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Greg Dobbs returning to Marlins in 2014

In case you missed it, as reported by our own Barry Jackson....

The Marlins are re-signing infielder/pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs, who was due to become a free agent. He said a deal was struck between his agent and owner Jeffrey Loria. According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports in a follow-up tweet, Dobbs will receive a salary of $1.7 million on the one-year extension that was agreed upon in June.

Dobbs, whose two-year, $3 million contract is expiring, is batting .229 this season but hit .275 and .285 in his previous two years with the Marlins.

Dobbs’ signing leaves Placido Polanco, pitcher Chad Qualls (who got the win Wednesday) and outfielders Juan Pierre and Austin Kearns as the Marlins’ free agents. Kearns has missed most of the season because of family health issues. Dobbs, catcher Jeff Mathis (due $1.5 million in 2014) and pitcher Jacob Turner ($1 million team option) are now under contract for next season, and everyone else is under team control for 2014.

The arbitration eligible Marlins are outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, who could see his salary jump from $537,000 to between $6 million and $8 million, first baseman Logan Morrison, infielder/outfielder Chris Coghlan, outfielder Justin Ruggiano and pitchers Ryan Webb, Mike Dunn and Kevin Slowey.

• Jose Fernandez, who hasn’t pitched in two weeks because the Marlins imposed a pitch limit on him, admits he has been bored. Told Fernandez would be appearing for an inning on Fox Sports Florida’s broadcast Wednesday, Mike Redmond said: “That’s great. It’ll give him something to do.”


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Flav C.

Great signing, Dobbs and his "Mendoza" pinch-hitting bat avg.

Now Loria can go ahead and sign Koyie Hill and his 1 RBI over his last 91 at bats in 2012-2013.

Then we'll be set for 2014.

Flav C.

It's been reported that Dobbs will make $1.7 million next season.

I mean, seriously?

Dobbs made $1.5 million this season and had 266 plate appearances. That means Dobbs making $5,639 usd every time he steps on that plate. He is paid to hit the friggin' ball and he did that only 54 times this season, so it is basically $ 27,777 usd each time he got a hit.

And even having a horrible season, he is signed up for more money?

I mean, good for him, I wish I were Dobbs, but...It doesn't make any sense from any perspective you look at.


What the hell were the Marlins thinking letting Giancarlo get so expensive? At this point, they'll have to offer him a Hanley-type deal at minimum to keep him. The Hanley deal was the most the Marlins have spent on a player as it is, and Giancarlo figures to be more expensive still.

Was nice seeing a player of Stanton's caliber playing for the Marlins for a while.


Fact.Loria signs players based on whether he personally likes them. Or not. Baseball skills are secondary.


Barry Jackson also quotes Andre Dawson saying Loria wants more offense at 1st,3rd and catcher. Also a quote about LoMo's disappointing offense and defense. Does that mean LoMo is on Loria's shitlist? Who does Loria have to replace LoMo with?


Stanton's caliber? Please someone explain to me what Stanton's caliber is.
Amazing power- check
Amazing body - check
athletecism - check
body that will break down - check
lack of interest - check
ability to strike out 200x - check

Now feel free to weigh in with what I forgot.



Stanton was of a caliber that the Pirates were willing to give the Marlins Gerrit Cole and Starlin Marte and perhaps another prospect for him. Too bad the Marlins didn't take the offer.

Stan M

He is becoming a Dave Kingman clone. If the Marlins turned down Cole, Marte and others for him it is a worse crime than the Cabrera trade.
I invariably stick up for LoMo. Yes, his defense isn't what we were led to expect, but he is an incredible improvement over that Latin statue who was at 1B for half of last year. Sorry, but I'm getting really bad with names.

Stan M

Flav, I'm not as upset with resigning Dobbs as you are. Here is my take. What alternative is out there at that price who would be better? As a pinch hitter, he has a fairly good pedigree and his salary is (I think) way below the major league average. There have been worse signings. And there is some truth to what FJEFF says above.

alanparsons project

will be surprised if Loria shelves the Lomo Experience this soon.

