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Watch LoMo hit the longest HR in Marlins Park history

Logan Morrison launched a home run into the second deck in right center in tonight's third inning that was the longest ever recorded at Marlins Park -- no matter who is doing the calculating.

The folks at Marlins Park say it went 484 feet.

ESPN Stats and Information, which calculates home run distances for all ballparks, has it at 467, which equals the 8th longest home run of the season in the majors on their comprehensive list.

According to ESPN, here are the longest HR's hit at Marlins Park.

Friday           Logan Morrison          467

May 21, 2012     Giancarlo Stanton       462

August 18, 2013  Hunter Pence            459

April 10, 2013   Juan Francisco          459

Check out Morrison's blast for yourself:


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Flav. C

Morrison's first HR on this season at the Marlins Ballpark. And what a blast that was!

Stan M

Some general thoughts after tonight's game:
1) LoMo had been denigrated for his fielding, sometimes with good reason. however one thing that is being ignores is his excellent ability to stretch. He is excellent in this area.
2) Coghlan hit all but one of his ABs very hard, and has been generally been doing so since being recalled.
3) Stanton actually showed better pitch selection.
4) For a new year, teams make trades and/or free agent signings to become better. For the Marlins, we have our forgotten man, Coghlan, who can be around as an all around above average hitter. Also, we will also have Yelich as another above average hitter. Furthermore, two young pitchers, who were not available for the first half of 2013, will be available all year. Lastly, we have seen two young players (Ozuna and Detrich) , neither of whom was a first rate prospect, show that each has a promising upside. We have seen a closer come to the forefront as a valuable commodity.
5) We have seen our possible catcher of the future look terrible on defense and even worse on offense, showing a glaring need.
6) We have seen a rookie manager who was respected for his motivational skills and for not being Ozzie, but who was sadly lacking in tactical skills.
7) We seem to have finally found an excellent pitching coach.
8) Our owner has again shown a tendency to interfere as well as a degree of petulance seldom see in ML ownership.
9) We have generally experienced a dismal year, but one that portends of future success.
1) Our minor league prospects have, in general, been good to excellent.


Nice to see Lomo get a hold of Harens' 88mph 1st pitch BP fastball.


Stan, Agreed with every one of your points. How much longer is Coghlan under club control? I can't believe he is too happy. How in the Hell is Infante hitting .328 for the Tigers--no, he's not near Cabrerea in the order---he's working on a 5 for 5 tonight.


It's still not as impressive as the scoreboard breaker.


Watching the young talent has been interesting to watch....the problem I'm having with it is that I don't trust the current owner & fo to keep the good ones around long enough to have a winning team.

luv baseball

agree with the scoreboard breaker being more impressive homerun...at 122 mph. also agree with the lack of credibility of numnuts loria and his front office.

anybody know where Jose learned to speak English as well as he does? only here 5 years and he speaks as though he was born here. is fidel teaching his captive Cubans to speak English?

Stan M

My understanding is that he took as many English courses as possible in HS. Could not speak English when he arrived from Cuba


Tonites game will not be on TV due to lack of interest.

Stan M

If Coghlan can transfer to 3B, and so far the answer would be probably defensively and definitely offensively. That leaves our most glaring weakness at behind the plate. Attached is a list of all potential free agents for the upcoming year. The only guy I would consider is Saltamanacchia. He's 29 YO and not prohibitively expensive and a switch hitter. I'd give him 2 years and be happy. Brian McCann is too expensive and hits left handed and we're too heavy there already. If that won't work, I'd trade one of our starting pitchers not named Alex, Marisnick, Nicolino, and Brantly for LaCroy. It doesn't have to be that group above, but we are in the enviable position where we can trade prospects for a good fit in a needful position. Any thoughts from those of you with more imagination that I?




Stan..Can't believe the Brewers would even consider trading Lucroy.

the Ol'Perfessor

Good thing Lomo was smart enough to strike out on a wild pitch? passed ball? with 2 outs and a runner on 1st. He started a rally to avoid the shutout and they scored 2 runs. Amazzzzzin

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