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Garrett Jones: Marlins could "shock the baseball world"

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- Yep. You read that right. Garrett Jones, the Marlins' new first baseman, suggested the Marilns could be a much better team than people think. A whole lot better.

"It could be a team that could shock the baseball world," Jones said Tuesday after signing a two-year deal.

It would be a shock, all right, if the Marlins somehow went from worst to first. Only two teams -- the 1991 Minnesota Twins and this year's Boston Red Sox -- have done it. No team has ever gone from 100 losses to a postseason appearance the following year.

But Jones likens the Marlins situation to that of the Pittsburgh Pirates, where he spent the past five years. The Pirates finally ended a 20-year playoff drought this past season.

"Being a team that is developing before everyone's eyes, to be a part of that, is something special," Jones said. "It was kind of like that when I was with Pittsburgh. We developed into a winner, and to see the city ignite and erupt -- it's something special to be a part of."


The additions of Jones and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, both of whom can provide the Marlins with some much-needed pop, makes Justin Ruggiano that much more expendable. And, indeed, the Marlins are listening to offers on Ruggiano, whose 18 home runs ranked second on the team last season.

Ruggiano figures to be no better than the Marlins' fourth outfielder -- insurance in case one of the projected starters (Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna) goes down with an injury. Ruggiano is eligible for arbiration and is projected to make $1.8 million through the process.

According to the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson, the Marlins have expressed interest in free agent outfielder Delmon Young, who could be groomed to also play first and perhaps platoon with Jones. Here's what Jackson had to say: 

The Marlins expressed interest in free agent Delmon Young, a former No. 1 overall pick who hit .260 with 11 homers and 38 RBI for Philadelphia and Tampa last season. An outfielder, Young has been taking grounders at first. A Garrett Jones/Young platoon at first would be very solid.... More than a half dozen teams have inquired about Logan Morrison, who will be traded.... CBS said the Marlins are one of eight teams that have inquired about free agent third basemanEric Chavez.


With Jones in the fold, the Marlins are actively shopping Logan Morrison. But the market for first basemen might not be so great, and the Marlins might have to package Morrison in order to unload him for a player (or players) of value.

Check out this story by the New York Post's Joel Sherman on the difficulty the Mets could be having in moving Ike Davis.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

So we're going from the Marlins being "shocked" at the number of teams interested in Morrison ... to ... they might have to package him just to get rid of him? All in the space of, what, a week and a half?

Dealin Dave

Sooo.... Lomo himself is not worth a steaming pile. Who woulda thunk that? Certainly not the Lomo apologists and kool-aid drinkers...Need an arm maybe two, to package with Lomo,to make up for a knee, weak bat and minus D.

Flav C.

DT, you just stole my thunder LOL! I was about to write the same thing.

It went from "3-to-7-to-10-to-8-to-half a dozen" teams interested in LoMo. It went from "about to be traded at any moment" to "maybe after winter meeting".

One doesn't need to be a genius to see why the Marlins is so desperate to send LoMo packing.


Wait let me get this, after the Marlins make Mr. Jones their "big off-season expensive power acquisition" they have a plan in place to platoon him? The idiocy of this organization has no bounds.

Julian Javier

shock the baseball world, by losing even more games...
and having a MLB record 6 regular players hit an average of .230 or less.

Camera Mike

D.T. And Flav great points. I was going to say the same but you guys have that point fully covered.

Going after young makes no sense to me. Is it an over reaction to Lomo's disappointing career thus far. Instead of taking a young first basemen with promise and moving him to the outfield is the front office's thinking now to do the opposite and take an outfielder with diminishing returns and move him to first?

Flav C.

Carter Capps? Really?

capo d gatz

"come to the circus, the greatest show on earth". located at marlins park, headed by three ring circus leader loria. the off season moves by the marlins reminds me of Obama and his obamacare. fu***d up.

Flav C.

Well, I guess at least this puts an end to the Logan Morrison saga with the Marlins.

It also puts an end to the Marlins' 2005 draft class (Volstad, Tucker, Gaby Sanchez, Hayes, etc...).


Flav...Capps has a 100-mph fastball and might be a great addition out of the 'pen.


I don't like this guy already.

Juan Yanes

With the add of new decent players like Saltalamanquia, Furcal, Jones, Capps, Marlins seem a competitive team in the NL east, but in my opinion if they continue with the same manager this team will play only for 0.500 ave, 81-81

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