Flav C.


The Latin statue had offensive numbers slightly better than LoMo in 2013. With better defense.

On Dobbs, my take is that if we are looking for a lefty-pinch hitter for 1.7 million, then try Juan Pierre. He hits (when he hits) for better average then Dobbs and can run the bases at double of Dobbs' speed.

Or anyone else who can hit better than .217 as pinch hitter.

alanparsons project

now that Loria was slick enough to agree to terms with Dobbs before the AS break,figuring he'd have Dobbs locked up from other teams when Dobbbs got hot and in demand,the next signing should be Juan Pierre. After all JP was a better PH the the Dobber-

Stan M

Flav, when I spoke of Dobbs, I'm already taking Pierre as a Marlin next year for granted. On my 40 man roster thing, I wasn't dropping him. Dobbs hits, Pierre runs, or should run with a manager who knows which way up is. I don't care what the defensive stats say, there is no way the statue was better than LoMo defensively, and you know it. Yes, he caught the throws, but the poor guy couldn't move. Come on, you're pulling my leg. Regarding his hitting, without looking anything up, I remember that after the first several games, he became a singles hitter at best. Ask yourself this...which of them would you want to start at 1B next year.


Lomo's defense is going to improve. In fact, it's already getting better. Remember, he only had a little over half a season at first this year, with no ST, and this is the first season he has played first base in the big leagues. His footwork and his decision making left much to be desired early on, but with Hill's help they are improving, at least to my eye. I'm not claiming he's ever going to be called a slick-fielding first baseman, but I really don't think he will be a liability next year and beyond.

tom from delray

Didn't waste a dime this year on Loria's disaster.
Wait until next year when they draw 700,000 and
the Rays outdraw them... Totally fed up with this organization...please send them to the planet Mars or back to


Assuming Loria was deported to Canada and forced to sell to satisfy the interest of the " Game": Stanton should be signed to a long term contract and if it were me I'd offer the "kid" Jose a ten year contract now.

The rest of the everyday players especially LOmO needs to go. I'd be smart and trade him to Boston along with Coghlan.

But of course we are instead left with an insane owner and a horrible product.


Stan....are you referring to Carlos Lee???...."El Caballo"


haven't seen posts on the "announced" attendance numbers. 18,000, 19,000, 20,000. bogus numbers. I think loria is cooking the books in preparation of selling the team. not saying it will be soon, but numbers will be important. judging from announced attendance at Nationals Park where 25,000 makes the place look pretty full, whereas 19,000 at smaller Marlins Park makes the place look eerily empty. any thoughts?

alexis c

Lomo's problems on defense stem from the fact he is not that athletic. He's more of a big clod out there,kinda doofus like. He should work on his footwork in the offseason,maybe take ballet lessons to make him lighter on his feet.Or something along those lines.

Mr Met

Great signing by the Marlins. They should keep Morrison at 1st, Coglan at 3rd ,resign Pierre and keep all their catchers. Mr Loria should just fire Beinfest and make all the decisions himself.


As far as the phony attendance figures go,they will be harder to inflate next season as the Marlins sold 2 yr season ticket pkgs when the stadium opened. That expires Monday and the majority of those tickets will not be renewed.

Stan M

Yes, Spitballer.

Richie, I don't know if it is still the case, but the visiting team used to get a relatively small percentage of the gate based on tickets actually sold. It used to be enough to cover most or all of the travel expenses when a team was on the road. If that is still so, Loria would be costing himself money by cooking the books and you know how that ain't goin' to happen. What he did do is heavily discount or give away tickets to pad the attendance. I guess he was hoping to make a few quid on the concessions the freebees bought. According to Samson, they even had to do that the first year. That's why he claimed income wasn't really what the attendance figures would have predicted.

employee, that's a good point about season tickets.


I think the explanation about 2 year season tickets is the answer to the bogus attendance numbers. Thanks "employee" and Stan

Flav C.

