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Low payroll teams in playoffs -- or not

With the Rays punching their playoff ticket by taking out Texas in Monday's tiebreaker, three of the five teams with the lowest payrolls -- Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Oakland -- defied the odds to reach October while the biggest spender, the New York Yankees, are watching from home.

Then again, it can also be said that the teams with the two lowest Opening Day payrolls in the majors -- the Marlins and Astros -- got what they paid for and ended up with the two worst records. Each lost at least 100 games.

Here's a team-by-team look at Opening Day payrolls as compiled by the Associated Press (playoff teams in bold):

  1. New York Yankees — $228,995,945
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers — $216,302,909
  3. Philadelphia — $159,578,214
  4. Boston — $158,967,286
  5. Detroit — $149,046,844
  6. San Francisco — $142,180,333
  7. Los Angeles Angels — $142,165,250
  8. Texas — $127,197,575
  9. Chicago White Sox — $124,065,277
  10. Toronto — $118,244,039
  11. St. Louis — $116,702,085
  12. Washington — $112,431,770
  13. Cincinnati — $110,565,728
  14. Chicago Cubs — $104,150,726
  15. Baltimore — $91,793,333
  16. Milwaukee — $91,003,366
  17. Arizona — $90,158,500
  18. Atlanta — $89,288,193
  19. New York Mets — $88,877,033
  20. Seattle — $84,295,952
  21. Cleveland — $82,517,300
  22. Kansas City — $80,491,725
  23. Minnesota — $75,562,500
  24. Colorado — $75,449,071
  25. San Diego — $71,689,900
  26. Oakland — $68,577,000
  27. Pittsburgh — $66,289,524
  28. Tampa Bay — $57,030,272
  29. Miami — $39,621,900
  30. Houston — $24,328,538

The Marlins faced eight of the 10 playoff teams and performed about the way you'd expect, going 17-38 in those games: Atlanta (6-13), Tampa Bay (0-4), St. Louis (2-4), Pittsburgh (2-4), Cincinnati (1-6), Dodgers (2-5), Detroit (3-0) and Cleveland (1-2). They did not play Boston or Oakland.


Once again, the Marlins are in the market for a new hitting coach. John Pierson, who took over as hitting coach when Tino Martinez resigned, has been reassigned to the minors.

Hitting coach has been a high turnover job for the Marlins in recent years. After the departure of Jim Presley, who served as hitting coach from 2006-10, John Mallee, Eduardo Perez, Martinez and Pierson have spun through the turnstile.




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I think John Mallee was very effective until he was let go. The offense went downhill after he left. Probably didn't agree with loria.

Vanilla Ice

The one who needs to go is scumbag Loria!

Flav C.


At the time, Hanley was not very fond of Mallee, who was very close with the guys he coached in the minors (Stanton, Morrison, Coghlan, Gaby).

Maybe that explains a little bit.


The Rays have the third lowest payroll in the Big Leagues, and but it's still about 40 percent higher than the Marlins' payroll. I think that pretty much tells the story. (I'll let Flav do the actual math because I don't have a calculator in my head like he does.)


deadspin.com running story about the dumazz Marlins printing the wrong date on their unused game tickets on sale from sundays no-hit game. typical.


Flav C-You got it right. hanley was a cancer to the team, even caused Freddie to be gone, possibly Mgr Edwin too. loria was in love with hanley. remember the huge piece of jewelry he gave hanley for winnin g the batting title but nothing of note to Coghlan for Rookie of the Year, while playing outfield for first time. always wondered if hanley wasn't close with the loria cougar too.


richiej...Loria's squeeze is not a cougar. A cougar is an older woman who goes after younger men. Definitely not the case with Loria and his lady.


The Marlins FO is not new my any means. These guys are just sitting in different chairs. I don't see any new ideas coming from Hill or Jennings. The wins & loses all boils down to who is picking the "groceries". Someone correct me if I'm wrong, Hill & Jennings both worked for the Devil Rays when that team was terrible. The Devil Rays were the laughing stock of baseball. The Rays didn't get better until the new owner came in a cleaned house.


IF Marlins had retained Carlos Lee and have a qualify manager in this end season for sure they had won at least thirty games more and were have 92 / 70 and competing for the wild card.


Juan...keep smokin that good sheet

Stan M

Juan, you have had many cogent posts. Is this kast one a joke?


Hill isn't worth crap. Loria likes to brag he's got a black guy with a Harvard degree running his team now. Like owning a rare piece of art. Thats all this is.


Marlins need make some trades to get a decents catcher and a 3rd base, but also, a qualify manager. Example: last game, was a miracle of God the victory off Tigers. Stanton (low runner)got first base being the winning run and was not changed for a pinch runner Marisny(speedy runner)neither when he arrived to third was changed, but God again gave a miracle with a huge wild pich which allowed Stanton go home walking without any effort.- the fans are tired to watch silly manager lost a lot of games in late innings because he fear to make a logical change.

the truth

The Tigers were here for a three game workout for the play-offs. They would have swept the Marlins using their full strength line-up the whole series.

dumass julio

hey Juan...Marisny was out with a bad knee. wake up

h. wayne hypinga

juan ...thought stanton was a low rider not low runner


Cougar!!!!!!!! She would only be a "cougar" if she was dating a 20 year old.


oops, my bad.


whadaya ya call them when they're with a fat old penguin ?

Stan M

Not terribly interested in these early playoff games. After reading about the Pirate win, in addition to feeling pleased, I had two thoughts. The first was that catcher Marin was also available, and at a cheaper price, when the Marlins signed the infamous John Buck. The second was a quiet thank god that Dusty Baker isn't our manager. Flav, I might not have a very high opinion of Redford, but I'd put him on a pedestal when compared to Ron Washington and Dusty Baker. I have no idea what cybermetrics thinks about this pair, but neither would even manage a team I owned.


Redford was a pretty good actor


When you see Tampa Bay Manager Joe Madon work, everyone admire him; how well he maneuver every game and how well he makes the line up; example yesterday he put Loney as # 3 in the line-up because the Indians pitcher was right, nevertheless when the opponent pitcher is lefty he move Loney to # 7 in the line up; there are things like these other unexperience manager like Redmond should learn, with Yeilich for example; remember to be successful everyone must learn from others; not persist in his own ideas.


Marlins to be successful in the next season and sell many tickets they need fill 3 big holes: 3rd base, catcher and manager; if they get 3 decents guys for these three positions then everyone fans will say now Go Marlins to post season games.


Tampa Bay is the better example in how a talent Manager can guide a team in the successful way it is very nice to watch every game of this team. Amateur managers should learn from these source


and yet Tampa's own citizens don't go to the games.

The End...

the truth

Attendance to MLB games in Fl. for both teams will always be low as there is more to do here in Fl than most places in the USA and due to the transient nature of the population they will always be fans of their hometown teams.


I guess Loria can try the hitting coach position....or not...?

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