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Ozuna, Slowey will head into off-season healthy

Marlins manager Mike Redmond had good news to share before Tuesday's game: pitcher Kevin Slowey (right forearm tightness) and outfielder Marcell Ozuna (ligament tear and fracture in his left thumb) resumed baseball activities this week and will head into the off-season healthy.

"Slowey threw a bullpen today and said things went well," Redmond said. "He threw 25 pitches. So that's good news for him. Obviously he's not going to pitch this season, but for him personally his frame of mind going into the off-season knowing he's going to be healthy that's good for him.

"I didn't mention [Ozuna] yesterday, but he's been swinging the bat the last couple of days. He looks great, has himself in good shape. It looks like his hand is feeling good. He swung the bat good. It's just a timing thing. I think for him too going into the off-season knowing he's feeling good is definitely a good sign. Now he can prepare himself for spring training and get himself ready to compete and win a job."

Slowey, who turns 30 next May, is arbitration eligible this off-season. He went 3-6 with a 4.11 ERA and could be a solid option at long reliever. Ozuna, who turns 23 in November, will likely end up competing with Jake Marisnick to be Miami's third outfielder alongside Christian Yelich and Giancarlo Stanton.

"Every time I show him the lineup card he reminds me he's not on that card," Redmond said of Ozuna. "I tell him 'You will be, don't worry.' He's a good kid, one of those that makes you smile. I know how hungry he is and I'm excited for spring training to see these guys come in and compete. I know there is going to be some great battles for positions and it should make for an interesting spring."


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Stan M

Flags and Dr NO,
Did you watch tonight's game. They took my question about LoMo and I mentioned stuff about his knee. They also spent a whole inning talking about my question about the finger outside of the glove


Yes MR M. see previous entry... Well done, Sir.

Stan M

Thank you, and hope you stay on this blog. Rich Waltz came up to my son and me and spoke for about ten minutes at an Atlanta game. Clark Spenser spent half an hour with us, was a font of information, and couldn't have been more friendly.

If you stay, you'll see that I'm somewhat of a rebel and sometimes take a contrary view just to stir up some controversy. If we all agreed all the time, this blog would be very boring. FYI, I'm 77 and grew up with the Boys of Summer, my dad actually was in charge of the bone work in Roy Campanella's operation. Spent middle years loving the Mets and after moving to Marco Island in 1987, adopted the Marlins. Am an avid reader, have over 100 baseball book inventory; recently counted them. Have extensive inventory of baseball memorabilia, over 10 K worth of stuff that I want to sell. Anyone interested, I'll send inventory. If I live long enough, look forward to this team in 2015. We should all love it.


Stan M, you are the biggest know nothing blowhard on this blog. Can't wait for your next butt kissing "Dear Mister Loria" post.


This team just lost their 100th game. With fans like Stan M, it's not surprising. There is really only one thing Marlins fans can hope for:

1) Loria sells the team ASAP

Other than that, Stanton, the only guy who puts any fear into opposing pitchers will probably be traded by the Cheap Fat Moron who owns the team, because he is due major bucks in arbitration. Stanton obviously wants out of here anyway. He will eventually go to the West Coast where he will eventually surpass 600 career HRs easily.

The manager, Mike Redmond, has stained himself forever with the shabby way he threw Jose Fernandez under the bus after his final game. Sure, the Cheap Fat Moron gave him a bad team, but he showed ZERO ability as a manager this year. The team lost 100 games and he must shoulder some of that weight.

Chris Coughlan should be given a shot at playing 3rd base next year. The stupid Front Office is to blame for his precipitous fall from Rookie of the Year in 2009 to marginal bench player by trying to make a center fielder out of noodle armed Chris, who really should have been playing the infield all along.

Logan Morrison is a terrible defensive 1st baseman, which is also the fault of the stupid Front Office. They tried to make an outfielder out of him (LMAO!!!) and that cost him two years of practice & experience at 1st base.

