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Brett Butler, Frank Menechino join Marlins' coaching staff

Former major league player Brett Butler has been hired by the Marlins to be the team's new third base coach. In addition, the Marlins also announced the hiring of Frank Menechino as hitting coach. Brettbutler

The rest of the coaching staff will remain the same.

Butler, 57, hit .290 over a 17-year big-league career with the Braves, Dodgers, Indians, Giants and Mets.

Butler began his coaching career in 1998. Last season, Butler managed the Triple A Reno Aces (Arizona Diamondbacks) to the Pacific Coast League title.

An exceptional bunter during his playing days, Butler will also be placed in charge of the Marlins outfielders.

"He fills so many boxes," said Marlins general manager Dan Jennings. "This guy, No. 1, his pedigree and what he did as a Major League player for 17 years. He made his name in the game being a bunting, base running and outfield guy. He perfect those things, and did them extremely well. He is a guy we know him, we've seen his work in Double-A and Triple-A. We've talked to a lot of people who have been around him, and a lot of glowing reports of who he is and how he works with players. His expertise is something that should be beneficial to our players."

Menechino, 42, is a former major league infielder with the A's and Blue Jays. He becomes the fifth different hitting coach for the Marlins since Jim Presley was fired in 2010.

Menechino has been hitting coach for the New York Yankees' Double A and Triple A teams.

"He has great energy and a passion for hitting," Jennings said. "Very knowledgeable in terms of his thoughts and beliefs on what he looks for."

Butler was hired to replace Joe Espada, who was reassigned to manage Single A Jupiter.

"Brett and Frank bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from their years as players and coaches," said Michael Hill, Marlins president of baseball operations. "Coupled with our returning staff, we feel we have a tremendous mix of knowledgeable baseball men who will make our team better. "



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Stan M

Everyone and his uncle are all over Mattingly for pinch running for Gonzalez. That was bad enough, but there were two other decisions that astound me. One was pulling Grienke after 8 innings. He was obviously on his game and if not for Donnie Ballgames other blunder with Ethier in CF, could have been pitching a shutout. He got away with it, but barely as Wilson almost blew it in the ninth. What are these managers saving these pitchers for? Free agency? Scott Boros?
His second mistake was playing a rusty(the announcers said he was tested to see if he could run the bases and slide). How about if he could catch a fly ball? Beltran's ball hit below Ethier's glove. Would it have taken a good catch? Yes. A sensational catch? No. A competent CFer catches that ball and the game is over in 9 innings. You don't sacrifice defense in a key position in a playoff game. That's my opinion. Have at me.


Lets hope Ronnier Mustelier and Dan Johnson are not examples of what Menechino will achieve with the Marlins' hitters!

C. Stengel

Awwwright!!! big moves by the Marlins.These coaching hires should get the Marlins,who scored 513 runs last season ,closer the the next lowest team. The White Sox scored 598 runs. Definately these new coaches should fill that 85 run difference with these same stiffs,er, players. Way to go ,Gloria.Keep hiring new coaches,with the same core roster. Right , they'll be better because_________.Fill in the excuse,er,blank.


congratulations to Anibal Sanchez for getting out of Miami.


best wishes to all the ex Marlins playing in October and rising to the top after getting away from the Loria & Samson Circus. From the shithouse to the penthouses of MLB.


Way to go Anibal!

Lou Vales

Anibal pitching, Cabrera at 3rd, Infante at 2b, Nolasco pitching, Hanly at SS(Maybe)----


That's a pretty good team!!!

Lou Vales

Stan, Nobody is going to get after you for salient comments.


While Detroit now has its work cut out for them down 2-0 it would be great to see a matchup of Nolasco vs. Sanchez in the World Series.

Whoda thought?




Marlins hired two secondary coaches for next season, but what about the lead coach? Fans need know the name of the new lead coach. Nobody believe Marlins will have the same
manager; please, there are unemployed qualify and experienced managers where choice and that will be approved by the fans, among them for example Davie Johnson and Dusty Baker

juanita yanes

doesnt matter who coaches or manages this crappy bunch of players


Angels hire Don Baylor for hitting coach. Marlins hire Yankees minor league hitting coach. Enough said.


Marlins problems are: # 1. Get a qualify decent manager and # 2. get a decent 1st and 3rd base players who can hit with runner in scoring position. A qualify manager can win more than 25 games in the late innings of the game where the present manager unknown how maneuver should be done, and the two new players should replace Stanton and Morrison in the roll of clean up batters. Don't waste time and money hiring secondary coaches please. The fans don't like poor things and the results will be poor attendance and poor TV watchers


Marlins already have poor attendance and miniscule TV ratings.


What does lardass Loria know about hiring managers or coaches ,except that good experienced ones wont work for him.


