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Marlins lose Alex Sanabia, Josh Wall on waiver claims

The Marlins lost a pair of pitchers -- Alex Sanabia and Josh Wall -- to waiver claims on Friday.

The Diamondbacks snatched Sanabia while the Angels acquired Wall.

While Wall was obtained from the Dodgers in the Ricky Nolasco trade in July and never pitched for the Marlins, Sanabia appeared in 28 games -- 24 of them starts -- in parts of three seasons, going 8-10 with a 4.15 ERA.

Sanabia made 10 starts this season (3-7, 4.88) for the Marlins before a groin injury in late May landed him on the disabled list, where he spent the remainder of the season. Due to shoulder injuries to Nathan Eovaldi and Henderson Alvarez in spring training, along with Jacob Turner's spring training struggles that landed him in Triple A, Sanabia started the season in the Marlins rotation.

Wall -- along with Steven Ames and Angel Sanchez -- was one of three pitching prospects the Marlins received from the Dodgers in the Nolasco trade. A former second-round draft pick for the Dodgers, Wall went 1-1 with a 3.27 ERA in 20 relief appearances at Triple A New Orleans after coming over in the trade.


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Who cares ? the Marlins are so loaded with pitching they feel they can give some away for nothing...

Stan M

Excellent. Had Sanabia been retained, he might have actually pitched in the ML again and added to his horror show of 2013. Wall was also taking up a valuable spot on the 40 man roster last year. As Casey Stengel would have said, "He was a 25 year old ballplayer whose future was that he would someday turn 26"." He actually did evaluate a young Met player with similar words.

These are those who are not terribly fond of LoMo. Here is an article that depicts a different perspective on him. Lou, if you're around, please read it. I know it won't buy him a base hit, but it helps to see him as more than a self centered young idiot.


Stan M

Tried to watch a couple playoff games in between the commercials. Focus groups would probably prove otherwise, but in my opinion, showing 6 consecutive 30 second commercials accomplishes only three goals. Initially, their volume and brevity render them collectively meaningless. Their length leads to channel surfing or recording the whole game so that they may eventually be circumvented. But perhaps most importantly, it teaches an entire populace how to close their thoughts and minds when something of disinterest is presented. No wonder no one follows what is really happening in the world. And with Fox spending a fortune to broadcast games in the future, we all can visualize how they will attain more income during broadcasts. There might soon be another minute or two between innings and relief pitchers will be made to crawl in from the bullpen so that another plug or two can be presented. After a couple of innings, I turned off the volume and read a book, glancing up occasionally if anything was happening. Of course, with strikeouts now so prevalent, nothing happens about 25 percent of the time anyway.
While trying to watch, it also reinforced how blessed we Marlin fans are to have Rich and Tommy. A miserable season, yet they helped to make it palatable. I was particularly shocked by the announcers of the Pirate game. They miss their callng. They could have a long and successful career in a sleep clinic. Five minutes with that pair would put a pyromaniac to sleep during a conflagration. And other announcers weren't much better with the exception of Ron Darling. He was OK, but if teamed with our Rich, he could be made to shine.


Lomo's off the field charity work is to be commended. His on the field charity work towards the opposing team, not so much.


Stan M...Good stuff.


HOPe de MAARLeens giv LOMo another CHAnse to be Greaaate lik i NO he is

Stan M

After reading that bit of tripe from Hardball, the only conclusion I came to was that Ms. Brown must also be on Rodriguez' legal team. To characterize it as one sided would be an understatement. Should we just canonize the guy and get the whole thing over with? A horrible opinion piece in my opinion.


with Josh wall gone. I would of preferred if they would have gone after Mike Olt with nolasco. If you are not getting a top pitching prospect a high risk bat would of been better. Now it looks like they trade away money for nothing like most the deals. Let's see the offer they make Abreu 4 years trade you after one. Or is it more free publicity saying they are going after him to entice Cuban community and then coming up short.

Stan M

Look at Gabby Sanchez! He isn't heavy, he's downright fat. Wow!


Look Hanley is an MVP again!

San M

I rant on and on here about the whole stupidity of today's closer role. We saw Freddy Gonzalez blow another game because he didn't bring the best closer in baseball into the game in a crucial situation because it wasn't within the bounds of a "save situation". Incredible. I read about this. Can't get interested enough to watch the games anymore. Kind of root for the Pirates, but not enough to endure their announcers. The whole idea of the wild cards is great, but the playoffs that result are far from stimulating unless the Marlins are a part of it. Am I alone in feeling this way?

San M

The Marlins outrighted the following players: first baseman Joe Mahoney, catcher Koyie Hill, shortstop Gil Velazquez, right-handers Jose Ceda, Kevin Slowey, and Steven Ames, and left-hander Zach Phillips...

One or two are interesting. I believe Slowey was up for arbitration and we all know what that means. But Zach Phillips was a surprise to me.

Southridge Sammi

Whadaya expect from Fredi G...people that have known him from his Southridge HS days in Miami will tell you Fredi has the IQ of a media noche sandwich. He goes by the book because he's too stupid to think out of the box on his own. His wooden sidekick Tosca isnt any better. Dumb and Dumber.

why do I bother

Mahoney was supposed to be the next best thing?? Slowey was very good with what he did for the ungrateful Marlins FO. He pitched pretty good with no run support. Starter, Long Relief, Short Relief. God forbid loria should give him a fair wage.

Stan M

Andy Pafko died yesterday at 92 YO. As a teenager, I was delighted when the Brooklyn Dodgers acquired him from the Cubs in an 8 player deal. He was the Cubs CFer and their best player. If you never heard of him, the next time you see the clip of the "shot heard round the world", that is, Bobby Thomson's HR, that ball sailed into the stands over Pafko's head. His batting stance was something to behold. For those of you who were in the service and have seen someone squat over a latrine, you have the picture of Pafko's stance although his feet were wider apart of course. Bagwell squatted, not as much, and he came up a little as he swung. Not Pafko, he stayed down and hit with his arms. He gave the Dodgers two CFers along with the Duke,and Furillo,"the Reading Rifle" in RF. Outfields don't get much better than that. He was one of my favorites, may he rest in peace.

Stan M

Shaking hands with Roy Campanella...
Naturally as a teen age fan I was excited to meet and shake hands with one of my Dodger heros. But what struck me the most was Campy's hands themselves. His fingers seemed to go every which way. Why was that? Until a few years later, all catchers mitts (not gloves back then, but mitts) were essentially a round pillow encased in leather with a hole in the middle called a "pocket". The catcher would catch the ball then place his right hand over the mitt to hold the ball in place. Because of this, the right hand was vulnerable to foul tips and nearly all catchers had a history of multiple broken fingers. This all changed when (I believe) Johnny Bench began to catch with his right hand hidden behind his right hip. This wouldn't have been possible if the mitts weren't dramatically changed. They acquired a hinge so to speak so that the ball could be squeezed with only the left hand to keep the ball in place. Below I have placed a link to Campanella's career stats. In a relatively short career, He came out of the Negro leagues where he began as a 16 YO to reach the Dodgers at age 26. Before his tragic accident which paralized him for life, he won the MVP award 3 times. But look at the years he didn't win. Most were fine years for a ML catcher, but not up to his MVP performances. Why? If you had also had the chance to meet this affable man and shake his hand, it would all be very apparent. How times have changed.


black metal

in my opinion, black metal and other genres of heavy metal have become generic over the years.

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