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Samson promises Marlins won't lose 100 games next year, brings up playoff talk with team's young core

Marlins President David Samson, outspoken during most of his tenure with the Marlins, made himself pretty scarce to the media this past season. His weekly radio segment on the Dan LeBatard show disappeared and we hardly heard a peep from him as the Marlins spiraled past 100 losses.

He was around Thursday, though, as the Marlins and the American Athletic Conference announced the beginning of The Miami Beach Bowl and the return of college football in December 2014 to the site where the Orange Bowl once stood.

Samson's most interesting comments? After the press conference was over, when he promised the Marlins wouldn't lose 100 games next season and would be in the playoffs multiple times with the young core it now has led by Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez and Christian Yelich.

"I promise you this: We're not going to lose 100 games next year. Not close," Samson said. "Look what the Red Sox did. They had the same record we did in '12. They turned it around to be in the World Series in '13. Well, it's time for us to do the same. That's why we didn't book that big concert in October [2014]. Because why would we book something when we should be and will be playing playoff games?"

Samson, who is busy trying to keep Marlins Park busy and filled with events in the months the team isn't playing there, was told fans don't trust the Marlins to keep their young talented players around long enough and expect them to be traded away.

"I hear that, but it's just not true," he responded. "We had a great core together from '06 to '12 and we just couldn't make the playoffs. It wasn't great enough. Now, we've rebooted, started again and we've got this core and we're going to be together for a lot of years. A lot of years. Giancarlo, Jose Fernandez, Christian Yelich, the list goes on and on. Go back to the '06 core, from Hanley to Uggla to our starting rotation, we were together the whole time. So that's not exactly right as you know. With our new core, I expect to we'll have several appearances as one of 10 [playoff] teams."

Samson never addressed the firing of former President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest. He finally did Thursday.

"Obviously the changes that were made at the end of the season were unfortunate. I've worked with Larry for 14 years. Every minute I've been in baseball has been with him. I respect every decision that's made by the ownership and the fact of the matter is we're all paid to win games. And the last few years we have not won enough games," Samson said.

"Do I lay it all on Larry? No of course not. But I lay it on all of us. What I hope our fans are realizing they don't have to worry about a ballpark anymore because we have one. They don't have to worry about the Marlins ever relocating or anything like that because we're here to stay. Now we have to worry about winning more games.

"Mike Hill and Dan Jennings are really tremendous heads to the baseball organization. They're going to really work well together to help us win. And if our fans were with us in the second half of the season -- which I know they were -- they saw some talent. I can't wait to start spring training. We start spring training in the middle of February. We're starting the minute we can get on the field. I think you're going to see us on the field February 16th because we want to get out there and get going. We have some very cool things for spring training, some very cool things were going to have. But what's better is we're getting ready for a new season and we're going to win more."

> Samson said the Marlins will be wearing red-orange caps for next season, the team's No. 1-selling cap. The Marlins didn't wear those caps at all in 2013 and only for a few games in 2012.

> Have the Marlins reached out or had serious discussions with UM or FIU about hosting football games at Marlins Park? "None that are worthy of mention at the moment," Samson said. 

> What other events besides soccer and football could Marlins Park end up hosting? Sounds like March Madness could be the next big thing.

"NCAA basketball is something we're talking about, first and second round," Samson said. "It would be really cool the way it looks. You wouldn't have to drape anything off and the capacity is perfect for such an event so stay tuned."

Serial bank robber> With the FBI in search of a serial bank robber in the northeast who has been wearing a black Marlins cap during his heists, Samson was asked for his take on the matter: "We'd be happy to give him a job if he would just stop robbing banks."


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Ponzi scheming Marlins

Another thief like that bank robber would fit right in with you and Loria, right Samson? Of course you would hire him.


Whatever Samson says about baseball ,completely ignore and expect the opposite,as he has proven time and time again that he's full of shittte with zero credability in that area. Now, if he was taliking about movies,Samson might be half believeable. And only half.


say what you want this core doesn't look as bad with some pop in the middle. The farm is slowly getting loaded with pitching prospects, and middle infielders. and the bullpen was a decent surprise We all know Stanton is trade bait but for the rest it looks pretty solid.


Samson is our Iraqi Information Minister. Dude you were 40 games below 500 and are light years behind the Braves in terms of developed pitching and power in the lineup. Playoffs, really? Comparing the Marlins organization to the Red Sox give me a break, what a douche.

please give me a break

Okay sign me up for season tickets...the red orange hats!!! wow, the rest of the National League doesn't stand a chance.
And Michael Hill and Dan Jennings are going to work well together...holy crap, all of Major League Baseball doesn't stand a chance.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


This friggin' guy is delusional. The Red Sox core included Lester, Pedroia, Ortiz and Ellsbury. Then they added Victorino, Napoli and Peavy.

