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Greg Dobbs returning to Marlins in 2014

In case you missed it, as reported by our own Barry Jackson....

The Marlins are re-signing infielder/pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs, who was due to become a free agent. He said a deal was struck between his agent and owner Jeffrey Loria. According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports in a follow-up tweet, Dobbs will receive a salary of $1.7 million on the one-year extension that was agreed upon in June.

Dobbs, whose two-year, $3 million contract is expiring, is batting .229 this season but hit .275 and .285 in his previous two years with the Marlins.

Dobbs’ signing leaves Placido Polanco, pitcher Chad Qualls (who got the win Wednesday) and outfielders Juan Pierre and Austin Kearns as the Marlins’ free agents. Kearns has missed most of the season because of family health issues. Dobbs, catcher Jeff Mathis (due $1.5 million in 2014) and pitcher Jacob Turner ($1 million team option) are now under contract for next season, and everyone else is under team control for 2014.

The arbitration eligible Marlins are outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, who could see his salary jump from $537,000 to between $6 million and $8 million, first baseman Logan Morrison, infielder/outfielder Chris Coghlan, outfielder Justin Ruggiano and pitchers Ryan Webb, Mike Dunn and Kevin Slowey.

• Jose Fernandez, who hasn’t pitched in two weeks because the Marlins imposed a pitch limit on him, admits he has been bored. Told Fernandez would be appearing for an inning on Fox Sports Florida’s broadcast Wednesday, Mike Redmond said: “That’s great. It’ll give him something to do.”


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Stan M

Richie, you are certainly right about this blog having some very knowledgeable posters. There are even some who are great but haven't posted since the team became miserable. They'll be around in the future. What is also unique is that very few "crazies" show up to clog up things with tirades and meaningless generalities. These people explain their positions and respect one another. Well, we'll see after I teased Flav above about relatives. Sometimes one has to resort to attempted humor when the other person has too many good points to try to refute.

Flav C.


Even though Red is my relative, I'm still very angry at him for not finding a spot for me as his assistant for b.s. matters. Or something like that.

I thought he had my back!

Stan M

FLAV, He wasn't exactly up front with Jose either, so you are in good company.
Richie, I mentioned that there were valuable posters that hadn't been heard from in a while. D.T., the last post on the previous page, is a good example. He usually has very good ideas, but he's a little bit confused about the value of Redmond. After reading some of my wise and introspective posts, he'll realize his error in judgment, or 'll have to proclaim another of Redmond's relatives. The guy might end up with quite a clan. Ouch!


Beinfest has worked very well in the Marlins trades, but Miguel Cabrera/Dondrelle Willys in 2007, when he refused Dodgers offert giving Kemp, Kendrik and pitcher Belisnky.
Loria will lost a diligent employee who lift the team, he will sink the team because he knows little about baseball operations. The First thing he should done was replace an impopular and silly present manager for an experienced and qualify manager. At the time the attendance of fans and the sales of Adv. and tickets will coming down


What happened with Tany Perez? I haven't see him for a while.


Once again Stan M shows himself to be a know nothing FOOL. Lomo's defense is WORSE than a statue's, but it's not all his fault. The idiots who put him in the OF have to own some of that; he missed valuable practice & experience time at 1st base.

But the worst thing about Lomo is he can't hit. A 1st baseman who hits under .250 with 6 HRs is simply unacceptable.


As for Beinfest, he has much to answer for. When Loria finally gave him some money to spend, how did he spend it? On Jose Reyes and Heath Bell. That alone should have gotten him FIRED. Of course, Reyes was signed because of Loria's stupidity; he wanted a Latino superstar because he thinks so little of Latinos that he thought all the team needed was Latino players and the fans would come and fill the seats. But Latinos are not as STUPID as he thinks. They will come out to see a good team, like ALL baseball fans. If a team sucks, even if it has Latino players on it, Latino fans will NOT come.

Meanwhile Prince Fielder has just had ANOTHER fine season in Detroit. Too bad this team didn't have Prince at 1st base the past two years instead of Dobbs & Lomo & El Caballo.

But blaming Beinfest for the Marlins troubles is only partially correct. Everyone knows the main problem is the Triple Chinned Fat Man, Jeffrey Loria. Too bad MLB can't fire HIM!


The remarks about Stanton are hilarious. I guess people forget that he's STILL ONLY 23 YEARS OLD. Only a know nothing MORON would compare Stanton to Dave Kingman. Stanton is the ONLY Marlin that puts any fear at all in opposing pitchers' hearts. Take him out of the line up and every team coming to play the Fish will say two words: THANK YOU. Yes, he has had a down year. But even in a down year and after missing 40 games he still hit 24 HRs. His RBI totals are terrible. Why? BECAUSE THERE'S USUALLY NOBODY ON BASE WHEN HE GETS HIS EXTRA BASE HITS! Not Stanton's fault.

When they DO trade him away (Loria will not pay him 6-8 million dollars, the cheap FAT IDIOT) he will go on to another team and he will produce over there BIG TIME. He is not even near his prime yet.

Another thing about Stanton's play this year: he obviously wants OUT of here. He is not stupid. He saw how Hanley got out of here, and he appears to be doing the same thing. All you know nothing FOOLS who are chirping "get rid of Stanton" will look so STUPID a few years from now when he's in LA and tearing up the league, the way Hanley is doing.


Signing Dobbs is a mistake. It's obvious he has lost a lot of bat speed and can no longer catch up to mid to upper 90 mph fastballs, which are no longer rare these days; it seems every team has several guys that throw 95 or better, and Dobbs just can't get his bat around anymore to hit them. But signing him is CHEAP, which is Loria's Middle name.

Redmond has NOT impressed me. I would not say he cost us 30 games, but he did not show a lot of innovation, either. He damn sure ain't Joe Maddon when it comes to thinking outside the box! And he totally BLEW IT with Jose Fernandez, throwing his best pitcher UNDER THE BUS instead of supporting him in that Braves altercation.


Hi Alex...sooooo they took off your straight-jacket today and let you in the computer room at the state mental facility. Be a good guy and dont run away this time. Dont forget to take your meds like last time.


Whoopee!!! ...Marlins walk off in the 10th ...avoid 101st lost..act like they won the World series..

Stan M

As a know nothing fool, I'm probably wrong, but it was my understanding that Heath Bell was signed because of Loria's insistence.

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