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Donovan Solano OK after taking fastball to the head

Frightening moment in the 10th inning of tonight's 2-1 victory by the Marlins when Donovan Solano was struck in the back of the helmet with an Evan Reed fastball. But after walking off the field under his own power and receiving medical attention from the Marlins training staff and a physician, Solano said he was feeling fine and hoped to play in the season finale Sunday.

"I know it hit my head, but I feel normal," Solano said.

Reed is a former pitcher in the Marlins' farm system, obtained from Texas in the Jorge Cantu in 2010 and claimed off waivers in April by the Tigers. He was all over the place in Saturday's 10th inning. After issuing a one-out walk to Justin Ruggiano, he hit Solano with a 95-mph fastball and then walked Christian Yelich to load the bases for Giancarlo Stanton with one out.

Stanton, after watching Solano take a pitch to the noggin, said he pulled his helmet down around his head extra snug before stepping into the batter's box to face Reed.

"He was throwing heaters, so you knew you were going to get a heater," Stanton said. "He wasn't locating."

Stanton then delivered a game-winning single. It was the first walkoff victory for the Marlins since July 13, and it was Stanton's first walkoff hit this season.


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Stan M

Watching the interviews with the promoted execs. Jennings sounded pretty good, but Hill demonstrated a new level for clichés. He said nothing and actually had a little bit of difficulty even that. Surprising with his education. Game pretty interesting so far. 2 outs in 7th an Alvarez has a no hitter. Now though 7 innings.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, re our respective opinions on the value of Redmond, a little context... As I've stated in the past, he was a default hiring, as no legitimate managerial candidate would work for this loon. Redmond was not ready nor was he really qualified for this appointment (imo). It's clear that he's in over his head, much like several of his players were this season, having been (like Redmond) given a shot because of a. Loria's cheapness, and b. no experienced and talented player will ever sign to play for this clown, ever again. Within that context, I admit I cut him some slack, recognizing that he's learning on-the-job. It's not Redmond's fault that Loria is a bonafide cretin in baseball circles, and simply put, it has worked to Redmond's advantage in getting the job. Also, when all is said and done, a managerial tandem of Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha couldn't get this team to .500.

More germane to the future and success of this team is the reality about the young talent now being developed at the big league level, and how they'll be traded for younger prospects soon after they get huge salary bumps in arbitration (just like Stanton will in '14 or '15).


I guess that's how to put a bow on a 100 loss season

Marlin Fan

Awesome game by Alvarez !! Great atmosphere as well , people actually went to the game . A great way to end the season . Ironic it takes a pass ball for the Marlins to score a run

Stan M

DT, with so much youth, we have a window before Loria's evil shenanigans can dump this team's core. Our hope must be that he sells before that happens. His opening will be after 2014 and this team should be a ripe plum to anyone with a few bucks to rub together. Great stadium, low payroll, excellent farm system, fine young ML talent to build around, terrific pitching.
Here are my gripes with Redmond. He seemed to have a poverty of knowledge regarding in game tactics, and most importantly, he didn't improve as the season progressed. The Tino Martinez blowup might have been avoided with a stronger managerial presence. He kowtowed to the FO (I guess this is understandable) and looked horrible when Jose could have used some support. The team improved tremendously in pitching and how much of that credit should go to the new coach. The defense improved and again that great defensive coach probably deserves the credit. I seriously doubt if he was the force behind their signings. Other than his obvious effect on the team's overall morale, a robot could have replaced him performance wise. And damn, DT, you write well. Please stay here, you add so much.

Stan M

I came out of the Officer's Club at Ft. Dix when it closed (I worked on a night rifle range)and put on the radio in my 1958 Volvo. Caught the Harvey Haddix perfect game in the 8th inning with a minimum of static. As with Alvarez, the game was tied and Haddix was perfect through 9 innings. He continued to pitch perfectly for 2-3 more inning, then lost it in the 12th or 13th inning. One of the greatest pitching performances in history and I tuned in by sheer chance. This reminded me so much of that unforgettable game. Trusting only memory, I don't think he got credit for either a perfect game or a no-hitter.


ahh Ft Dix, Winter Wonderland of the East. spent a few months there, winter '63-64


Thank God this putrid wretched season is over. Need a 1B,3B and catcher that can hit. Probably wont get any of them.


Marlins have announced they are looking for any suckers that want to buy unsold tickets from yesterdays no-hitter can do so starting at 15.00 on up. Face value.

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