Both of those incredibly stupid moves were hailed by that schmuck Joe Frisaro, by the way, who never says ANYTHING BAD about any moves the moronic Marlins Front Office makes.

In a perfect world there would be a new owner, new manager, new Marlins beat writer, and new fans to replace self aggrandizing old farts like Stan M.

Unfortunately, this is a FAR from perfect world.


Finally, this was the most pathetic offensive team I can remember, and I'm in my mid fifties. When you get LESS than 10 HRs COMBINED from your corner infielders, you are going to SUCK big time, which is exactly what happened. But when your Cheap Fat Moron owner signs guys like Placido Polanco and gives away Matt Dominguez who hit 21 HRs and drove in 75 runs, what do you expect?

Stan M

Alex snuck back on again.


How come Alex has'nt commited suicide yet? Miserable


Hey Alex...why are you stll paying attention to the Marlins if they make you such a wretched beatch? Lifes too short to be a complaining whining diiiick. Move on

Stan M

Alex, much of what you say about baseball is topical and valid. Why must you go off on these rants about personalities you don't like? Couldn't you differ with Joe Frisaro and myself, as others do, without making everything personal? You must know that you will be barred from this site again and it's a damn shame. Why don't you apologize here as Lou Vales did when he realized he had gone too far. I think you would be allowed to stay if you cleaned up that part of your act. I by far have been your biggest target and I'm willing to forgive and forget. Think about it. Right now you are not viewed as someone with good insight into baseball, but as a psycho. You could change that if you wanted to and really tried.


not sure if alex is acting like a jerk or if it comes natural, but he should wise up. there is no reason to attack baseball fans that post here. if you don't like baseball, or the marlins, just go away. life is short, don't spend your time in misery.


Ah Alex, where have you gone this past year? I miss your poignant thoughts about out of position players and our waste of space owner, and of course not to mention your viscious venom spewed towards one of the only people out there who actually reads and posts helping to keep this blog alive.

Before I forget, LMFAO. STANTON our only player, blaahhhhh. Blowhard ideed.
Last thought: I really hope Stanton proves to be 1/2 as good as you believe he is because right now he isn't close. For some reason we (myself included) get too turned on by the longball and a one-trick pony gets discovered and had quickly.

Stan M

rbleigh, agree about Stanton. I would rather see 3 390 foot HRs that one 46o feet and it seems as if is constantly going for the 460.

Flav C.


These are the stats of those 2 players, up to when they were 23 years old, covering their first few seasons (Their first 1160 at bats as major league players).

Player 1: 163 Runs, 190 RBIs, 298 Hits, 69 2Bs, 6 3Bs, 72 HRs, 360 SO, .257 bat avg.

Player 2: 208 Runs, 171 RBIs, 279 Hits, 58 2Bs, 6 3Bs, 72 HRs, 370 SO, .241 bat avg.

Very similar.

Anyone taking a guess? Obviously, one of them is a current Marlins player.

Stan M

Flav, a couple of days ago you mentiond a couple of players you would like to see disappear. Here are my choices for players from the 40 man roster who should go:
*Slowey...might be good to keep, but arbitration eligible so Loria will only offer a minor league deal
*Sanabia...much too hittable
*Chris Hatcher...ditto
*Sam Dyson...ditto
*Koyie Hill...we have 2 replacements for the 40
*Velaquez...didn't belong in first place
*Joe Mahoney...good idea, didn't pan out
*Austin Kearns...Diaz is a better hitter
*Steve Ames...not a prospect...we have much better
*Josh Wall...ditto
*Polanco...his talents best as reserve on better team

*Silverio...keep if possible...great tools in past
*Pierre...if place available, possible a coach?

Promote to roster:
*Heaney...a no brainer
*Flynn...led league in ERA, got to see more of him
*Conley...maybe late in year...good stats
*Realmuto...late in year, better bet than Hill
*Keys...should be in CF by September, and leadoff
*Barnes...a catcher who can hit, not yet ready for ML
*DeSciafani...biggest surprise in minors this year
*Willgren...probably better now than Ames and Wall

Stan M

Flav, a guess...Eddie Mathews 3B on Braves

Flav C.


