiter 4 times already.


Stan...Two points about Polanco and Coghlan. The Marlins haven't moved Polanco because I doubt that anyone would offer anything in trade for him. So they would have to dump him, and there is no reason to do that to a classy veteran like Polanco with three weeks left in the season. Second, I don't think anybody knows whether Cogs can play Major League third base or not at this point. Also, nobody knows whether he'll hit or whether he'll stay healthy.

Stan M

Flav, I predicted that Wittgren would be our closer in 2015 and listed him in my top 20 prospects a couple of weeks ago. Phillips isn't a kid either.
Lou, I'm not going to belittle Pierre, but it would be a nice move if the team made him a coach. Unfortunately, the only time he doesn't ground out to the right side, he hits a weak fly to short left. Dietrich couldn't hit a lick when first sent down, now he's on fire. I, too would like to see him at 2B and Coghlan at 3B. However, if Loria would not let Valaika up out of pique over Tino, the same is probably true with Dietrich. When you think of Skipworth, remember Dominguez...he of the 19 HRs this year so far. He's only 23 and it would be foolhardy to give up on him until he's at least 25. You know catchers take more time, the fielding develops before the hitting. Anyway, we have another prospect who was recently moved up to AA ball where he is knocking the cover off the ball so far. His name is Austin Barnes and he's only 22 YO. All that being said, I'd trade Stanton for a top flight catcher if he won't sign long term. I'd like LaCroy from the Brewers. His increase in production would more then make up for the decrease in production from Stanton's replacement in RF.


Stan, You must have seen the same hitting charts. I'm not belittling Pierre--as a person which is what counts---I'm saying if you are being paid a 1,000,000.00 a year to play a game, you have some responsibility to utilize the ONLY attribute you still have. If the man ever hits a ball in the air again he should be fined 25,000. I forgot who I made the silly bet with, but it still holds I will donate a 100.00 to the charity of a poster's choice IF Skipworth EVER gets a hit in a big league game. That is the bet, myself versus the #6 overall pick in the MLB Draft inwhat seems to be a decade ago. I know it's not. It just seems that way.


Why don't more of these silly Marlin pitchers just hit 3 run homers and quit complaining about ZERO run support.

Stan M

Redmond has spoken to him. There will be no more swinging that hard, he might pull a muscle.
Makes me even madder at those attempted bunts a couple of weeks ago.


Valaika deserves a September call up....just sayin

clean up this mess

loria needs to take his vindictive nature, stuff it where the sun don't shine and get out of town. I am sure there is room in his "where the sun don't shine", stuff bud selig in there too

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