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Five Marlins elect free agency

A total of five Marlins -- none of them surprises -- elected free agency today as the end of the World Series marked the start of the "Hot Stove League."

Chad Qualls, Juan Pierre, Placido Polanco, Austin Kearns and Matt Diaz were among the 147 players putting their names in the free agent hopper on Thursday. With the exception of Qualls, it's doubtful the Marlins will attempt to re-sign any of them. And Qualls could very well be out of their price range (a number of teams expressed interest in the veteran reliever before the July 31 trade deadine, but the Marlins -- thinking he would help them avoid 100 losses -- held on to him. So much for that).

Teams can begin negotiating with free agents on Tuesday at 12:01 a.m.

The Marlins performed a bit of roster housecleaning on Thursday, exercising their club option on right-hander Jacob Turner for $1 million. Again, no surprise there. The Marlins also reinstated outfielder Marcell Ozuna from the 60-day disabled list. Their 40-man roster now stands at 32 players.


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Go Heat!

Who cares. The Heat season started!!!


Marlins have a good team, but need at least add some players to compete for attend post season series; they are: # 1 A decent 3rd base who can hit wrsp, maybe Lowry from Blue Jays. MaRLINS Need make a trade for this guy, #2 A decent reliever if Chad Qualls go out. # 3. A decent manager who knows the baseball principles; putting Placido Polanco as fourth (clean up) in the line up show the unknown of the baseball principles.

^^^^ a hole^^^^



Here's a question If the Marlins where going after Abreu the Cuban 1st baseman and stopped after it got past let's say 5o mil. how come they didn't add the same amount to payroll. for let's say an extra 5-7 mill a year could add a couple of good free agents or at least a couple of very good relievers.

Norman B.

Why should Loria spend any money when he doesnt have to. He will also pocket the extra 26 million each team will get in 14' from MLB TV contract. S.Fl. deserves to be screwed by Loria,as they are a bandwagon idiot filled sports town that only show up for big events. Show up late and leave early. But they can twitter their pics on the social media that they were there. Loria will continue to bend over Miami and Miami will say Thank You Sir , May I have another. Miami deserves to get effed by the best shyster in MLB.


what would be better than signing Kawasaki from the blue jays what a funny guy if you don't know him look him up on youtube. could be a good second baseman to team up with hecheveria lots of hustle


juan v..Joe Frisaro says the Marlins offered $60 million for Abreu, but you know how reliable he is.

Harley Davidson

How about signing Yamaha & Honda? Marlins need team speed

tom from delray

Dear Lord-
Please have the MARLINS go 60-102 again next year and then move them to NASVILLE, ROANOKE, or SECAUCUS...


Tom...Why can't people get it through their heads that the Marlins are contractually obligated to remain in Miami until long after most of us will be dead and forgotten?

C Alvarez

They might as well be in Nashville,Roanoke, Secaucus or on the Moon. Very few go to watch them and even less than that care about their existence. If it wasnt for the other teams fans going to Marlins Park to watch their favorite team when they come to Miami,the place would become a homeless shelter.


There`s nothing on the field to pay to watch. ticket 50. parking 20. food 25. drinks 30. etc !!! and to watch at over 100 losses do the math. that`s why I watch every game on tv cost 85. all year Direct Tv

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