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Marlins claim speedy Paredes off waivers

     The Marlins claimed speedy but light-hitting utility man Jimmy Paredes off waivers on Monday from the Houston Astros.

      Paredes, 24, has hit just .234 in parts of three seasons with the Astros but has shown versatility by playing four different positions: second, third, left and right. The Dominican-born player has stolen at least 23 bases in four of his previous five minor league seasons.

      But, with an on-base percentage of just .274 in the majors, he has had few chances to flaunt his speed on the base paths.


      The Marlins did not make qualifying offers to any of their five free agents -- Chad Qualls, Placido Polanco, Juan PIerre, Austin Kearns and Matt Diaz -- before Monday's deadline.


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Banjo hitter

Always a good move when you can get a guy that the Astros dont want. After all,the Marlins out slicked Houston for the great Ruggiano. Brillant.


Great, he'll fit right in with the rest of the lineup who can't hit or get on base either.

me too

Banjo and Russell beat me to adding my comments

Stan M

Musings from an old man who has seen it all:
1) You guys are all wet criticizing Paredes. He might have hit .234 in Houston, but after Brett Butler gets through with him this Spring, he's going to raise that average via many bunts and he could hit even.....244?
2)We Marlin fans must all say a short prayer that Dan Jennings isn't as dumb as he looks in that photo in the red shirt. At least Beinfest looked like a GM!
3) Signing Turbo or Reynolds would be horrible mistakes. Their HRs would be diminished by at least 1/3 in Marlin's orchard and for that we'd get a K every 3 AB? Freeze, Middlebrooks, Lawrie, Salty, even that Cuban catcher (Bolle?) are all better and likely cheaper bets. Even that Polish catcher from Texas for a year would be OK. No more Ks in our lineup needed!
4) I read a book through most of the WS and occasionally turned to the games. I tried 8 times and on 7 of them hit a commercial. There are now so many that I don't enjoy watching national broadcasts. And now there's a new gigantic TV contract! We'll soon have commercials bringing us other commercials. I think it stinks. Thank God for Rich and Tommy.


Man, the Marlins just love these kinds of guys. Maybe they'll find another Bonifacio and flip him to the Blue Jays again.


What ? Gorkys wasnt available ?


any body look up kawasaki on youtube great stuff. he has a swing that just slices the ball into the gaps.


I agree with you stan Trumbo is not worth the young pitchers or prospects. You need controllable bats someone like Middlebrooks or a young positional player. What this team lacked last year was that excitement and fun side that boni and amezega used to provide the dances the hr celebrations the things Fernandez did in his starts. It seemed like they where all flat and just going through motions no character a nice sparkplug on top of the order would be nice. with ozuna,stanton,lomo,yelich,and maybe detrich I think it can become a good line up


Marlins need three guys to compete and give expectations to the fans; these are: # 1.- A decent and qualify manager; # 2.- A decent and godd hitter 3rd base, # 3.- A decent and trusty reliever. Please no waste money in cheap players, invest in worthy players they will refund the investment done in fans attendance and advertising dollars for sure, believe me.


In the ground that The Marlins get add a worthy players if they not change the present manager for a reliable manager they will remain in the 100 losses (basement) for sure.


Paredes in English means canthit4shit.

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