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Leyland calls Tigers end-of-season visit to Miami "point blank silly"; LoMo talks about what went wrong

WASHINGTON -- You'd figure the Tigers wouldn't have too much to complain about, given their high position in the standings. But Tigers manager Jim Leyland, ever the crusty one, lambasted the schedule-makers for having Detroit end its season in a National League ballpark, and Miami in particular. They'll be in town next weekend.

Check out the Detroit News story on what Leyland had to say by clicking here.

Leyland pulled few punches.

Leyland"I think it's totally unfair for an American League team to finish in a National League city for the last three games of a season," Leyland said. "I'm not trying to open a can of works, or upset the people who make out the schedule, but I think it's ridiculous to send an American League team. By (finishing in an NL city), you risk a pitcher getting hit by a pitch, pulling a muscle in batting practice or running the bases. It's silly, Point blank silly."

Leyland also bemoaned the fact he won't be able to use a designated hitter, Victor Martinez in the Tigers' case.


In case you missed it in the print edition, here's a note I had on Logan Morrison talking about his season:

 Logan Morrison cited several factors for what has been a mostly disappointing season: his continuing recovery from two knee operations in two years, inconsistent mechanics at the plate, inconsistent playing time, and the large dimensions at Marlins Park.

“I think, honestly, what it is is not playing for a long time and then coming back and trying to be consistent, and just not really knowing how to do that, forgetting how and trying to remember,” Morrison said.

Morrison, who missed the first two months of the season while working his way back from a second surgery to his right knee, has hit only .229 since the All-Star break and his six home runs are tied for the fewest among major league first basemen with at least 300 plate appearances. Morrison has hit only one home run all season at home -- albeit a tape-measure blast -- compared to five on the road.

“It’s definitely a factor,” Morrison said of the Marlins’ huge ballpark. “And that translates into the average not being there, too. You drive balls to the wall and they get caught. Not only is it not a homer, it’s not a hit.”

Morrison is not alone among Marlins players who would like to see the team bring the fences in.

“I think that would make it fair,” Morrison said. “But it’s not my decision.”

Morrison said he is looking forward to his first surgery-free offseason since 2010-11.

“I hope it makes all the difference,” Morrison said. “Actually being able to build strength in my legs instead of having to rehab and get my other leg as strong as my non-surgical leg, and having a nice relaxed offseason without adding scars would be good.”

He’ll also begin the salary arbitration process for the first time following the season, too.


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Marlins total failure but, Jose Fernandez, Adeini Hechevarria, Solano, Lucas, Chiset, Walls and AJ Ramos.


Hey Lomo...using Marlins Park for an excuse? How come you hit better there {.257},than on the road {.228} with almost th same amont of games-38Hto41R and ABs 140H to 136Road. Sure you hit more homers on the road but have more 2B and 3B at home{11} to 6 on the road. Come up with a better excuse. Like ,your numbers reflect your true ability,instead what an assorted amount of hopeful,wishful optimists project for you.

Flav. C


Not only Lomo, but also lots of Marlins players (and some beat reporters) have used the field dimensions as an excuse for the horrible offensive numbers.

The interesting fact is that opposing teams not only had more HRs than the Marlins here in Miami (48 vs 36), but also had more extra-base hits (248 vs 154) and better bat avg (.256 vs .234).

Stan M

The ballpark isn't the problem. The man who reigns over it is. It is my belief, correct me if wrong, that a huge outfield helps, not hurts a batting average itself.


Lomo should ask Stanton what his excuse is for hitting .317BA 15Hrs 14/2B and a 1.081OPS at Marlins Park, while slumping to a .195BA only 8HRs 10/2B and a .661OPS on the road. Maybe they can swap excuse writers.


I want to congratulate Mr. Loria and his FO pawns for exceeding my 55 win prediction this season. I never imagined that you would beat it...in fact there were times I thought you would come in under 55. Mr. Loria, you have become exceptional with leading baseball teams to last place finishes... 3 in row!!! Your making us Marlin fans proud....I tip my hat to you.


Keep the faith Lomo-ites...Lomo could get hot the last week of the season,leaving all his tweeps gushing with expectations about next years great potential. Plus Lomo will be getting his first million $$$ Arb contract and he's getting married ,instead of going under the knife,in NOV. The future looks great for Mr.Lomo. After all ,he's got a great swing.

Stan M

You neglected to mention that he is also the nomination from this team for the Roberto Clemente award for community service. Your clairvoyance is only exceeded by your selectivity.


mentioning the names Lomo and Clemente in the same sentence is not easy.


Two thing that I hate the most in baseball are described in this article. MLB managers complaining and wanting change when something is inconvenient to their team and MLB players ramping the excuse machine.


Marlins have better pitchers than hitters. Pitchers win. Marlins Park should stay the same. Marlins should learn how to play Whitey Ball.


Herzog...What you said.


good idea Herzog...tell us where the Marlins can come up with an Ozzie Smith,Vince Coleman,Wille McGhee,Keith Hernandez and then a Jack Clark,with Loria as the owner.


Lomo talks about what went wrong???...Really??? Story should read how a 22nd round draft choice with a High School education, that's a mediocre at best ballplayer, can earn over a million dollars before the age of 27. Nothing went wrong. What a country!!!

alexis c.

GED, You have your choice of countries if you don't like this one. May I suggest Somalia. Or Kenya is nice this time of year.

c. alexis

^^^^^^idiotic response on a sports blog^^^^^^^^


If the team had a brain they would trade Lomo along with Coghlan to the Red Sox.

There are two reasons: first each are basically opposite field hitters and both are Irish. That wall in left would be a great target for Lomo in particular.

The Red Sox should be willing to give something decent up for these two.

Flav C.


Can we please include Dan Jennings and Chris Hatcher on it? One-way ticket, please.


Lomo and his agent Fred Wray will have a rather contentious Arb hearing with the Marlins,after Loria lo-balls them and tells them how much Lomo sucked this season. Lomo and Wray will counter what a good swing and plate discipline everybody like scouts,announcers and certain homer fans says he has. Ouch. Arduous times ahead. Either way,Lomo will come out ahead thanks to the union not letting him get spanked too bad for being a big letdown this season.


I hope Loria and Beinfest soon regret getting Carlos Lee for Dominguez. Morrison should have been at 1B all along!

Stan M

Bless me, Dr NO, for I have sinned. It has been several days since my last confession when I commented that LoMo has a good swing. Had no idea that opinions aren't allowed. However, I won't promise not to sin again.


On the contrary Mr M. ,judging by the results,Lomos sweet swing has proven to be enigmatic to us all. Regards to Moneypenney.


Lomo should be able to make all he can. While I sit here not having to worry about a thing, I still fret over 73% of the famlies living from paycheck to paycheck, am also concerned that 79% of Americans will need to work at something until the day they die, I wonder what will happen when the marvelous(not being facetious) technology makes even more jobs obsolete or with not enough people to fill them(see education system), still think it's sad that the young people will no longer be able to look toward better lives as did their parents, also don't know what the reaction will be when the disparity between Top 10 and the next 90 becomes too onerous, am especially concerned about what reaction will be when the knowledge eventually settles in that there will be little advancement in class or status going forward. Not ready for a Marie Antoinette moment for maybe about 20 more years but then it could get interesting. Very interesting.

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