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Redmond says it's time to move on and focus should be on Jose Fernandez's bid for Rookie of the Year

A day after saying his young ace "ruined the night" for hot-dogging his first career home run in his last start of the season, Marlins manager Mike Redmond said Thursday it's time to move on and the focus should be on Jose Fernandez's bid to earn National League Rookie of the Year honors. 

"He's a young kid and he's going to be one of the top pitchers in this league for a long time. You want your pitchers and players to be judged for the way they pitch and the way they compete, not the theatrics," Redmond said.

"Unfortunately for him what gets overshadowed by last night is the year that he's had and how dominant he's really gone out there and pitched. We should be talking about him for rookie of the year. For me he is. We should be talking about how great a year he had as a pitcher and rookie of the year instead of what we are."

Redmond took some criticism from the public and a few MLB analysts for being too harsh on his best player.

"Everybody has their opinion and if you're only watching two clips of that game than I can see how they can say whatever they want," Redmond said. "But if you're around here and this clubhouse every single day... I think the important thing is we're a young team, 30 games under, we're teaching guys to respect the game and play the game the right way. That's a teaching moment, learning moment for Jose. I know he understands where I'm coming from and where his teammates are coming from and that's it."

Fernandez, who apologized profusely after the game Wednesday for embarrassing his teammates and coaches, admitted he was a little too amped up. After the benches cleared and play returned to normal, he said several of his teammates took him into the batting cage area underneath the stadium to talk to him.

"For sure, I can promise 120 percent that will never ever happen again," Fernandez said. "No matter what happens in the game, I'll never show anybody up. To me that's embarrassing."

Closer Steve Cishek said the situation was also addressed in the clubhouse after the game.

"He's a competitor and you want to play around anyone that is like that," Cishek said. "Every single game he's gone out there he's been fiery, yelling at himself, whatever it is to get himself going. He's fun to watch. Like I said before, he's good kid, but let one get away from him, got a little too excited. It happens. He's going to learn from it, we're going to learn from it and we're all going to move on."

Cishek there is no doubt in his mind Fernandez should be the rookie of the year.

"I'm not disappointed. He was unbelievable this year," Cishek said. "If you've ever seen him throw a bullpen we knew he was going to be good. But we never expected, I don't anybody knew it was going to be ridiculous like this. He was outstanding all year. It's no surprise he finished it well or that he capped it off with a homer. It's all he tries to do in pitcher's [batting practice] anyway.

"Everyone is not going to be puppy dogs out there and he has that little extra gear. But like I said he's young. You see a lot of young guys lose it out there. But like I said before I guarantee you he'll learn from this and it will be forgotten about."

> With Nathan Eovaldi getting scratched from his scheduled start Thursday and his back still tight, the Marlins are moving their rotation around before opening a four-game series Friday against the Mets.

Left-hander Brad Hand (1-9, 4.54 ERA in his career) will make his first start of the season Friday. Right-handers Henderson Alvarez and Jacob Turner will pitch in Saturday's double-header. New York native Tom Koehler will pitch Sunday. The Marlins still haven't decided who will start Monday when the team heads to Philadelphia. 


> Braves (87-58): 1. Elliot Johnson LF, 2. Justin Upton RF, 3. Freddie Freeman 1B, 4. Evan Gattis C, 5. Chris Johnson 3B, 6. Andrelton Simmons SS, 7. Dan Uggla 2B, 8. B.J. Upton CF, 9. Freddy Garcia RHP.

> Marlins (54-9): 1. Chris Coghlan LF, 2. Donovan Solano 2B, 3. Christian Yelich CF, 4. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 5. Logan Morrison 1B, 6. Ed Lucas 3B, 7. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 8. Rob Brantly C, 9. Brian Flynn LHP.


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Flav C.

So, can somebody say the Tigers duped the Marlins again?


Expect the Marlins to lose every game the rest of the season w/o Jose starting and them parading out their minor leaguers.


Redmond's a moron.

The Braves started it, Jose ended it.
Gattis and Johnson we're trying to punk him first.
He stood up fir himself.

Too bad his manager doesn't have his back.


Redmond still doesn't get it...Jose's "playfulness" got into the Braves head last night. They were swinging on their heels. Redmond should apologize to Jose for his harsh remarks. That was the best game of the entire season last night & Redmond didn't enjoy it.

