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Yuniesky Betancourt on Marlins' radar; 40-man roster moves

Add another third baseman to the list being considered by the Marlins: Yuniesky Betancourt. According to Herald colleague Barry Jackson, the Marlins have touched base with representatives for Betancourt, and the interest might be mutual.

Here's what Jackson wrote:

YunieskyThe Marlins have inquired about free agent third baseman Yuniesky Betancourt, 31, a .261 career hitter who hit .212 with 13 homers and 46 RBI for Milwaukee last season.

Betancourt can play every infield position but the Marlins are considering him –-- and several others –-- primarily for third base. His agent, Miami Sports Management’s Alex Esteban, wouldn’t comment on the Marlins’ interest but said Betancourt would have interest in Miami.

Betancourt was used exclusively as a shortstop throughout most of his career. But the Brewers had him playing third (59 games) and first (68g) last season. Betancourt figures to be a less costly alternative to Juan Uribe, another free agent third baseman the Marlins are considering. Last year, Betancourt made $900,000 with Milwaukee.


The Marlins on Wednesday added six players to their 40-man roster: right-handed pitchers Jose Urena, Michael Brady and Angel Sanchez, left-hander Grant Dayton, outfielder Brent Keys and catcher J.T. Realmuto.

The moves bring the total to 39 players.


Did the Marlins just lose a potential future trade partner for Giancarlo Stanton when the Texas Rangers landed Prince Fielder in Wednesday's blockbuster deal with Detroit? In Fielder, the Rangers acquired the power bat they've been wanting. And sending Ian Kinsler to the Tigers frees up a spot for Jurickson Profar at second base.

The Marlins have stated repeatedly that they have no intention of trading Stanton this winter. But if they don't work out a contract extension with their young slugger, they could decide to deal him. And Texas has been mentioned frequently as a potential trading partner, with much of the speculation centering on Profar as part of any exchange.


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The Marlins fans are tired with seen a loose team in the field; the owner commitment was to build a competitive team capable to play for go to post season series; it is time to keep on. Marlins need a decent 3rd base player no a poor 3rd base player; the guy is Lowry or another similar.


Yuniesky is a washed up stiff that would fit right in with the other Marlins stiffs. Yuniesky=Crapinsky.


wouldn't be surprised to see the Marlins try using Stanton at third base. He has not been the best of defensive outfielders and they have a lot of outfielders.

Stan M

No, not this stiff. I'll take Coghlan or Dietrich over him any day.


The Marlins have the best and comfortable Park of the world thanks to The Dade County government and taxpayers; then the fans deserve seen a quality team no a bargain team as the owner has been done in the previous two seasons and project do in next season, please, the people deserve more respect


Dangit a or Juan the man's name is Brett Lawrie and he's not even the best ball player in the family, that would be his sister Danielle


I'm struggling to hide my excitement over the Marlin's interest in Yuniesky


he would be an option out of spring he is younger than uribe and is not looking for multiple years. I hope deits,and cogs can beat him out but at least it gives the marlins options at a low price and flexibility with the budget restraints loria has on the team this is a good signing if they get him. what are the other options or they want to much money or to many years. as far as a stop gap it would not hurt.


wow..the new regime is sure going for big time talent...they are a big upgrade over Beinfest.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

This is what it's come to for us as Marlins fans, that we are so inured to Loria's rank cheapness that we have come to believe that a .212 hitter can be a good signing.


We all know that Yuni is not a top free agent, but as Marlins fans, we have to be realistic and he really makes sense for the rebuilding low cap Marlins. He has a 260 career Ave (not terrible) and he is a proven run producer ( 67 RBI in 2007, 78 RBIs in 2010, 68 in 2011) with some pop (16 HR in 2010, 13 HR in both 2011 and 2013) and a guy who can play all infield positions and even some left filed. The Marlins needs Run producing and power from 3rd and First base and Yuni B is a cheap alternative that is going to help in those areas. Bring him to Miami.

fred g. sanford

ran into Hill and Jennings at the city dump early this morning, searching the scrap heaps.


if you want big signing follow big market teams because most of baseball Is pretty much signing bottom tier free agents and developing more minor league talent. for trades or replacements. What is the difference between uribe and yuni other than age is uribe lights out is he a ten more hrs or 35 rbi more or is it speed does he have more speed he is older and wants more money and more years guys like paredes and yuni are guys that get signed go to spring and make the team or go to triple a for depth every team makes these moves I am waiting till the beginning of the season before I criticize every move they make.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I don't see any boda here that's looking for "big signings." We're just not enamored with another hitter near the Mendoza line. We've got enough of those already.


NBC Sports called Betancourt "a poor man's Juan Uribe." Guess that says it all.


juan, I don't want either of those guys and to be a broken record, I'd much rather see Moran in the lineup hitting .240 at league minimum than those other 2 retreads. And I of course would cringe if 3B is manned by Uribe at the tune of 6 million


Russell...Why would you want to bring up yet another kid before he is ready? Haven't they done that enough already? Forget about wins and losses in 2014. Let Moran get the foundation he needs in the minors before rushing him up to the Big Leagues and putting all that added pressure on him. To me, bringing him up too soon seems stupid and shortsighted.


give Schnoria the Schnorrer a tin cup..


Russ, If you bring up moran and he struggles it will become Cameron maybin all over again his options would be used up getting sent up and down and before you get any production out of the guy his arbitration years will start I rather have moran start contributing from the start so five years of production would be preferred. and If you have yelich ozuna marsinik moran,fernandez,and eovaldi,all up for arbitration together it can get very expensive and you know what expensive means in this team. so when moran is ready he should come up. He didn't hit that well in the afl.

Freudian Follies

you Marlins fans here must be masochists, gluttons for punishment, or complete idiots. maybe all three.


FF, They are all GOOD people who can't shake an obsession. Went to the University of Florida whose football program has been turned into a Loria LIKE joke. I loved my time at Florida, it set me for life and allowed me to experience many good things BUT I do not feel a compulsive need to send any more money to Athletic Department, show any support or waste my time commenting until Florida shows its seriousness in correcting a problem. Nobody is under any compunction to continue a vicarious relationship with any entity until said entity shows some reciprocity through its actions and accomplishments.


If Marlins can't get 3rd base Lowry from Toronto Blue Jays the best option is get Yuniesky Betancourt for this position, this is a cheap player and will enjoy Loria save accounts; but also Marlins need a decent catcher, a decent reliever (if Chad Qualls quit) and a qualify manager, with these holes still unfilled The Marlins will go again to loss 100 games for sure.


there goes "a", hitting the copy-and-paste option again...

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