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Jose Fernandez is NL Rookie of the Month for August

CHICAGO -- Jose Fernandez was named the National League Rookie of the Month for August, making it the second straight month he's won the award.

Fernandez went 3-1 with a 1.15 ERA in his six starts last month. He struck out 49 in 39 innings.

Fernandez is scheduled to make his next-to-last start of the season on Friday when the Marlins open a 3-game series against the Nationals at Marlins Park. Fernandez has yet to lose (7-0) in his home park. Both of his two remaining starts will be played at Marlins Park.

Braves pitcher Alex Wood was second to Fernandez for top N.L rookie in August.

Fernandez and the Dodgers' Yasiel Puig are considered the two frontrunners for N.L. Rookie of the Year honors, which will be announced after the postseason. 


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Marlin Fan

Flynn decent debut . Why isn't Mathis catching a guy making his MLB first start ?? Please don't give me the night/ day game nonsense , Mathis platooned most the season and should still be fresh . .... Great job by Redmond closing the barn door after the horse is out , with Ramos . Too bad Chisek can't pitch 3 innings at a time .

Stan M

Flynn not worthy of Mathis? Unbelievable, especially when Thursday is an off day. For some reason, pre and post game shows are blacked out for me on Direct TV, so I really hadn't heard a Redmond interview until recently. Now better understand why he makes questionable decisions during games. He doesn't sound like a person in any danger of having to carry around a three digit IQ.


Stan...Surprised you would say that about Redmond. He always speaks highly of you.

Stan M

Dear fellow posters,
I have noting to say either. However, please, as many as possible, say nothing, but at least post it. We don't want to lose this forum for lack of interest. This looks awful.
S&W, a couple of days ago we discussed things we did not like. I posted one, but a new blog had been started. I can't stand the prominent role that the Clevelander is given during telecasts. Dancing girls and family fun simply don't mix in my opinion. I'll bet Rich and Tommy cringe when they have to advertise a damn bar during a baseball game. Your thoughts?


I doubt that Rich and Tommy are pressured into plugging the Clevelander, but I think the games at Marlins Park are so boring with 500 fans in attendance all sitting on their hands that the announcers will try anything to hang onto their audience.
Don't know why they have to keep showing all the half-naked dancing girls when viewers are already bored stiff, if you know what I mean.


Stan...I'm here everyday...just not posting much. Looks like the Marlins are going to smash my 55 game win prediction!

Stan M

You'll be closer than I. I predicted 2 more than last year...71 or 72

Marlin Fan

Great move starting Polanco , who has NO future with the team . You bring Coughlan up to see him at third , and then stick him in an overcrowded outfield . Makes sense .


Tonite,they cranked up their fake crowd noise soundmachine for Jose.


My guess...Redmond used Polanco at third to give Fernandez a boost on defense and help his shot at ROY. Turns out he didn't need no steenkin' help. Another great showing.

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