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First Jose Fernandez. Now Carlos Gomez. Braves offended again.

If you thought Jose Fernandez hot-dogged his home run against the Braves, wait til you see how the Milwaukee Brewers' Carlos Gomez acted on his blast in Atlanta earlier tonight. Not sure what it is, but the Braves are turning into a magnet for this sort of thing.

Fernandez apologized after his episode with the Braves. Let's see if Gomez does the same.

(By the way, check out that crowd in Atlanta tonight. Did the Braves lose 100 games or something?)


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closet the ego

who the hell does brian McCann think he is?? should players and teams that do well against the braves send a letter of apology for dong well? mccan needs to put on his big boy pants and learn that sometimes the other guys are going to be happy about doing well.

Flav C.

McCann is getting ridiculous by the minute.

I'll be happy when the Braves are (once again) out of the playoffs.

Stan M

I have gained great pleasure watching Cuddyer win the batting race over that obnoxious third baseman on the Braves that nobody ever head of until this year. Since the Jose episode, the Braves as a team are anathema to me. Put them right next to the Yankees, Heath Bell, and A Rod as objects to root against.

Clark S.

Here's the Atlanta Journal-Constitution story on last night's incident, which apparently stemmed from a June 23 game in which Gomez felt Maholm purposely hit him with a pitch: http://www.ajc.com/news/sports/near-brawl-in-1st-inning-but-braves-bats-silent-in/nZ7fD/

-- Clark S.


I think the Braves are just getting trolled now. I wanna see Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig both hot-dog it against the Braves now. As fragile as the Braves are now, they are gonna get shelled if they have to face the Dodgers.


Looks like Gomez both apologized and didn't apologize.

"I don't apologize for this,"

"I respect McCann, all he's played, and I'm apologizing to his manager, the organization. "


McCann does not do this to Big Papi. Of course we won't know since it's likely the braves won't get passed the DS.

Mr robato

Screw the braves! What?? Who the hell named them baseballs policemen?? If i were to hit a homer of them i would take off my pants and crap on 2nd base. F the braves and all theyre infilders


Domo arigato Mr Robato... domo domo


Hey Hanley and Yasiel just mock them at home!, f..k McCain!

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