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Marlins dumbfounded by Hechavarria's poor defensive ratings

ORLANDO -- The Marlins believe Adeiny Hechavarria to be one of the top defensive shortstops in the majors. But, from the standpoint of sabermetrics, he ranks as one of the worst -- and the Marlins want to find out why.

"I know an above average defensive shortstop when I see one with my own eyes," said Michael Hill, the Marlins' president of baseball operations. "The numbers don't match."

As a result, Hill said he'll instruct a Marlins staff member to meet with one of the numbers crunchers at the upcoming winter meetings to find out why Hechavarria rates so poorly.

"I want a quality defensive shortstop to be acknowledged for what he is," Hill said. "It's just interesting to me. From a scouting standpoint, (Hechavarria) is what you want. Ask anybody who played against us if they would take Hechavarria at shortstop. I'm obviously a laittle slanted. But when the three finalists for the Gold Glove for shortstop came out and he wasn't a part of it....?"

According to Baseball-Reference, Hechavarria ranks 15th of the 20 qualifying major league shortstops in defensive WAR (wins above replacement) with a figure of 0.4. The Braves' Andrelton Simmons leads with a dWAR of 5.4

"Simmons is a great shortstop, but I've got Hech and Simmons neck and neck," Hill said. "I'm just interested to know."


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

I sincerely hope Michael Hill is lending at least as much attention to the Marlins 2013 loss column as he is to stat geeks who could not care less about the Marlins. I would think he'd have more pressing issues to attend to.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

An aside to Michael Hill... If you know your baseball, then you should know that those same stat geeks have also used their highly subjective ratings to downgrade, even denigrate at times, another shortstop and one of my all-time favorite players, Derek Jeter, for the better part of his career. And all he has to show for it is 5 Gold Gloves and 5 Silver Slugger awards to show for it (not to mention the 5 World Series rings). And those awards are voted on by managers and coaches who, unlike most of these stat geeks, actually SEE the games and recognize the true impact of a player.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Come to think about it, you'd think that *** I *** have better things to do at 5 in the morning than rail against Michael Hill and stat geeks. Peace, out.

E. Pope

headline should read "Marlins Dumbfounded". Covers it all.


I wish to know what type of basis were taken in Adeinis Hecheverria fielding results; everybody know the fielding quality of Marlins SS.- But don't worry about that, he is one of the best SS of the big leagues in this moment; Marlins problems is not the SS position; their main problem is OFFENSIVE with Runner in Scoring position; My opinion is intend a trade with Toronto giving Stanton and get Lowry and a catcher


There are odd numbers on Hech defensively, and he is a really good defensive SS. I'm happy to have him here. However, nobody comes close to Simmons. I've never seen anything like him before


lol at the guy talking about Jeter. He is one of the worst defensive SS of all time. Fielding Bible is not wrong on that

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