Stan M

Spitballer, is Redmond more interested in winning games, or currying favor with a certain chubby little ogre? Many pointed out that few true professionals would be interested in managing this team in 2013. That might not be the case from this point forward as our prospects enter the scene and our young players mature. This is one time when I hope Loria loses patience and replaces Redmond with someone who knows which way up is. This is definitely not a manager that a team can eventually contend with while he is playing the puppet to anyone in higher authority.


Loria loves Jose like a son. I would wager a ton of money that Redmond was not following Loria's orders when he laid into Fernandez.
I hope all of you who were crying for the Marlins to bring up Flynn are happy. He's nowhere close to being a big league pitcher.


Redmond, you blanking MORON, just shut the Hell up and be happy your career record for managing will probably show you only about 46 games under .500.

Flav C.

I don't know if you guys noticed, but since the beggining of 2012, the Marlins had 4 guys ready to play short-stop position.

First we had Hanley at SS. Cancer in the locker room. Lazy. One day he was moved to 3B to give place to the SS of the future, Jose Reyes. Hanley was then traded for a bunch of prospects. But no worries, we had Reyes, a perennial All-Star short-stop to play in Miami.

Soon enough Jose Reyes was traded. Too expensive. The Marlins brought not one, but two SS in this trade: Controversial, but extremely reliable Yunel Escobar. And along with Escobar, a young guy who scouts praised his glove, but also said they doubt he would have a above .250 bat in the majors. Adeiny Hechavarria, or Hech.

Just like Hanley, the Marlins asked Escobar to move to another infield position to give place to another "SS of the future". A very wise Escobar said no, and moved on to the exciting and playoffs bound Tampa Bay Rays.

Why should we worry, right? We now have the solid glove of Hech in SS!

So, how does this trade look now for the Marlins?

Hanley is batting .342, with a MVP-type of season.
Reyes after hitting the DL, is back to hitting .300.
Escobar hitting .260, and has the 2nd best fielding performance in the entire MLB.
Hech...well...Hech...defensively, only 2 SSs had a worse fielding performance than him. And offensively, only one SS in the NL has a worse batting avg than Hech.

So, we, fans, look at performance. And judging by performance we definitely got hoodwinked (nothing new here).

But one thing we learned about this FO is that they don't look at performance. They look at $$$.

So how does this trade look as far as $$$ from a Marlins FO point of view?

Hanley's Salary in 2013: $ 15 million
Reyes' Salary in 2013: $ 10 million
Escobar's salary in 2013: $ 5 million
Hech's salary in 2013: $ 2.7 million.

So, should we say "Good job FO"?

Sunny Dee

Redmond made the situation into a lot more than it needed to be. It "ruined" his night? The Marlins won the game! He could have spoken with Fernandez quietly and then let Fernandez do the talking after the game (which he did a great job of). Redmond did not have to open his fat mouth to the media and make Fernandez feel even worse about it. If I were a player, I would not trust Redmond. Where was he when Valianka and others were getting pushed around by Tino Martinez?


"Everybody has their opinion and if you're only watching two clips of that game than I can see how they can say whatever they want," Redmond said. "But if you're around here and this clubhouse every single day... "

-You mean to tell me this effing moron, in order to save his name from all the critics that are rightfully tearing him up for not defending his player, is willing to throw Jose under the bus even more by insinuating that his "bad behavior" (which we hadn't heard of until now) has gone on all year??!!! You should be ashamed of yourself Mike Redmond!

Stan M

What is the end result of Jose's last start? He looked great even if he wasn't at the absolute top of his game. He displayed a kind of class seldom seen among the egos of modern players in accepting blame for something that he wasn't completely responsible for in the first place. But of most importance, it exposed Redmond for more than just us fans to see. He obviously didn't have Jose's 6 as they say. He exasperated a minor situation by going public with a rebuke. And he told the whole baseball world that Jose's minor gaff (if it was one) ruined his whole day. Never mind the kid's historic performance or that his team won the damn game. To complete Sunny Dee's astute inquiry above, Redmond was and is sticking out of Loria's back pocket, a place he has inhabited all year. This team is bad enough. It doesn't need a manager who has shown tactical ignorance and personal relations that only befit a puppet. He simply must not be retained.


Does anyone know Redmond's significant other? I would like to ask that person if Redmond how how his day has been spoiled as a somewhat regular occurence. Red(who came up with that inspiring nickname? A hockey player?), you do realize you are just about done? Tell us you know that. PLEASE!!!! To label you a "cipher" would be to devalue the use of the word as a slur. There must be a better word for a butt kissing, tactically deficient, sycophantic, player back stabbing piece detritus.

Flav C.

Playing devil's advocate here.