I'd like to remind him of his words when he's out looking for protection for Stanton in the bargain bin again (see Kotchman, Mahoney and Silveiro). That assuming he isn't traded.


samson spreading more horse manure. just shut up and go away


SAMSON did you really believes with a silly manager and without two decent hitters the Marlins can void loose 100 games or more, Please? learn a little more of baseball. The only way the Marlins can make a decent performance in the next season is you fill these three big holes with qualify and decent guys


BEINFEST had done a good job, the problem has been Mr. Loria interference, voiding necessary trade-tracsactions Marlins need to do to win games; I am sure Beinfest wasn't who hire the present silly manager Marlins have, for sure, and then who has the blame of the Marlins failure?


The Herald posted the statistics a few months ago about the odds of teams turning it around after a 100 loss season and the math doesn't lie....it's an anomaly if it happens. The Red Sox are not the norm and we all know it David. What a load of sheet this guy is still selling...selling just like the Marlins will do with all this young talent in 2-3 years. It's funny to watch him scramble to put other sports in his baseball park because they cant sell tickets to their own. Pathetically sad. 10 years ago today we watched Trader Jack get carried off the field in NY.

Stan M

The off season started with the manure about signing that latest Cuban. Now the playoffs? If he said trying to get to.599 ball next year that could be a possibility. But the playoffs? Had he said playoffs in 2015 there might be a remote chance and it wouldn't sound like the ridiculous bombast of this prediction. It should be noted that it was Samson, not Loria who is preaching improvement. If nothing else the little twerp got this blog active again.

Stan M

Hit wrong key. Meant .500 ball

J Carrey

Samson will announce he's up for the leading part in the remake of Liar Liar.

Stan M

Has anyone heard how Ozuna s doing in Winter ball> Or any of our prospects in the AZ league?


Stan so far kouzmanoff is batting .449 2hr 9rbi moran .175 0hr 6rbi Petersen 370 1hr 9rbi the rest around .250 with no pop. the pitching jay Jackson and nick wittgren are outstanding so far heany has 11 ks in 10 innings.


juanv, really Kouzmanoff is playing in the AFL? Isn't the AFL for team's top prospects to get some more work in? Kouzmanoff has to be dang near 30, what is he doing in the AFL or is he playing in Mexico or the Dominican League?

Stan M

I believe Kouz is playing elsewhere. But this AM there was an article that said just what Juan posted about Wittgren (Flags touted him as a top prospect months ago)and Heaney. As some of you know I'm particularly interested in Keys and haven't seen a thing about him and he was supposed to be in AZ. It was speculated that Ozuna would play Winter ball but haven't heard a thing about him either.


kouz is in mexico in the Dominican is ciriaco,fermin,leverton and elih Villanueva. in the azl is moran,heaney,witgren,suggs,olmos keys and danny blak. the only other top prospect playing in Venezuela is solorzano who is not batting that much but will definetly be a good prospect in the next two years.


Me and my son met witgren when he was with Jamestown he went to Jupiter in less than a season he's got good stuff. ryan newell is another good pitcher and mason hope if he can stay out of trouble would be a good starter to.

Stan M

Starters shouldn't be a problem for years to come. The two primary holes that the team must fill are 3B for the short term and C for the long term. This owner will never sign a very expensive free agent and he's probably right in that. However there might be two mid level free agents that would be ideal. One is 3B Freeze of the Cardinals. He is no longer needed there and might not even be tendered. He's coming off a bad year and is already 30 or so. Either a one year contract where he tries to right himself for a bigger payday or two year if necessary. No longer though because Moran is in the wings. At catcher that Salty guy at Boston would be a huge improvement over what we have. He too is about 30 and Mathis can be kept for late inning defense. It would probably take a three year contract and I'd give it to him. If he is unavailable I'd go after Lacroy of the Brewers. A fellow poster pointed out that the Brewers would never give him up but I mildly disagree. The Brewers pitching was not good in 2013 and they have one of poorest minor league systems for the immediate future particularly in pitching. The free agent market in pitching shows little prospect for a team in Milwaukee's situation. There are one or two top notch pitchers to be had via trade, but at an unsustainable cost for a team with few prospects. The Marlins have a plethora of pitching prospects and even one or two on the ML roster who could be made available. There is also a crowded outfield and one could be moved from there. Additions such as I have mentioned wouldn't make the Marlins immediately contenders, but they could be respectable in 2014 and the following year there are much better possibilities as our kids mature. I would love to hear other opinions.


Maarlins need add three guys for fight in the next season and have the fans support and respect they are: Dusty Baker or Davey Johnson, for Manager, Kendry Morales for 1st base, and Lawry(Toronto 3rd Base) Mr. Loria if you get these guys for sure you recover the fans attendance and TV watchers.