Pierre, Polanco, Diaz, Dobbs, Kearns, Kotchman, Qualls, Koyie Hill - All those guys are free-agents in 2014, and combined for approx $ 10 million of the payroll.

The Marlins will have to be selective of who they want to keep, because in 2014, the following players are arb eligible: Stanton, LoMo, Coghlan, Slowey, Dunn, Ruggiano, Cishek, Webb, Hech.

If the Marlins decide to keep those players above, it would represent their combined salaries moving from $5 million to somewhere around $ 13-15 million.

Silverio had his 2nd Tommy John surgery. He is done.
Barnes a hard bet as a catcher. The Marlins like his at-bats so they are moving him around, playing a lot of 2B.

All the guy you want to see gone, I'm 100% with you and I would throw in Dan Jennings (the pitcher).

By the way, the two players I showed the stats above (in case anyone is interested) that had similar stats at 23 years old after 1160 at bats) are Stanton and Adam Dunn.


Flav, but 2 important stats you left out are BB and OBP
I'd be curious to see those and may have to look them up myself tonight.


Haven't posted much this year but as soon as I saw Alex with his incredibly rude remark about Stan I had to chime in. I certainly appreciate all the info about the minor league guys that is shared on this blog as well as the old stories from Stan. I may be reading from afar and regardless of all the losses it's still baseball. BTW the "Baker Act" may have to be used on Alex for the safety of the community at some point.

Flav. C


Stanton: 137 BBs and .386 OBP
Dunn: 240 BBs and .379 OBP

I will include Prince Fielder's stats here for his first 1160 at bats when he was around 22-23 so we can have a very good hitter to compare with Dunn and Stanton:

183 runs, 326 hits, 72 2Bs, 3 3Bs, 76 HRs, 201 RBIs, 249 SOs, .281 bat avg, 135 BBs, and .397 OBP.

So, basically, Stanton seems to be trapped between Dunn and Stanton, as far as his stats and performance.

Stan M

In my ignorance, I didn't know what the "Baker Act" was. Looked it up. That is precious. And thank you for the kind words.

Stan M

Flav, I think Kotchman is already gone. Am I wrong? This arbitration business is most dangerous time for our team. Loria has let some good players walk rather the pay then. Last night another former Marlin, Jason Vargas, pitched a complete game shutout. Do you think Keys will be permanent member of team in late 2014? I certainly hope so.

Flav. C


You're absolutely right. I meant the Russian, Kuzmanoff. Thanks for catching that.

Stan M

What a strange game. I don't think I ever saw two such flagrantly bad umpire calls in the same game. Marlins won despite Redmond, not because of him. Again he showed that he is tactically challenged. Letting Koyie Hill hit in the 8th was impossible to believe. He had BOTH LoMo and Dobbs on the bench, and even Bradley was a better bet. Didn't he realize, as I'm sure we all did, that Hill would strike out. Utter stupidity and there was Pierre not stealing, ditto Ruggiano. Flags, can you figure out statically whether stolen bases work more frequently than bunts. Personally, I would almost never have a position player bunt with a runner on first and no outs. I'm not even sure about bunting with a man on 2nd and no outs. Especially with this bunch!
Unless he came out between innings, Redmond sat on his hands after that awful call on Yelich and that cost a run, too. I still say, this team will never reach a top level with Redmond at the helm.


Kouzmanoff is of Macedonian decent and is one of only four players in MLB history to hit a grand slam in his first MLB at bat. Jeremy Hermida is another.


The Heralds Barry Jackson writes that Dobbs and Loria have agreed to terms for next year. Good move.

Flav C.

Looking forward to see Dobbs back in 2014.

And all his .213 bat avg as a pinch-hitter too.

Flav C.


Redmond allowed Koyie to hit in the 8th because he thought "o.k. 51 at bats and no RBIs...52 is the charm!"

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