IF Marlins not show a quality team for the next season most fans will feel frustrated and will harm to much the base ball love. The fans believed in the owner' word when he said before the new park was build; when a new park come we will have good players because we can spend more money; but what has been happening: # 1. A cheap unexperience mananager and most players earning the minimun salary

Stan M

A quick change of the subject. Here is Keith Law's scouting report on #2 prospect Andrew Heaney:

Andrew Heaney, LHP, Miami: Heaney showed a solid-average fastball at 90-92 with two plus-secondary pitches, a 79-81 slider with sharp tilt, and a 78-81 mph changeup with good arm speed and downward fade. He commanded all three pitches, even the slider, when aiming at a right-handed hitter's back foot, and he isn't that far from reaching the majors and having his owner refer to him as “the left-hander.”



Stan M

Where do we go from here?
Thank goodness the team didn't get Abreu for all of that investment money. In some ways he would have been a good acquisition, but with that much money at stake, there are other options that better fit this team's situation. Trading or letting LoMo walk at this low point in his career would buy the team no return . Better to gamble one more year on his potential upside if for no other reason that the team has more glaring weaknesses. Keeping Coghlan is anther no brainer for the same reasons. But how to improve the offense and at what positions. We need a catcher who can hit and even average productivity would be a tremendous improvement. That Salty guy from Boston is a free agent and I'd go all our for him if he's not resigned. His price wouldn't be horrible and his age is inducive to a 3-4 year contract. At 3rd base, our other black hole , I see two moderately priced possibilities. One would be Freeze from the Cardinals. They don't need him, his last year was a downslope, and he, too, would be a mid priced acquisition. A two year contract would be ideal for the Marins as Moran is in the wings. Another alternative would have been Peralta of the Tigers. His PED conviction should decrease his bargaining value and a one or two year contract at his age would be ideal. Unfortunately for the Marlins, he has dramatically increased his value to his parent club, the Tigers. The perfect solution would be to transport a goodly lot of our prospects to the Brewers for Lucroy. One of my fellow posters here said that this is an impossible scenario. However, the Marlins are rich in prospects, the Brewers are not, and they aren't going to compete for a few years anyway. As I see it, a well thought out trade or two could help this team attain respectability next year and groom us for a very rewarding 2015. I'd love to hear other ideas from the multitude of respected posters who have been missing lately.

juan v

Stan don't forget the rule five draft the problem they had last year was they took high risk players in lara and silveiro. there where some interesting players that where major league ready or close like jesus Aguilera from clevland and lobstein from tampa bay the phillies took him and he was there best pitcher in the minors this year. and there is also Cox and kousmanoff at third I think kousmanoff has power and has had good seasons in the majors in the mix if not it is time to add better options in minor league deals this off season and cut ties with both.

juan v

the main thing they should do is get qualls resigned cheap before he gets a better deal somewhere else and bring in a bunch of project relief pitchers. and bring in some vet hitters in for spring. and start scouting draft and international signings for next year there is not a lot of pop in the minors viosergy rosa,carlos lopez and felix munoz are a couple of seasons away and they are the more promising at first base and mark canha is not bad to take a look at.

Stan M

I too wonder why they didn't give that Kouz guy a good look. My guess would be that it involved a few extra quid that our esteemed owner didn't want to spend.


At the time of September call-ups, Kouzmanoff was doing well, but not great. The Marlins wanted to look at Coughlan at 3B, plus Lucas was hitting near average and already on the 40-man roster.


This is what we've come to view as an upgrade a conrner infielder with a career OPS of 700 in Kouzmanoff who is still such a good play that he hasn't cracked a MLB lineup since 2011, thank you, next.

I agree on the Abreu front but by all accounts he's a 1B at best and more than likely a DH in the other league. If I remember correctly the Marlins have had too many of those guys already. We all know Loria isn't opening up the wallet so we fans have to root for an immediate impact guy next June, the development of Moran (better be quick) and/or a capable Catcher.

Unfortunately the likes of Kouzmanoff, Eric Chavez, Saltalamachia, etc will have zero impact on the W/L column even if the Marlins had the greatest Manager in the world. And this includes big steps made by Eovaldi and Turner.


The manager plays a main roll in every game; example: in the game between Detroit vs Boston the last friday what happened? Mr. Leyland failed to make the appropriate maneuver; he leave starting pitcher with 94 throws start the inning # 7 with the scored ahead 2 to 1 Tigers, instead of call for his best pitcher Verlander to complete the innings 7, 8 and 9. because he needs win this game for sure if not no options remained; instead Leyland trust in his uncertain bullpen pitchers and loose the game without use his best pitcher.


In my opinion the war among the owners of the big leagues teams for pay the highest salary for get a player will end in bankrupcy. Every year the salaries going up and for free agents (domestic & foreign)the salary offer increases very much. I don't know if the sources of revenues can support these type of expenses.


They can you sign them to seven year deals at low cost the first and then trade them. that's how you sign big name players and afford them.

Flav C.

Juan Yanes, you really are the "king of the hindsight".

Every manager makes "crucial" mistakes according to your amazing hindsight. Verlander to start the 7th? Really?

Scherzer started the 7th with 94 pitches and could have gone 120 easily, it had nothing to do with pitch count. The one who screwed things up was the young Cuban shortstop who made a fielding error on what should have been a inning-end double play. Put the blame on who should be really blamed here.

If Leyland made any mistake that inning was to yank Scherzer out of the game.

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