Stan, sorry. When you mentioned the "latin statue" I thought you were talking about playoff-bound Gaby Sanchez.

Carlos Lee is semi-retired already, taking care of his cattle ranches.

Stan M

I thought he was semi-retired when he played for the Marlins last year.

Flav C.

I guess you are right on that one.

Over the Hill Gang

After Dobbs,next on Lorias list is Wes Helms.


saw Wes Helms last week. He was still trying to catch up with that Lincecum fastball in his last at bat as a Marlin and in MLB.

Flav C.

Over the Hill and Beinfart - Best comments so far!


Mr Loria ignore the fans feelings, he had better should order a poll about how the fans think regarding the manager and the players: example: for me: # 1. present manager should be changed for an experience manager, because it hard watch how more than thirty games were loss for lack of good maneuver in late innings # 2.- I agree with Dawson the Marlins need two better players at 3rd base and a catcher to add more hitting power.


Could this team be any more irrelevant in South Florida as it currently is?

Flav C.

wow...30 games lost because of Redmond??????
So...we should be 89-70 right now!!

Damn it, Redmond! Because of you, and only you, your lack of baseball knowledge, this team isn't 1 game behind the Reds an Pirates, fighting for the wild card!

And silly me, who thought this team was genuinely bad!

It is the manager! Get the manager! Throw him to the lions!

Stan M

Flav, in defense of Juan, English isn't his native tongue and I think he was dealing in hyperbole. His posts are always thoughtful. His premise is correct in that it is questionable whether a good manager can win the team games but a poor manager can lose the team games. In your heart, do you think this team would have the same record if Gerardi were still manager? I would make an educated guess that there would be about 5 more wins. Furthermore, the Tino Martinez fiasco wouldn't have come to such a head. And he wouldn't have standed for switching pitchers in a doubleheader and not being able to bring up Dietrich and Valaika this September. Redmond ran scared all year both in his relations with the FO and in timid tactical decisions. I agree with you that no one of substance would have wanted the job, but that might not be so for the future with this team. I think they could get a good man if HE sets the ground rules before taking the job. In substance, I agree with Juan that Redmond must go.

Stan M

Redmond was extremely fortunate in gaining a much better pitching coach this year and in having that great infield coach return. However, did Ruggiano show improvement in his pitch selection, did Stanton, or Hech. They are no better now than they were in April. Is Hech a better base runner? Was there any improvement from Bradley? Personally, I give credit to the improvement in pitching elsewhere. With a bevy of average and/or pop gun hitters, did they show any signs of working for runs via "small ball"? I will grant that the entire team played hard, but that's it. There were no signs of improvement from the everyday players. At this level with both youth and underachievement, some sort of teaching should have been done. Well, that's my opinion.


WOW!!!! Clark says Loria fired Beinfest!!!!!!

Flav C.


All I will say is that the same type of criticism Redmond is going through, with very similar analysis being made by some of the fans is the same criticism another rookie (in his case, semi-rookie) manager went through when he arrived 280 miles north of Miami, with his cool glasses. Joe Maddon.

101 losses in his first season. "How can he lose 100+ games with young talents like Crawford, Upton, Young?"

He stuck with Jonny Gomes when he was hitting horribly, despite what the media and fans were saying. he was copy-cat of Gene Mauch. And at first, he wasn't "quirky", he was "weird". Then, with victories, he wasn't weird anymore, he was a "genius".

When he was brought to Tampa, he went with the task of replacing an old-school coach in Piniella who could not work with the young guys. Maddon had a good rapport with young players, being minor league coach for so many years.

It wasn't about tactics, hits-and-runs, and double-switch in late innings. His first season was about getting to know the young players, specially guys like Young, Upton, Crawford and pitchers like Kazmir/Shields and create a sense of pride and respect. Everything else would come later.

Maybe there are similarities with Redmond, maybe not.

It is up to each one to decide it.

