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Mike Redmond talks Marlins, does weather on Spokane TV station

Marlins manager, Spokane native and Gonzaga graduate Mike Redmond discussed the Marlins before delivering the local weather report on one of his hometown television stations Tuesday. Here are the clips from Redmond's TV appearance:

SWX Right Now-Sports for Spokane, CdA, Tri-Cities, WA



SWX Right Now-Sports for Spokane, CdA, Tri-Cities, WA


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he left lomo, out could it b a sign. lol

Dionysus Thelxinoe

At least Redmond should be able to end one sorry streak for the Marlins. Since Jack McKeon retired at the end of 2005, only Fredi Gonzalez (the "colossal failure") has lasted more than one season as manager for carpetbagger Loria.

Stan M

What in the world are the FO people thinking? Napoli to replace LoMo? A guy who Ks 185 times? One must discount his year in the Texas bandbox. Look at his other seasons. HRs in the mid 20s. How much would that number drop in Miami's ball yard? We would have a 32 YO player approaching his declining years at a greater expense than LoMo who would have to be traded while at the lowest point in his career and entering his "break out" age. Look at LoMo's stats from 2010, his last healthy year. Are Napoli's accomplishments so much better that we should sacrifice limited funds on such a change? I see a player who would have similar power and K rate as Ruggiano, but with better BA and OBP stats. Wouldn't the money be better spent on a catcher and/or a third baseman? And while you're at it look at Middlebrook's K vs. walk rate as well. Not good either!


Lomos stats from 2010? When he first came up? before the opposing pitchers got consistant scouting reports on how to handle him? Yeah right...the Marlins know what Lomo is and isnt and will not be. Bye Bye Lomo..and not for Napoli at 1B either...

Stan M

When improving a position, too much consideration is given to the stats of the incoming player. If a fellow hit 25 HRs and had 75RBIs, our team is not gaining those numbers. Rather, we are gaining THE DIFFERENCE between the incoming player and the outgoing player whom he is replacing. It is for that reason that I frown upon a Napoli for LoMo makeover. The difference could be negligible if LoMo returns to his pre-injury form, an assumption which is not unreasonable and worth the gamble. But a catcher with even modest stats could show a huge improvement over what the Marlin catchers produced offensively last year.


good point Stan. a bit off topic but a friend recently remodeled the kitchen, spending about $35,000. he thought he added $35,000 value to his house. I explained to him that the old stuff was part of his house and had some value, maybe about $10,000, so he may have only added about $25,000 value. I also agree that this will be the first full year for an injury free LoMo. I think/hope he has a great one because he is a terrific kid. Happy Holidays to all.


Lomo is all a twitter now,trying out different monikers. Currently working on lomomariners. Lomo is all excited ,like a kid at Christmas, playing with all his new twitter handle possibilities.


Stan, you have to remember this was a team with several holes and stingy ways that decided to give a 27 million contract to a guy who plays 1/2 inning a game. How much did Loria give to Leiter that final season $8 million or something.

As much as they think they know and realize value, well they don't. 2003 was a long time ago and Dombrowski the architect, not Loria and not Beinfest either.

Stopgaps galore,


Redmond had better should take the job of weather broadcast, because he still can fill as big league manager. Marlins fans are very smart and not agree with any unexperience and silly manager; Mr. Loria, not hesitate more, take Davie Johnson or Larry Bowa as Marlins manager for 2014 season, Marlins fans will be happy for sure.


Stan..I have to agree with you. In Marlins Park, Napoli will be a .234 hitter with 15-16 home runs and only fair fielding skills. If he is going to be our "big splash" for this offseason, I'd rather have LoMo.

Baseball Stew

Dont worry Marlins fans..Neither Lomo or Napoli will be at 1B...Napoli will not sign with them and Lomo will be traded anyway...


If you think you have a clue what that Loony-Tunes front office is going to do, you're as nuts as they are.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Do you guys have ANY idea how much it would take to "convince" Napoli to go from a World Series winner to a 100-loss team? And you honestly think Loria would be willing to overpay? C'mon now!

Stan M

Here are a few of my ideas:
After an incomprehensibly horrible season, something had to be done, and quickly, to stir even a modicum of fan interest for 2014. And what has been accomplished? Absolutely nothing. A ridiculous rumor about yet another Cuban star that probably did more harm than good. Then to target obvious losers who might be worse than what we already have. Navarro is an excellent idea. Hughes might be another possibility. If not already taken, Chavez would be a great stop gap for 3B at a reasonable price. If the team must sign a starter, and I'm not sure they should, I'd prefer Kazmir or Feldman to Hughes. One wild idea would be to give Johan Santana an incentive laden contract and if he could come back, trade him as soon as one of our lefthanders is ready for promotion. With any hitter, our huge ballpark must be considered for it will depress HRs, but increase other extra base hits. Power should be measured by more than HRs anyway. That's why I still like LoMo and Coghlan. Both can hit to the gaps and that is the type of hitter that we really need and should seek.


