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Marlins express interest in Dioner Navarro, Phil Hughes

It's been a quiet offseason so far for the Marlins, who have yet to make so much as a ripple -- much less a splash -- with either a free agent signing or trade of any sort, big or small. But they are continuing to poke about for upgrades, and here are a couple of new names to add to the discussion, courtesy of Herald colleague Barry Jackson. 

In his latest Buzz column, Jackson reports that the Marlins have made inquiries on catcher Dioner Navarro and starting pitcher Phil Hughes. Both are free agents.

That the Marlins are interested in Navarro comes as little surprise. It's no secret they're in the market for a catcher, and Navarro fits the bill of a backstop with some life to his bat. (Jose Fernandez's scolder, Brian McCann, was never in the conversation for the Marlins and inked a 5-year deal Saturday with the Yankees.)

Navarro (stats) is coming off a season in which he hit .300 in 89 games for the Cubs. But he's also sandwiched in a couple of sub-.200 seasons since his best year in 2008 when he played in 120 games for the Tampa Bay Rays, hitting .295. Though he's just 29, he hasn't appeared in as many as 100 games since '09. But the Marlins are looking for a part-timer, someone to share duties with Jeff Mathis.

Hughes (stats) is a bit of an eyebrow raiser. A fixture in the Yankees' rotation, Hughes is coming off a disappointing campaign in which he went 4-14 with a 5.19 ERA for the Bronx Bombers. Prior to that, though, he had put up respectable numbers and whether the Marlins could land him cheaply is debatable. This much is known: the Marlins would like to infuse their young staff with a vet -- a "Kevin Slowey type," president of baseball operations Michael Hill told us at the G.M. meetings earlier this month.

One factor (beyond dollars) that Hughes might find appealing with the Marlins: their cavernous, pitcher-friendly ballpark. Hughes, a former first-round draft pick, has been prone to the long ball, especially at new Yankee Stadium, where he's given up 39 of his 59 home runs the past two seasons.


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red sox fan 1221

I think red sox should be making moves quickly.and pickin up Matt Kemp.if they can't get napoli back pick up 1st base James Loney.if they don't make a play for Kemp they have to get beltran.they don't have to break the bank but you have to make some moves.if they have to free up some money they could trade a pitcher.


I find it interesting that the first comment on this Marlin's thread is a comment that has nothing to do with the Marlins but with the Red Sox. Funny!


Not only do we all have to put with Obama and his dictates but we have Loria, a true incompetent that like Obama is full of s_____t.

So we suffer.

Moe Berg

Obammy is pissed because Loria has few shvartzes on the Marlins.


If Hughes were a lefty, it might be worth a gamble. His stats from last year point to a decline in his stuff, and make him a very questionable update from what Koehler brings to the mound. They both pitched a similar amount of innings last year, but Koehler gave up 140 hits/14 HR instead of 170 hits/24 HR for Hughes.


Obama has not done any worse than Bush and we gave that bum a second term.


I wish we would be talking about the Marlins but Loria has our team held hostage. I get to enjoy these up and coming superstars only to shine elsewhere. The Dolphins make me cry and the Marlins depress me. GO HEAT!! LOL

Stan M

Why take on a blemished started who would be taking the place of one of our promising young pitchers. Makes no sense. Navarro is only rumor that has a reasonable chance of helping the team. Can't Loria at least spend the money he saved with Nolasco's trade? I am far from a friend of any union, but I'd love to see them step into this mess, the Commish. sure won't.

Hoffa's heiny

The Union is happy with Loria because he is bringing up minor leaguers and starting their service time to Arb and Free agency,when they would be still be in the minors for several years with any other team. Plus paying them all at 400K a season. Marlins arent about winning and the Union doesnt care. Dont kid yourselves,Marlins fans.


Glad we don't have to see McCann 18 times next year.


To bad we have to play MLB teams instead of AAA teams


Marlins are exploring ways to not spend any money to upgrade their team and bamboozle the public into watching them play next season,at the same time.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

So far, Loria the carpetbagger robber baron has so far "expressed interest" in Juan Uribe, Yuniesky Betancourt, Phil Hughes, Dioner Navarro, and Jose Fernandez' grandmother. Yet he has not spent one thin dime. And judging by his patently dishonest nature, I'm confident that he's throwing names out there with the sole intent of generating interest. There was no way he was gonna spend that kind of money on Uribe, so why even bring it up? And Phil Hughes? Seriously? Loria HAS to throw those names out there because he know full well that his actions have directly led to Miami becoming a destination if last resort for ballplayers. Like last winter, he'll sign a bunch of guys who are trying to revive interest in their services or guys who have nowhere else to go but to a non-guaranteed minor-league deal.


Kendry Morales would be the bat that the Marlins need I know He is a below defender like Morrison too, but He is the clutch bat that the Marlins need, better than Trumbo or any cheap third base in the market


Marlins need quality manager. Fire Redman.
Marlins need Laurie from Toronto Blue Jay-Z
Bring quality turd base and quality catchy or the marlins will lose 100 games again.

Loria's CPA

Who cares if the Marlins lose 100 next season, with the revenue sharing and the new TV deal ,we will make $$$$ again next year. Thanks Suckers.


Dioner Navarro could be a good add in the Marlins weak line-up with running in score position; He can hit very well and with Mathis as backup for late innings could be a great adquisition, but, hurry, not hesitate Mr. Loria, open the saving account and bring this player here now, because maybe others teams as Atlanta could pickup him.


fugedaboudit...no Free Agent that's any good will be coming to Miami...just reclamation projects from the bottom of the barrel and minor league contract offers to washed up stiffs...

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Just think about it for a second. If you PUBLICLY express an interest in a player you're GENUINELY interested in signing, you're only driving the price up by going public. Does that sound like Liria to anybody here? It's all subterfuge with Loria the Scam Artist. Just like he promised the players he signed (Reyes, Buerhle, Delgado) that he wouldn't trade them, and signed them to a contract that was heavily backloaded with the intent to trade them after one year... When he uses Barry Whatsisface as a lackey and deliberately plants info he KNOWS ain't gonna happen, he's only doing what he's done all along, lie to the community of Miami in order to get us to line his pockets some more. What does he have to lose?


that would be Barry Jackazz you're refering to...only to be outdone by Loria's lackey and 1st rate snotty ,egotistical shill on the Marlins MLB website.


Loria and Samson were walking outside Marlins Park recently,when they saw a dollar bill laying on the sidewalk. Loria picked it up,put it in his pocket and told Samson "Quick,go check the waiver wire".


Rumors that the Marlins are interested in Mike Napoli.


Dioner Navarro and Phil Hudghes could be great add to Marlins weak team and avoid at least loss more than 90 games,Navarro is very good hitter with runner on base and Hudghes could replace Chad Qualls in the bull pen for late innings due his experience; but don't delay Mr Loria
go over this guys and pickup them now because others teams can take this chance


AH, Mr Loria don't forget take a new qualify manager to replace unexperience Redmond to avoid loss more than 100 games and fans quits attendance and watch TV

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