Maybe if you were a Rays fan in 2006-2007 when they lost 101 and 97 games with young talented guys you would be crying for Maddon to be fired too.


I think a lot of credit must go to the manager as he has kept players on the worst team in baseball playing hard and with no reported clubhouse problems. I can only imagine the crap they put up with from players on opposing teams and from some fans. Regarding on field strategy, there may have been some questions, but, keep in mind, Redmond is trying to learn the inside as well as the outside of these young kids. I also think Flav C makes good points about Joe Maddon.


To Stan M...It's simple. The teaching is supposed to be done before they reach the Big Leagues. A little tweaking can always be accomplished, but a Major League manager is not supposed to have to "teach" his players how to play the game.
Good points by Flav. The manager's job with a team like this is to motivate. Girardi does a great job with an old, veteran team like the Yankees but he would suck as manager of all these outclassed 21-year-olds.

Marlin Fan

Great signing of Dobbs whose hitting has deteriorated the last 3yrs . Look for no new signings worth anything . Cheap is the name of Loria's game .


Clark, how do I send my resume to the Marlins? There appears to be a couple of openings.


Oh, in case any of my fellow Marlin bloggers didn't know, the GM of the Seattle Sounders, the most fascinating expansion team in the country has his job up for grabs on a yearly basis via season ticket holder ballot. How about that!

Stan M

S&W, Gerardi was great at teaching the young Marlins when he was manager. Often by example. Years ago players came to the majors knowing how to play the game. That is simply not true today. So many overshoot cutoff men. Ball/strike judgement isn't developed in so many, especially the Latin players. If all they need is a little tweeking, then explain why none of them can lay down a bunt. How many are able to adjust their swing after 2 strikes, or try to get a player advanced or brought home from 3rd with less than 2 outs. These are exactly the skills that our younger players lack. There is more required now than mere tweeking. I wish it wasn't true, but it is. Watch the Japanese players. They are universally well schooled in the fundamentals. The experts say it is because the players are advanced so quickly and are valued by their pure talent. They spend far less time in the minors than in the past. Lucas is an example of a well schooled player and 40-50 years ago everyone who got to the majors understood and performed all the standard techniques like he does. I'm sorry to differ, but you are simply wrong on this one issue.

Stan M

I'm sorry that I differ with so many, for I respect you all. But I don't just think he was a bad manager. I think he was a terrible manager. His major attribute was not being Ozzie. Now you can all lambaste me, but I ain't changing my opinion. Joe Maddon? Come on Flav, don't tease me like that. I'm an old man. If you said Dusty Baker, I'd agree with you.

Stan M

Richie, no clubhouse problems? Think Tino Martinez and say that again!

Flav. C

Stan, just to make one thing clear: I'm not trying to change your opinion. **smile**

And I'm not comparing Maddon and Redmond as coaches. 5 can't compare their styles because Maddon has had a wonderful roster in his hands for quite a while, so he can innovate and do lots of interesting stuff. He is big, really big on sabermetrics and all the positive it can bring to the organization. On the other hand, Redmond came in with a depleted and injured pitching staff, bunches of rookies, veterans at the ends of their careers, a bipolar hitting coach, and an ownership at odds with its front office.

Talk about a wonderful structure to develop a first job as a major league manager.

All I'm saying is that Maddon went through the same process that Redmond is going through now. He was extremely criticized by the media and fans in his first 2 seasons as a coach, and remember he had very little major league experience as manager. Also, while a minor league coach for several years, never won anything, differently than Redmond.

The big difference between both coaches is that Maddon was brought by the new Rays ownership, who had a very good plan for the team, and supported Maddon through all the initial turmoil he went through. They knew he was the right guy to develop and mentor the young guys.

Redmond was very respected in this aspect, as a minor league coach in the Blue Jays organization.


Smart move by Beinfest to push Lorias buttons enough to get fired, paid by Loria for the remaining 2 yrs of his contract and take his talents to a real MLB organization. Well done. Loria has to pay Ozzie and Beinfest not to work for him.