Stan M

Lawrie is an excellent idea. I would not want Morales, not this year anyway. Reasons: It would be silly to negate any LoMo importance at this point for his trade value is at a nadir. He is approaching what the stat heads call a break out age and has the qualifications. He is still young and healthy for the first time in years. I'd give him one more year. Now about Dusty Baker. His only redeeming quality is that the guys like him. Well, the guys would applaud prostitutes too if that were the only criterion. He is horrible with pitchers, having already destroyed the careers of some, and that is the Marlins principal strength. No, no, no on Baker. Johnson is 70 years old and has begun to show it. I agree that a different manager is called for, but lets look elsewhere.


tony pena,dave lopes,tim Wallach,and maybe trey Hillman would be fine managers. but Redmond is here for atleast a couple of years he signed with Miami after ozzie so if they fire him one year after. They will be paying to managers not to manage. as far as morales goes great hitter. but limited to al due to defense and the amount he would command could be better spent at catcher or third base with lomo there.


Stan, agree on your Managerial candidate thoughts. And as I believe you pointed out as well, the Marlins do have plenty of young pitchers but what in this organization's history suggests they would trade young pitching. If anything the Marlins FO has traded everyone else in the system to acquire prospect arms.


Marlins urgent need? If they want win !! # 1.- a qualify manager # 2. A qualify 3rd base hitter # 3. A qualify Catcher hitter. They have potencial players to give in trade with Toronto and get Lowry for example. But priority is a new qualify manager who knows win in the latest innings where the Marlins loose more than thirty games for bad maneuver


Come on, my friends. I think the notion that a new manager is a #1 priority for a team that was last in baseball in runs scored is a little bit silly. Get some freakin' bats and fuggedaboutit already.


for some reason yuneski bethancourt can play first and third is Cuban has pop and comes cheap yet the marlins never contact him I have been saying he should be picked up for the last two seasons would fit in budget and would be a good break out candidate juan franscisco,casey mghee,or micheal young are good candidates on the free agent market I don't see freese on any f.a lists. as far as trading young pitchers why would you trade some of those arms when every year a rotation gets decimated by injuries jose Fernandez would of spent half the season in minors if this didn't happen I say trade turner or alvarez guys with contracts becoming expensive and replace them with young controllable pitchers.

the truth

Loria will go with most of the same roster and only lose 85-90 games in 2014. They will call that very improved season.


OK if Loria is reluctant to make a winning team for 2014 the problem will be: # 1. Loose in advertising customers,
and sales of tickets attendance, because everyone like to purchase a qualify goods no a poor goods; remember Mr. Loria you are a proficient Pictures salesperson, in this baseball business apply the same rules "best product best profit" if you give unqualify personnel the performance will be very poor for sure and the people is not silly.


Anyone with logical is good for Marlins Chief of Operations but having his arms free to make trades, MR. Loria interference void any good-logical transaction Marlins need to make a winning team; starting # 1 with a qualify manager and # 2.- getting at least two decent players for 3rd base and a catcher.


Well, I see that Stan M is still the king of the manure pile here. Why do you guys kiss his butt? Because he's OLD and can tell stupid stories about Casey Stengel and Moose Skowron doesn't mean he has a clue about THIS team. I can still remember him gushing over "Mr Loria's" decision to finally spend some money in 2012. I called the Heath Bell signing as STUPID because he was far from the best reliever available, but not good 'ol Stan! He LOVED that signing and the Reyes deal too! He also raved about how well he expected Hanley was going to play with Reyes on the team...

And when I said Lomo should NEVER be in the OF Stan disagreed! Now he's back at 1B and can't field that position AT ALL. No practice there the past few years. The only one more laughable than Stan M is of course Joe "The Shill" Frisaro. Hey Joe, sell any Marlins gear lately? That's all you're good for! LMFAO


Marlins will keep Redmond cause he's CHEAP. Loria loves to hire guys who have never managed before, because they are usually so grateful to be given the opportunity that they keep their mouth shut about what a second class operation this is. Of course the exception was Girardi who told Loria where to shove it, LOL.

Redmond proved he had no imagination and he also proved he had NO SENSE when he threw Jose Fernandez under the bus during that fiasco with the Braves about Jose watching his HR. He should have stepped up and defended his BEST PLAYER and exposed the Braves for the whining PUNKS that they are.


If you wait long enough, and look real hard in a thread...you're sure to find a comment by Alex, and per usual, it will be pathetic and suck. Alex, go back to your miserable existence, and kindly leave.


Projecting the Marlins in the World Series next year is stupid. The Marlins ranked last in MLB in practically every team batting statistic last year. Runs, RBI's, HR's, Hits, On Base %, Slugging %. All dead last. Yes, they need to upgrade the lineup at certain positions. Part of it is time to let the young players mature. But part of the problem is that they play in a home park where home runs turn into fly balls.

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