I don't endorse Redmond's choice of words during the press conference. He could have done better in dealing with the incident publicly.

However, it is interesting to see that Redmond is not alone here. I don't see a single player coming out to Jose's defense publicly. Not even one. They all chose their words very carefully when asked about the situation and most of them pretty much used the same set of words (immature, too young, etc...), but not even a single player said "yeah, Jose did what he had to do and I got his back".

Again, Redmond could have done better and not thrown his player under the bus during the press conference.

However I think there is much more going on in that clubhouse than the public is aware of.


Big difference between the way Hanley responded to his public butt-chewing and the way Jose responded to his. That, plus the way the kid has treated the public and the community, says a ton about his character.


Flav C, LoMo had this to say the next day, after getting a chance to go back a see how the whole incident unfolded:

"I didn't realize the full effect of what happened last night," Morrison said. "Jose needs to calm it down still, but I don't feel he is fully in the wrong with what he did. I feel like they did some things to him that went unnoticed that need to be addressed and will be addressed. I don't think Jose should have been sold out the way he was sold out."

-It doesn't take a genius to realize who he was referring to when he said that Jose was "sold out".

Flav C.

J.P., that is true. LoMo was the only one who came out on Jose's defense.

Other guys, c'mon...they kept using the "he is immature", "he will learn", "he's young" type of jargon...

Stan M

Good for you, LoMo, good for you. I'm hoping there will now be others who say essentially the same thing. It is a good thing when teammates back a fellow player. It is ESSENTIAL that a manager do so. No more need be said, but much can be contemplated.

Stan M

Flav, I read your post above with interest. There is little doubt that your basic premise is correct. But I must ask you one question. Do you think that Hech is a below average fielding SS? Yes, there have been too many miscues recently, but I, based solely on personal observation, consider him a definite asset on defense and would rate him in baseball's top 10 and possibly top 5 on defense. Could a future Marlin team compete for a pennant with him at SS? I would say definitely, even if his hitting remains below par. I just looked it up and Pee Wee Reese made 47 errors in his first full season.

Flav. C


Hech fits like a glove in teams who have offensive power. Look at the Cards and the Braves. Both SS in their clubs are not good hitters, but are two of the best SS in the league defensively.
Since both teams are gifted offensively, their SS lack of offense is not missed, but their glove is a great addition.

The Marlins is a team who is in desperate need of good hitters, anyone who can hit over .270 and can add extra-bases. You look at their roster up and down, even their farm system and they simply don't have it. Hech does not hit well and scouts had already said 2 years ago (while he was only a prospect with the Jays) he would not be not even close to a .250 hitter.

Right now, and for the few years to come (unless all of a sudden he becomes as good a hitter as Reyes) he will be a waste in the lineup of a lousy hitting team.

He is the right guy in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Flav. C

Hech would definitely help his own cause just by learning how to bunt.

Stan M

Flav, I understand your position completely and your theory is sound. However, I must very respectfully disagree in this particular instance. It is for the very reason that this team can't hit a lick that his defense becomes so critical. We all realize that this team plays on a huge ballfield. In order to win under these circumstances, a team must feature superior defense and great pitching. If you have the necessary years, you will remember the Met teams with Bud Harrelson at SS. Neither he, not the rest of the team could hit worth a damn. Oh, but did they eever have pitching. And they won or were competitive for several years. Our young pitchers have shown themselves to already be average or slightly above. Reyes was not Hech's equal and Hanley was many steps below that. Neither Ozuna nor Marisnick has shown themselves to be major league hitters to date, but anyone watching games in which they played could see the power of their defensive ability. Yelich has also shown that he can catch a ball, although I'm not sure anyone has explained the value of a cut off man to him. Loria will never sign a good hitting free agent, we all also know that. So this team must continue to develop fine young pitching and on the field players who can help to display and reinforce their attributes. I honestly believe that the FO, despite Loria's meddling, is attempting to follow the principles that I just described. One other necessity for such a team's constitution is the ability to play "small ball". And this manager has shown almost no propensity to lean in that direction and that is why I'm hoping he is replaced. The Cardinals, Dodgers, Tigers and such superior hitting teams could win with a SS playing on one leg. That is not the case with our Marlins. Well, that's the opinion of this old man and thanks for listening.

Marlin Fan

Ozuna has shown he can hit , Marisnick not even close . Obviously Ozuna needs more experience and to refine and improve upon certain things , but for a rookie up from 10 games in double a ., to hit .265 and at the time led the team in RBI 's says something .

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