Stan M...I come in peace and i respect your knowledge of the game. My point was that the Marlins brought up their young players, in part out of necessity, way too soon and that is why they are so lacking in the fundamentals. But that is not Redmond's fault, and I still say it is not a Big League manager's job to teach his players things like plate discipline, bunting and so on, as you mentioned. The manager's job is to manage personnel and game strategy. I don't think other managers are saddled with the job of teaching an unending stream of young players how to play baseball. If he is as bad at game management as you say, maybe it's because he has too many players who can't do so many things that all players should be able to do, like bunting, hitting behind a runner and executing a simple hit and run. That makes it hard for him to do the things he would like to do in the course of a game.
As for Girardi, I think he was more likely to take the Tino Martinez approach than the Joe Maddon approach when dealing with young players. Again, I'm not claiming that Redmond has done a perfect job but only that some of the criticism is unfair and premature, which I think is what Flav is saying.

Stan M

S&W, I will leave the teaching on neutral ground. We have each stated our positions. Will you grant that it is a managers job to try to put each player in a position where he can do what he does best? And if you do grant that, think of the number of times he let Mathis and more recently Hill hit in key situations late in games while there were better choices on the bench to perform that function. Then consider if he learned throughout the season and did it less as the season wore on. Did he replace players in the final innings with others who were better defensively, or maybe had better outfield arms when the situation demanded.

Flav might be the most knowledgeable poster on this blog, especially in the field of statistical evaluations. However, you must remember that Redmond is his brother-in-law and Joe Maddon is a first cousin.

Regarding Gerardi, you are probably right in saying that he was a strict disciplinarian, but that was what was called for with that group of very young players. He taught by example...and they learned and showed results that were inherited by the Buda who followed him. There were questions as to whether he would be able to work with veterans when he moved to the Yankees. He seems to have answered that question quite convincingly. I half kidded (only half) about whether Redmond had the cranial capacity to manage a big league club. Gerardi has 3 siblings. I think 2 are doctors and one is something like a university big wig. He certainly doesn't look the part, but brain power isn't one of his problems. Yes, I loved the guy, but I want to make it clear that he's only my third cousin, twice removed.


Stan, I overlooked Tino Martinez because I was thinking in terms of amongst the players. I don't think there was any problem with the players blaming each other, especially since the pitching staff certainly could have a problem with the offense. Some of the pitchers are better offensively than some of the position players. Regarding Lucas, hard to believe he had been in the Minors for so long. He may not have the greatest talent but he sure knows how to play the game. Maybe if he was left to play only one position instead of three or four, he would excel. Always enjoy most of the comments here. You guys are certainly educated baseball fans.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I deliberately avoided this blog in order to reconcile my dilemma of rooting for the Marlins while wishing only the worst for Jeffrey Lurid. But now that the season is over, some observations and comments:

-- the team actually exceeded my expectations, showing some flashes of promise during the course of this predictably dismal season. The pitching staff more than held up their part, kudos to Redmond. The hitting is no better than could have been suspected. I'm amazed that Stanton was able to hit 24 HRs with so little protection in this feeble lineup.

-- Redmond did well under the circumstances, considering the fact that he was pretty much a "default" hiring (i.e., no experienced manager in his right mind would work for this criminally-stupid owner). Once Pierre and Polanco demonstrated that their talents had clearly diminished, Red had no problem benching the veterans in favor of giving the kids some experience and it paid off with a few wins along the way. I expect both Redmond and the kids will improve next year.

-- I personally don't consider the Beinfest firing of any significance. The front office may have been marginalized in their INPUT, but Loria has been making the real decisions all along, and he will never ... NEVER ... give a GM any kind if latitude.

-- bottom line, the kids will continue to improve, but the future remains bleak. Winning organizations put their teams together by using ALL THREE channels for obtaining players -home-grown talent, astute trades, and free agency for the final, missing pieces. The ineptness and greed/cheapness of Jeffrey Lurid precludes all three.

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