Stan I agree with you about lomo and cogs and the pitching choices there is a lot of starters that need a one year deal to establish value marlins park fits them perfectly. and besides would give the opportunity to keep a young arm down and not waste arb time. the a's an Astros seem to sign guys like this and trade them in the mid point of a season for prospects. By then the young arms should be ready to move into the rotation and the prospects can be placed for more depth last year me and flav c discussed how the marlins should of atleast gotten one good prospect in the nolasco deal a fielder. lets hope we can land kazmir or hughes, but I would like them to get a good lefty for the pen if they lose qualls.


matt thornton or scott downs. I know qualls is a righty but Jennings didn't look that good at times. and the reliever I think will have the best upside is joba with a change of scenery could evert backto his high strike out numbers he had his early years.

Stan M

Jabo is a whacko, but there is talent there. Not a bad idea. Some teams feed their prospects first through the bullpen. We certainly have the LH pitchers to do that as well.


I live in the north east and have been following his career from the start I think the hype in new York and starter to bullpen to starter to bullpen while dealing with the ny press was hard on him. I seriously think that a change of scenery would be great for the guy he is only 28 and already has pitched in big situations.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

It is not my intent to attempt to discourage any Marlins fan from rooting for the team to improve itself through trades or free agent signings, my apologies in advance if it has that effect or creates that perception. But the fact of the matter is that Miami, for all its attractions as a semi-tax haven and its winter climate, has become a veritable destination of last resort for free agents. A prime intrinsic value of being a free agent is that you get to choose your DESTINATION. These players have families and they also have personal values that, more often than not, they factor into their decision about WHERE to play (not the least of which is a chance to succeed and win). And Loria has proven time and again that they will sacrifice all that by signing to play for him here. No one wants to sign here for one year and let a slug like Loria get to decide where he's going to play for the next few years. Kinda defeats one of the reasons for becoming a free agent to begin with. It is not even unreasonable for one to believe that if Loria were to decide to overspend (hypothetically, albeit HIGHLY unlikely) to attract players, it won't help. The list of free agents who have agreed to LESS money to be able to play at the destination of their CHOICE is a very very long one indeed (can you say Ray Allen, Heat fans?). The only people left today for Loria to continue to deceive with his cruel and despicable lack of ethics is the fans of Miami, who hope against hope that we can win in spite of having him as owner.


Very good post DT. These FA names being leaked out by the FO are basically smoke & mirrors. They have zero chance in signing anyone with this current ownership. The only way any good player arrives to the Marlins will be by a trade. Any FA signing by the Marlins will be that the other 29 teams do not want them.


Hughes thanks the Marlins for feigning interest in him,and leaking said phonyness to the idiot media.

Stan M

DT, there is much truth to your premise above. However, for each guy who moved for social or family reasons, there is another who opted for the bigger bucks. This was especially so a few years ago when the union pushed the stars to take as much as possible for the good of all. Recently, Pujols' name comes to mind and a few years back there was Tommy Glavin. I suppose that ego is also involved for these guys could never count, much less spend, all the money they now pull in. I agree that no worthwhile ballplayer would sign a long term contract with Loria present as things now stand. But there is, in my opinion, a place for a player to come to Florida on a one year contract in order to try to reestablish his value for a longer future settlement. Jabo would be a prime example of such a player and there are others who had a down year. But if the Marlins are to make a significant improvement, you are perfectly right in saying that it must be by trade. As I said above, something must be done, and should have already been done to at least try to restore some fan confidence. PR on this team is horrible and helps to exemplify Loria's negative reputation.

joselito frisaroito



the only good thing now is the marlins would be trading a controllable pitcher and it won't be a salary dump. so they should probably get some value. I would go all in on Miguel sano with atleast some starters and what ever position player not named yelich, ozuna or Stanton. watching watching this kid play third and the power he has he would be the perfect fit for the marlins needs but the twins won't trade this guy to bad.


marlins expressed interest in hughes and navarro...both are gone and signed with better franchises...guess the x-mas list for marlins fans is getting depleted of anything that resembles a major league player...be content with some signings to fill up the minor league roster, with invitation for spring training...

Stan M

Navarro's signing elsewhere doesn't bode well for any hopes that we Marlin fans had for future improvement. Frankly, this news stinks. He was one of the few free agents whose signing actually made sense.

Stan M

Sportswriter Schoenfield on ESPN's site proposes several hypothetical trades. He proposes, in a 3 team trade, that the Marlins give up Cishek, Marisnick, and Nicolino for Dexter Fowler and Andy Mercer. Is he nuts? I wouldn't trade Marisnick for Fowler even up. Is this idea crazy, or what?


signing any good free-agent makes sense to the marlins.

signing with the marlins doesn't make sense to any good free-agent.


Why would any good FA lower themselves to sign with the minor league Marlins? Being a Marlins fan does not bode well for anything good.Period.


yeah the deal makes no sense if anything the marlins would be after hanson or polanco why go for fowler with the outfield stacked he must of had a deadline for a story and just threw names and teams together.


Last I checked Loria's money is still green and by all accounts those checks are still clearing. "Hypothetically" if the Marlins offered Cano the $300 million he'd be in teal pinstripes tomorrow.

Greed is good,

Gordon Gecko


The Brewers offered a dozen Brats and a case of Miller Lite for Lomo.


in my opinion, black metal and other genres of extreme rock have become generic over the years.

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